Would you sleep in a UFO treehouse? (13 Photos)

  • Sue Acide

    Only a ratard would pay that much to sleep in a treefort. You could bang a hot prostitute for that

  • duwescrewm

    Sign me up.

  • Da Lollipop Prince

    For $650 you can GTFO. My bed has gotta be way more comfortable. On the other hand,
    if they throw in an ounce of boomers it may be worth it.

  • Chap Stick

    Flight of the Navigator anyone?

  • etcrr

    only if you paid for the stay

  • Fapmaster

    Better come with hash and hookers for that price.

  • Tom

    Once I saw the inside, thats like paying 650 to stay in a winnebago for a night. HOW BOUT……. NO!!!!

  • bse35

    nope, no thanks

  • Dan E

    What is it with Scandinavians and renting out tiny,novelty, overpriced cabins in the woods and shit?

  • warouvish

    If the saucers a’ rockin dont come a’ knockin.

  • Alexgm

    $650.00?! WTF? Rather pay for lap dances and a good bottle of Scotch for that amount.

  • turbojerko

    you guys should get your heads out off your gay avatar's butt crack for a sec and admit that its pretty neat. how many of you even built anything half as cool. and if private and unique and cozy with a sweet ass nature setting around you can't give you the foundation of perhaps having a good time with…i don't know… maybe a girl!!! yes a real female, not a blow up or robotic one. she would probably dig that ufo hotel as a pretty kick ass get away. haters! wipe off your dirty keyboards you make me ill!

  • The swede

    It´s not $650, It´s 650 Swedish kronor thats about $100 in us dollar

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