Boy and his BFF python. Somebody get this kid a dog (14 Photos)

  • jay


    • da2conan

      The real solution to bullying

  • Maroun

    this boy is awesome.

    • r@f

      Then animal instinct kicks in.

      "this boys is deliciousssss."

  • James

    you're right, that kid is totally getting eaten!

    • Guz

      Reminds me of the South African bloke who got eaten last week by his pet Hippo.

      • hMMMM

        well, that guy was riding the hippo around like a horse…kind of asking for it. There is a SPIRITUAL connection here…that would never happen…

        • rabble

          hehe, I see what you did there

    • rye

      I know what you’re all thinking, one day that boy is going to wake up and~~~~~~~~~~> eat that snake whole. <~~~~~~~~~~~

      • Dutch

        that boy needs a big appetite to be able to do that!

    • bob

      better keep it fed or one day junior is gonna get a special hug

  • Ander

    uh uh….. that is all… uh huh!! Hell no! Uh uh!!

    • nate

      yea im freaking out just looking at this shit….been to combodia before and these fuckers definitely exist…i'm alllll good on that

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #9 hei, whatsss you sssthinking?
    dunno,school stuff i guess…

    • Andy Valentine

      I've been having trouble with hissssstory

      • Ryan B

        there are no schools in Cambodia

  • jesse

    If I saw that in my house I would leave and never come back. Fuck taking the snake 'back to the woods'.

    • Flow

      When the father did that it was still a baby snake. These things grow like there's no tomorrow.

  • Josh Gorter

    22 pounds of chicken a week is still a lot of chickens.

    • Bogdan Gavriloaia

      About 10 kg, yes? Now I get it 🙂

      • 'Merican

        Get that metric system shit outta here.

      • Jack_LeMac

        Seems like you got it before, being able to do the conversion and all….

    • hMMMM

      was wondering how they can afford to keep feeding this thing…his house doesn't exactly look like a Cambodian palace. #11

      • BentWrenches

        all i can think about is "what about the smell?"

        • dOOb

          I have a bunch of snakes… they don't smell at all… unless they crap!

          Unlike… saaaaaaaaaayyy… dirty fucking CATS.

          • BentWrenches

            I have an iguana,his pad is pretty smelly.My GF has a cat but he does all his business outside,thank jeebus, cause yes they are most foul.—

  • Cal1

    Why just why?

  • maboze1x


  • mustache

    Iv'e seen this, the snake was found in the boys bed, taken back to the jungle 3 times, then they kept it.

    • Dirty Dingus

      Cool story bro.

  • Robb

    That snake is just playing with it’s food.

    • Woop

      The snake keeps coming back to see if its future meal has gained enogh weight to make it worth its time.

  • Bogdan Gavriloaia

    #11 haha! how cool is that!

    • nate

      not at all

  • fdubzou

    Damn nature! You scary!

    • drewdoughnuts

      That little rat looking thing got ate!!!

  • Da Sandman

    that thing is huge!!

    • bill

      that's what she said lol

  • Anonymous

    Wooooowwwwww, Just Awesome

  • The kid

    Is there a do over for the kid after that snake decides to squeeze the life air and eye balls out him. I mean when his parents wake up and see the lump of what used to be child inside the snake then what??

    • Flicka

      They make another one.

      • Lefty8

        They would assume their child wasn't in good health and spirits and the snake did him a favor…

  • stabbyjake

    Have you ever seen that video of the two guys that raise lions from cubs to adults and then free them back into the wild? 10 years later or something they go and find them and lions recognise them and it's very emotional.

    Yea – something tells me this is going to end differently…

    • Samantha Judice Ramos

      Damn Christian the Lion! I cry every time!

      • Daith_Lee

        Its cause they cut that video with that one whitney houston song making it even MORE touching…i don't care who you are…the video chokes you with a emotion.

    • hMMMM
      • Lefty8

        Somehow, I had never seen that video. I made up for all the time missed and watched it like 30 times in a row.

  • wikisaurus

    Dad comes home
    Dad – "Wheres Uorn??"
    Snake – "idk?"

  • MattKL

    One day that boy will rule us all.

    • Richard Cranium

      from inside the snake

  • Bob

    What? Nobody else thought "Hmm, I didn't realize Lord Voldemort was Asian."

  • David

    It's all fun and games until the family pet eats you…

  • josh


    • Yeah, okay

      I wish I could give this 10 thumbs up!

    • Jennifer

      That was my first thought lol

  • Ace


  • etcrr

    I highly doubt that the snake will harm him as they feed it suffiecently to keep it happy. If you keep it full it won't be hungry. Unless he manages to piss it off and it bites him

    • rabble

      You are assuming that animals make rational decisions.

  • drmiranda

    Mowgli and Kaa

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