The celebs behind the mask/makeup (25 Photos)

  • waltgator

    #23 hell yeah! rebecca's hot!

  • DWSmith

    Actually, Charlize Theron didn’t wear any make up for her role in Monster. She just put on loads of weight and had capped teeth. She’s got more make up in the other pic than from the film.


    #16 i feel stupid for not knowing it was him
    #18 he was so good in that role. didn't know it was him till i IMBD

  • MiKE

    #6 Who is that??…sexy

  • Hoy si Gio ako!

    #22 how do you know if someone just had a nosejob

  • thegame

    pretty sure about half of these weren't even necessary…

  • Anonymous

    #5 – Best part of that movie. Roth killed it.


    what no Eddie Murphy?

  • Maytrix

    #14 why you should never trust a woman with makeup on. Fortunately in this case it would turn out much better than expected! Usually its the opposite!

  • Dana Xu

    #15, #23 HOLY…

  • Anonymous

    Where’s ‘The Gimp’

  • robnailer

    You guys forgot Tim Curry as the Devil in Legend and WWF wrestler as SUPER SHREDDER!

  • robnailer

    wwf wrestler kevin nash

  • its_forge

    #15 I hadn't stopped to think that Maïwenn Le Besco might be kind of attractive. She kinda has a Steven Tyler big ol' mouth thing going there though. #23 "I'd ask everybody on the set, does this really work, I mean is this like, okay? And they'd say no Rebecca, you're naked."

  • Gedster

    #24 was probably better know for his role in the original “the Bad News Bears”.

  • obe

    #15 that chick is epic!

  • Simon

    Holy shit he even looks like Chewie without the mask on!

  • Apple

    #25 I just met him not even a month ago. Cool dude. Very… British.

  • Bob

    #15…Shit, now I have to wath 5th element tonight to get that song out of my head.

  • stephanie

    #19 one of many that played Michael Myers in the "original" movies.
    Nick Castle; Dick Warlock; George P. Wilbur; Donald L. Shanks; and Chris Durand

  • Norm

    I demand a Tim MF Curry shirt

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #1 #13 You're a monster man! 🙂

    #23 With boobage like that no man will be feeling…blue 🙂

  • gman

    Actually there were a few people that wore the mask of Michael Myers in Halloween. When his mask comes off at the end the guy playing Myers is Joni from Happy Days brother.

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