FLBP women: My favorite part about getting back to work (36 Photos)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002191863980 Joshua Adler

    sorry I'm a total newb to this but what does flbp stand for?

    • James

      future lower back problems.

    • teh dude

      future lower back problems.

    • Anonymous

      Future lower back problems

    • Wet_tosti

      Fun Loving Bag Pipes : )

    • Charlie_Cheen

      Welcome to the Chive bud, it's "Future Lower Back Problems"

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=607189487 Dan Marsh


        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002058836760 Evan Seiler

          Nope, just Charlie Cheen, sorry.

    • That guy...

      Fap Link(causing) Brushburnt penis..

    • doctorgonzomd

      Future Lower Back Problems

    • ghost245353

      future lower back problems

  • Rollout25

    #2 Bacon and Boobs that is the best way to start the Day!

    • Jim

      Good thing she has big tits because she sure as hell can't cook. Charcoal anyone?

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1267841965 Krzysztof Romot

        boobs and bacon, 2 of best worlds 😀 +1 for Jim she needs to learn how to cook it though lol

        • Marine Dad

          Brave woman, I did this once.

    • desertsteel

      Morning safety topic: Never cook bacon naked

  • Jin

    Nuff' said

    • Jessica

      Waist looks shopped, but still fantastic!

    • Dr. W

      I sooooo agree! She is a knock-out! Best of the group. Chive–FIND HER!!!!

  • Rollout25

    #3 Dear God, Thank you. You keep topping yourself somehow. Well Done

    • DMR

      Find her!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Don

        She might be real but the boobs aren't look at the reflection in the mirror

        • Truth

          Agreed. Shopped. The reflection gives it away.

        • Crazy

          Fuckin' photoshop squashes all my dreams.

        • jimbojones

          There's a mirror?

    • R2GFan

      She has terrific…assets.

  • Wet_tosti

    #3 stop fueling! I think she's full.

  • Rollout25

    #18 These are the best vampires in the world

    • Charlie

      The one in the white shorts needs to be found NOW!

  • FoXIch

    #17 MOAR

    • natkincole

      a lot more

    • reaper

      #1 #17 #25 same chick.. her name is delaney.. she lives in vancouver canada.. i got nudes.. HOLLA

      • Steve

        Picks or it never happened

      • http://www.tube8.com Troll_The_World

        Cool Story, Bro.

  • teh dude


    the chive just got trolled hard.

    • kyle

      How so?

      • Nah

        Kyle I here your knew hear so I new to tell you as you go threw these posts that theirs you're sign to take the hint I through that is not theres to tale.

        • Boom!_Headshot!


        • Silky Johnson

          ….can't tell if genius or troll.

        • TheMoose03

          Well.. The good news is you spelled both 'here', and 'hear' right. Next lesson.. How to use them properly..

          • N/A

            …is that good or bad? lol

    • Duvel

      I hate these pictures. Random, low quality of unknown 'model' pretending to be a chiver

  • Cherie


    Look at the mirror. BOOM they're gone.

    • Doctor_What

      Awesome catch! Totally shopped. So is #34 and the magic necklace.

      • TheAutomaticMan

        Fake yes, but not by a computer, a surgeon faked those puppies, the necklace is hanging over her shirt making it appear to be morphed

    • GlibTongue

      This one looked shopped from the get go.

    • steve

      nicely spotted

    • Joe

      isn't the mirror reflecting her back, hence you could not see her boobs, right?
      Am I missing something here?

      • Leon

        Its at enough of an angle you SHOULD see a massive sideboob….. but , yadont 😦


        • JHL1

          No it isn't

          • Smitty

            Leon had it right. The angle should show off the massiveness in profile, in the reflection. Instead we are treated to a glimpse at how small they are. Look long enough, and they start to look airbrushed, like many of them are here.

            One thing I was reminded of by Tarah, is have confidence, and roll with what you have… Oh and don't be a dick either.

