• Scotsman

    America doesn't mess around with terrorists! Great work.

    • obv. TRLL

      terrorists? do you call somebody a terrorist if he fight against invaders?

      • obv. TRLL

        giving minuses instead of arguments?

        • learn a lesson

          first of all since your name indicates who you are, there is no sense arguing with a troll. second since you put up a fuss, you are wrong, we aren't invading we told them we were coming to fight the teliban and al qaeda and they said please do, so how do you get we're invading out of that? simple we aren't. If you are paying attention and clearly you aren't, we are pulling out of Afganistan as we speak. So smart ass troll, what's your argument now?

          • Richie Rich

            I will +1 to this!!

          • obv. TRLL

            We are not talking about afghanistan here.

            Iraq was invaded because of chemical weapon which was never found. It is obvious that not all of them are 'happy' with the invasion. And you call them terrorists. I call the rest collaborants.

            • learn a lesson

              hey stupid, The population was glad to be rid of Saddam or did you miss that part? He was mass kiling his own people or did you miss that too? The people who complained he was taken down were the people who supported the regime, happen to be the same people who benefited monitarily from the same. but again you must not have been paying attention

              • learn a lesson

                so go ahead vote these people down cause YOU don't have a fuckin clue what you are talking about

            • Real USMC

              Wrong TRLL we invaded under the guidance of weapons of Mass Destruction. We didn't find any nukes but the shit we did find never made the news. Oh, how do I know cause I was there and was on a raid that found enough mustard gas to wipe a city out. So go read some more conspiracy left wing 9/11 was and inside job shit and keep it to yourself

    • Attila

      We were going to paiticrpate but didn’t have time to get supplies. So we came and watched, and got about a million high fives. 😀 It was cool.

  • bse35

    NICE! Good Job Guys

  • Lisbeth

    This was my third IE event and my first No Pants Subway Ride. I’m so glad I did it! I had an aznimag time and made new friends!A big hello to Flushing Meadows group zero!Best responses from pants-wearing people:On the subway as people are depantsing at different stops: I know what this is! This is it! This is the day! As we were all getting off the 7 train to transfer at Grand Central: Is there some sort of parade today? As I watched the horde of pants-less people in Union Square Wallgreens from out on the street a woman asked me: What is this all about? Me (still pants-less): I don’t know. Woman: They’re all a bunch of weirdos. (She seemed not to notice that I was one of them.)Another woman on the street: Is there some kind of protest? Me: No. Woman: Oh. I thought maybe you were all protesting pants.

  • etcrr

    it's always better to give than to receive, give'em hell

  • dWum

    Typical Septic 'Spray and Pray'

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