I’d like to think the pilgrims celebrated Hump Day (50 photos)

If you submitted a photo and didn’t see it this week, make sure to check the Mind the Gap post on Monday next week… or the photo quality was too poor to post. Thanks to everyone who submitted!!

  • chiverMike

    I'm thankful for hump day, and #8

    • Jay

      #15 = disgusting

  • Hunter X

    #3 #7 #9 #25
    All Day, and Twice on Sunday!
    Great Humpday Post as usual, Chive!

    • Underbaker

      There are so many good selections today that I could not possibly choose one, but you have selected some of the best in my humble opinion. Thumbs up to you Good Sir!

  • Daemon

    #29 Ass-ception. That is all.

    • Dreamworks

      We gotta go deeper…. I don't care if we never make it out…

  • Mitchell

    I want to eat you all

    • mac the intern

      just steady on big boy

  • RhodeIslandChiver

    Thankful for #14 and #16

    • hMMMM

      #14 you know it's a great ass when the girl is lying flat on her stomach and it still looks like that

    • TheRock78

      #16 I love that tiny waist with that ASS!!! …….. MOOOOOOARRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

  • Brad

    #40 Winner. That thing is incredible!!

    • I_am_elf

      actually made me make a very odd but slightly sexually aggressive noise. Worth the odd looks from other people in the library.

      • Brad

        me too, like an "unnggghhh" sound…

    • ROK247

      i just want to bite it.

  • onecalledsam

    To the blond in the lower right hand corner of #4, I would bite my lip too girl!

    • Teutonicebonic

      Y U NO Say "Dat Ass"?

  • theKev

    Love #8

  • jake

    #26 mind blown.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      amazing, but I don't get it…"sends you what?"

      • Chris

        pictues….like this…all day

    • ddd

      I call bullshit. fool me once…

      • Aaron

        Shame on… shame on you. Fool me……. you can't get fooled again.
        -An actual, real life, US president.

      • Chris

        not bullshit.

        • believer

          I believe you man. My wife is 41 with 3 kids and looks almost as good as your wife. I have to give your wife the nod though, especially since my wife never sends me pictures like that!

          • Joe

            not like my wife 😦

          • Bill

            does this guy have a wife? I can't tell.

          • Ben

            almost as good…? haha

    • Jimmy

      Who took the picture? Kid #3?

      • Jimmy

        Didn't mean to reference pic 3….. Still talking about #26

        • clearlynow

          Obviously the guy who's buying her the new lingerie. He didn't say she sent him pics for a GOOD reason….

          • theRealRealist

            My thoughts exactly

    • jjj

      you are the 1%

    • Rob

      With those humps, I would go for it man ;).

    • J. Sandusky

      Pics of all three children naked, or it didn't happen.

      • Posted this

        3 Kids = Hot Dog down a hallway…..and you are probably ugly.

        • Jeff

          And unfortunately losers are allowed to post on Chive as well. If you are going to be a dickhole at least use your name.

          • Posted this

            Jeff, go fuck your mother…..
            Tom Sansone, SS#: 148-695-1474
            Address: 364 Lakeview Drive, NC
            Cell#: 908-785-5698

            • Jeff

              Nice attempt at redemption. Unfortunately I found 10 different results in NC for that address. And that SS# came up as a Ron Felder from Cranston, RI (minus the extra digit fail of course).

              • Jeff

                Fake ass phone number too. Yeah that's right I called it big boy. By the way, Tom Sansone was a gay body builder back in the 70's.

        • its_forge

          You know as much about vagina as Republicans know about governing.

          • http://apple.com steve jobs

            yeah Obama is really doing a great job

            • its_forge

              Who said anything about Obama? And he'd be doing a lot better if the damn Republicans weren't downvoting or stonewalling absolutely everything including his assignments to every post in Washington down to the damn dog catcher, or if the Democrats in Congress grew even a ghostly shriveled spectre of a testicle between the lot of them.

              • Ben

                They couldn't even pass legislation when they had the White House and BOTH houses of Congress. Typical Democrap—Always blaming the Republicans.

                • its_forge

                  ?? I'm not a Democrat, haven't been since the 90s when none of those no-account fucking pussy Dems would stand up the fucking insane bullshit Newt and his armada of useless hypocrites kept throwing at the Clintons, even after polls showed that almost none of the Democrats and less than half the Republican rank and file were even remotely interested anymore. Did your parents have any children who could think for themselves or is your whole family braindead?

                  • Jeff

                    Very constructive guys. Good talk. Take this political bullshit somewhere else. Everyone in the room is now dumber for hearing it. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

                    • its_forge

                      Sorry dude, when people say things about me or my beliefs that are completely and utterly wrong as to literally boggle the mind trying to figure out why someone would either think that way or think it was constructive to just make shit up like that, I gotta defend myself.

    • Crazy

      Want a few more!

    • injekter

      you realize of course that some dude is in there with her right?

      • Chris

        she used an iphone picture app.

    • Michel Jourdain

      Great, but who takes the picture ?

      • DoomsDayDub

        Possibly her hot milf girlfriend, who she occasionally makes out with???

        • clearlynow

          ah geez. I'll never get anything done thinking about THAT now….

          • Jeff

            I can confirm that he is telling the truth about #27. She sends him videos too. Any many pics that he cannot send in to Chive. LIKE A BOSS!!!!!

            • Jeff

              Shit! I meant to type #26.

