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  • etcrr

    Amen, Rick when you are right, you're right

  • John

    Because 5,000 miles away from home, British and American soldiers fight a pointless war against an enemy who poses no direct threat to our homes. Our ways of life are safe, they always were but we justify our wars overseas by pretending without them we are all under threat.

    Strange how we wage a war across the other side of the world when the enemy often sits in our backyard all along. We send our boys away when we need them right back home – But hey, it fills your car with gasoline and increases sales of patriotic t-shirt, so its alright.

    • Franklin1138

      Do you think that if we pulled in all our troops that we'd never be attacked? Do you think that if we bury our heads in the sand that suddenly the threats against the US would cease? Who do you think is the enemy that we should REALLY be defending ourselves against? Call it jingoism, or (more likely) a stupid argument, but there is truth to the statement, "If we don't fight them over there, we'll fight them over here." Terrorism isn't a border war like WW2, Korea or Vietnam. It's not about gaining or losing land or territory. It's about culture and way of life. The people we're fighting want to violently end our way of life, and force everyone to adhere to their viewpoint on how people should live.

      Furthermore, do you believe that the freedom you enjoy (and dare I say, take for granted…because we all do from time to time) is not worth sharing to our world neighbors? The girls in Afghanistan that can now go to school thanks to our intervention, are they not worthy of liberty? Would you rather we just look the other way and say, "Tough shit" as we tee off on the 18th hole?

      There's the concept of "noblesse oblige," which dictates that the nobility have an obligation to look out for the best interests of those who are not in a position to fend for themselves. While I wouldn't call myself nobility, our nation has been greatly blessed. Therefore I believe we have an obligation to share that blessing with as many people as want it.

      • bse35

        Franklin you rock, I couldn't have said it anywhere near as well. Thank you for your great service to our country and here at the Brigade John indeed has blinded himself to the attack of 9/11 which if it weren't for the fighting overseas would be much worse here than it is. Does he not read the news papers or watch the news on TV? Those terrorists we catch would be devestating your ablility to be arogant and he would be angry that we aren't doing anything to stop it from happening

    • Final

      John, Marines ( or military) Do not decide to fight anyone. We follow orders. We die when were told to because you voted the politician in office. We die when were told to because We swore we would. For you. For anyone who is a citizen. We chant "discipline is instant willingness, obedience to orders, self reliance and team work." We live and die by words and oaths just like those. We spend every single day from dawn to well passed dusk training with no holds bar so the enemy cannot kill you. So they cannot torcher your weak, pathetic ass.

      John, ignorant people like you make me sick.
      Happy thanks giving civilian.

  • bse35

    thank you to the armed services for our freedom

  • John

    Call me a cynnic, but we cant help everyone. Our own countries are falling apart and we spread ourselves over the world trying to be heroes.

    Yes, everyone deserves the same basic elements of freedom we enjoy, but what made it our responsibility to undertake that task. I dont want to argue or debate, it is my opinion and as you point out it is mines to have.

    • etcrr

      we aren't trying to play heroes, we are standing up for what is right and what we believe in. In what universe do you live in? If a bully is picking on your friend who is weak do you watch it happen or stand up for him? SO according to you if the terrorists come to your house, I should just mind my own business and watch you be taken out, is that it??

      • Franklin1138

        Well etcrr, what a lot of people do is say "That's not my problem," and then go back to life. If it doesn't directly affect their life, then it takes a back seat in importance. Look at some of these crazy videos we've seen of muggings and beatings IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, where people are standing around watching. That happens because nobody says, "No. I'm not going to let this continue to be the standard in my community." They're scared of what might happen to them if they stand up and do the right thing and intervene. Our culture is now so self-absorbed that thugs walk our streets with impunity.

        John, the thing is, I completely understand if that's your position. I respectfully disagree with your opinion. People have been saying what you're saying since before WW1. Many Americans were isolationists who said, "We've got our own problems that we should focus on." And you're right, we do. But since WW2 the world has looked to us for help, and quite frankly, nobody is in a position to take over for us.

        And to etcrr's point, the best way to stop a bully from picking on kids in your school is to beat him. You can talk about diplomacy and "talking it out" all you want, but the one thing bullies understand is that show of force = power. If the bully can force you to do what he wants, then he has the power. If you fuck his shit up, he understands very quickly that he does not have power over you. And most, if not all, of the Middle East rulers are big, rich, royal bullies that need a major ass-whupping.

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