    • Wispy24

      I know this is pretty late but whatever, yes this is a photoshop fake, here's a link to a pic of her natural. http://www.candid-students.com/gallery/295-studen… (different angle but it is her.)

  • bobbbbbay

    who is #32 !?!?1

    • JOHN

      No more fake asian tits. pathetic and sad

      • Brian

        So, lemme get this straight.

        You look at this very pretty girl, Tiffany Luu, let alone the other pics of her splashed all over the net, and the words that come to your mind are "pathetic and sad?"


        • Rest of the World

          he's right. fake tits are sad and pathetic. nuff said.

    • PianoFingers

      Tiffany Luu?

    • Todd_A

      Looks like Asa Akira (porn star).

  • Him.

    #22 Now this is the Breast and Thighs i would have loved to see on my plate this Thanksgiving! ^_^

    • BillySquire

      Who is this?

      • qivitoq

        Jana Defi

  • Bill

    #30 pretty face and nice boobies

    • standards


    • http://twitter.com/mrgameshow @mrgameshow

      Gemma Massey – highly suggest a G-images search.. you'll thank me later.

      • Bill

        Rlly she's a pornstar? That makes her just boring in my eyes. And she even had her lips pumped up that makes her from a 8/10 to a 5/10.

  • liquid muff

    #3 stop drinking that beer will go straight to your….hips

  • maboze1x

    #31 Can you turn him into ex-boyfriend? 😉

  • maboze1x

    #12 Kid knows how to handle "things".

    • Brian

      These are mine, so gtfo and get your own.

    • Dano

      Well done, son!



    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=507583354 Kendall Scarberry

      must take after his father.

    • Monkey Sampan

      Future boss…….Guaranted

  • swimbikerun

    Welcome back monday

  • kjwalle

    #6 #16 #32 #35


    • Guest Who

      wow…you really love fake boobs…

  • Marietto

    OMG!! Who is she??? MOAR

    doing it right!

  • Anonymous

    #29 find her

  • Dick Naylor

    #2 Mmmmmmm sweet, sweet, bacon.

    • Mandalor

      I don't see any…. oh there's the bacon

  • Magnus

    #6 GOOD LORD!

    • Riley Cooper


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=733645894 Lance Nyffeler

      nsfw… you can thank me later http://www.noob.us/sexy/sexy-kylie-in-fishnet/

      • Dpeterson

        You Sir are a gentleman and a scholar…

        • Riley Cooper

          agreed. what is her last name?!

          • robbie_R

            Just google Kyle camwithher

            • robbie_R


      • Magnus

        You sir, have opened my eyes to a new way to live…I thank you.

    • Guest Who

      Good lord….so damn fake boobs….uuugh

  • standards

    Keep drinking!! They're getting bigger!!

  • Ben

    #2 Those are the sexiest strips of bacon I have ever seen!!!

    • Keith Larsen

      Bacon what Bac , oh yeah there IS Bacon in the pic yummy

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=733645894 Lance Nyffeler

    Holy shit #33 perfect real breasts, must have moar!

    • DeDav

      Here, it was on one of the CollegeHumor links at one time. http://thechive.com/2010/08/17/best-links-on-the-

    • TheAutomaticMan

      i wish i had x-ray vision that worked on pictures on my laptop…….

    • Drew1720

      yes!!! agreed!

    • Dan

      I second the motion….

    • C.S.

      FIND HER!!!

  • The Bandit

    #1 #17 #22 #32 …it's monday again and as usual this post makes me feel better….and confident that the week ahead can't be that bad! Thanks Chive….and thanks girls!

    • TrueDatStory

      wow we picked the same ones…except i also included #8 and #35

    • mouchette

      #17 wins-even though it looks like she's farting.

    • Solitaire

      #1 #17 same girl?

      • BBB

        i 2nd that motion

      • Hiro

        Yo dawg I heard you like twins…

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