    • R2GFan

      Simply amazing. Hold on to her.

      • northerner

        Roger that! He's a lucky man, hope he realizes it and treats her like a queen.

  • Dan

    Boom. 1st!

    • todrunk2fck

      You get a thumbs up for being a tard.

      • vdubs

        He missed it by 9. 'Tards are quicker than that.

  • vdubs

    Gobble, gobble.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Thanks for this one!

    • clearlynow

      I would have to apologize for putting a hole in the wall with her head while, well…you know. I don't think I could help myself- that is one ASS-Tastic pose.

    • northerner

      Ohhhhhhhh…..heels and barely there panties. Fatal combo for sanity the rest of the day…concentration shot…poses like could cause repeated rear-end collisions…

  • http://www.facebook.com/schepenssam Sam Schepens


    • Vengeance

      Fuck you Sam Schepens… you thought you could run from me, but I found you. I told you I'd find you. Fuck you!

  • Aeon

    Oh dear god!!

  • Whiskyb

    #11 has things stirring

    • Hooka

      She has Noassatall syndrome. Why is she here again??

      • Whiskyb

        Geez, not everyone needs a balloon butt.

        • hMMMM

          yeah, but everyone featured on Hump Day should.

      • Lev

        She has a nice face, just a bit mannish in stature.

        • Matt Wiz

          her face is masculine, body is not…

          • Whiskyb

            Found her, Amit Friedman. Worth looking at some of her work even if you do not like this one

            • mopmonkey

              Couldn't agree more…

  • Tiger!

    #35, he's got an iron but I've got WOOD!

    • Boxer


  • mike

    #16 i love watching chicks get ready in their undies.

    • todrunk2fck

      I love that pic, just wish you could see a little more of her ass. It looks like a nice plump dump.

    • mike

      oh, and it doesn't hurt if you have an butt like this girl.

    • TheRock78

      #16 especially when it's your chick. I want to see MOAR of her!!!!!!

      • AustinPwrZ

        Very nice pooper. Very Grrrrrrr Baby!!!!!!!

  • Yep That's Why

    #26 is very nice but…

    Girls try on underwear and don't buy it that is gross?!?!

    • Lisa Mae

      Clearly you missed the point here… But women, at least clean ones, will always have on panties of some kind when trying on lingerie… And most women never try on panties anyways, we know our size. She probably had those on and was trying on a bra, which is the same as boys trying on shirts!

      Anyways, rock that body girl!

      • clearlynow

        I'm a guy, and I haven't tried on a shirt since I was maybe 8? for the same reason you never try on panties.
        Besides, there are nut-jobs out there that pay EXTRA for worn panties. No problem there.

        • jassnl

          You scared of getting a std from someones t-shirt?

          • clearlynow

            pffft. as if. Other than dress shirts, mens shirts come in S,M,L,XL, XXL, etc. It's not rocket science to remember WHICH size you need.
            As far as dress shirts- if you can't remember what your size is- you have the tailor or cutter measure you. No NEED to try on a shirt.

            • hMMMM

              do you only shop at one store? I have to wear different sizes depending on the brand.

              • clearlynow

                hmmmmm. must be cheap brands/shirts if there's that much difference between sizes.
                I suppose you might get that at K-mart.

                • Dan

                  or clothes from different countries… but that would take thought and clearly you aren't capable

    • radishes

      I dunno. Think about it a little harder and then tell me it's not actually kinda awesome…

    • anony

      better question.. who took the picture??

      • Kids these days

        I would say the obvious bet is she took it herself using a a self-timer since the picture looks like it was taken from about the height of a seat.

        • Kids these days

          Oh…and I would also like to say that you guys are focusing on the wrong details. That is a damn fine ass.

          • SimonPhoenix

            Yes Sir, I do believe you are correct. That is indeed, "a damn fine ass."

    • DAS

      Definetly missing the point 38 – 3 kids – damn she is a keeper. And sending sexy pics – thank you for sharing

    • Drummer707

      You've done well my son

  • Anonymous

    I gotta find me a Chivette..

  • http://www.facebook.com/BobbyGosbee Bobby Gosbee

    I like humps

  • http://thechive.com ontherun1989
  • Dick Tracy


  • imyourhuckleberry

    Id crawl across broken glass just to hear any of these women fart into a walkie talkie

  • kylet

    First… keep up the good work chive..

  • http://dirkpittfan.tumblr.com/ thatwasfun

    #3 oh that look..

  • misschris

    #40 Damn! Very slappable ass

    • jukebox

      hmm just pictured you slapping that ass…thank you for making my hump day complete!

    • f'in yea...

      My wife has a nice, big, round ass like this (maybe not THAT big). Last time I smacked her ass so hard during sex, it literally hurt ME. She didn't say a word though. .:$ God Bless her, and her sweet humps

      • Brokenhand


        • f'in yea's wife

          Not sure how I got drug into this. Yea, hubby smacked the shit out of my ass about 4 days ago. (well, not literally). Too busy enjoying the moment to even say "OW!". Welt was gone the next morning, or he would have been dead.

        • f'in yea


      • http://www.actionfiguretherapy.com SimonPhoenix

        Yeah .. I did that once .. I cupped my hand so it wouldn't be as loud .. FUCK THAT .. it left the biggest mark/outline of the tip of my five fingers.. we still laugh about that.. too funny.

        • Frosty

          lol at all the chive virgins trying to fabricate sex-stories.

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