Mind the gap in 3-D* (30 HQ photos)

*OK, it's not in 3-D, but still in your face.

  • DevilDog89

    Dibs on 1-29!!!

    • Simba

      This took me well over ten minutes to get through.

      • Rest of the World

        you must be retarded.

        • Pepermunt9

          you must be gay

    • WirelessCable

      Sorry DevilD, I have all of their numbers already…

    • maboze1x

      Best "mind the gap" ever!!!!

  • Dick

    Thank GOD for MONDAY'S!!!!!

    • GOD

      Your welcome Dick

    • Sluttypanda


  • succulentheadcrab

    Nice way to start the week!

  • Lulatsch

    still don't get, what you guys love about this.
    I mean, ok I love a nice Hump but what is it that is so magical about this gap?

    But still, Its like a 1.5th Hump day

    • Analrapist Funke

      Know how i know you're gay. Nah… jokes.

      One man's voided space of air, is another man's heaven.

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=560905405 Scott Walsh

      For one it's the sign of a healthy woman. It means she has no excess FAT where she doesn't need it. You must be gay.

    • yep

      If you don't get what guys like about what's between a women's legs…then give up now, nobody will ever be able to explain it to you.

    • BuckleUpSpanky

      Get The Fuck Out Of Here !!

    • Lotus

      Agreed, I'll take a decent sized hump over a gap any day of the week. But the chive has to post different girls to appeal to bigger audiences, but only if those girls are white/skinny/mostly naked.

      • Rest of the World


    • bill

      GAP = AWESOME love the humps but this shit is the deal #23 #13 #28

      • B Man

        #13 is just out of control…oh my lordy lord

  • embry_joe

    #16 sweet jesus

    • Liien

      I (her gap) her!

      • Big_Curt

        I (her gap) what you did there

    • Wet_tosti

      I love the ❤ shaped gaps!

    • jay


    • Glenn

      She's got a "heart-on!"

    • Rudy Ruettiger

      best photo of the week…LOCKED

  • ROK247

    #23 gap + bonus sideboob = win!

  • etcrr

    #2 #7 lordy lordy that's gaptastic

    • jay

      sure is

      • billybob

        #2 is Kelly Kelly

  • :-D

    #29 moar for the love of God, more!

  • Thoridin58

    A gap is such a beautiful thing. Thank you God.

  • dano

    #23 is outstanding!! Need lots MOAR of her please!!

  • Jeff

    #2, I'd mind your gap for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a bedtime snack!

    • gelepa

      that's Kelly Kelly

  • Jeff

    Damn Chive, Christmas came early!

  • Jeff

    #18, can we see your face? Pleeeease!

    • Obvio

      its lg…

      • its_forge

        That is *not* LG.

        • marco

          you can tell by the schnoz…

          • its_forge

            You can tell by the pelvis. LG's is epic and gorgeous.

        • yep

          #17, #18, and #19 are all LG.

          • its_forge

            I know 19 is. 18 just does not look like that same epically erection-provoking pelvis she has. Well if you say so, what's the use arguing about a pretty girl in panties anyway.

      • caleb

        #19 Followed by LG squared. It's just science.

  • Maynard B.

    How about a round of tongue lashings for all these ladies

  • shldbworkin

    #18 I'm so proud

  • R2GFan

    #16 Mother of God…perfection.

  • Auz_E

    #25 Is from Lara Croft's upcoming film, Womb Raider…

    • ...
    • Zzzz

      Lara Crotch.

    • Stop being pointless

      Kinda trying too hard pal.

      • Auz_E

        You see that keyboard in front of you? Smash your head into it for me will ya? K thanks bye!

  • justaguy

    #22 There is something about this pic that just does it for me!

    • Bob

      Is it the cherries? It's the cherries isn't it?

      • B Man

        Haha those god damn cherries aye

  • etcrr

    #3 beautiful 22 yera old but of a Chivette

    • D-Rock

      this guys is a lucky man

  • jag

    #17 is faptastic

  • justaguy

    #25 Is there ever a time when camel toe is not hot? yummy

    • Jonny

      google "mooseknuckle"

    • yep

      When the camel is 400 lbs…

      • Texas

        that would be a moose knuckle not a camel toe

  • arm66

    Wow. I love #13 and 22. Perfect.

    • D-Rock

      for some reason i love pictures that are grey scale and then the only color is the underwear

      • kg71

        Maryna Linchuk

        • kg71

          sorry i meant sandra romain

  • Straight shootin

    Let's stop being coy, Chive…change it from 'Mind the Gap' to 'Let's look at vaginas', we're grown folks.

    • its_forge

      You need a speculum to see a vagina. You could say we're looking at the shapes of vulvas if you wanted to say such a thing.

      • nick

        Ya,,,,What he said!

  • justaguy

    #27 Head for the light!

  • http://www.kongregate.com/ Gee 2

    #19 Yet another awesome LG shot. :D<3

    • dwayne bro

      this is awesome, would love to see the LG thanksgiving yoga pants in HD too

      • dwayne bro

        nevermind. it is already!

        • Guest

          Am I retarded cause I don't know who LG is? Help, need to google this fine piece or arse.

          • Adam_R

            Google wont help you here. However, if you use the search box in the top right hand of this site, do a search for Lauren Gentile. Enjoy!

            • Guest

              Thanks bro!

    • spin

      gotta agree. maybe the least revealing yet still the hottest pic, pose, and body shape of the bunch. would love to see more of her

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