Hollywood prop warehouse: If I had stuff like this I would troll the S%*t out of people (33 Photos)

  • snoobs89


  • Steverino

    Dear TSA…this IS NOT a bottle of unopened water !

    • DaddyD

      Grammar police … "this is NOT an unopened bottle of water."

      • DaddyDs' teacher

        Punctuation police… " This in not an unopened, bottle of water!"

        • bob lee swagger

          Speling be pulice: "This iz nott anne unopended botl ov wattr".

        • Guest

          gratuitous use of comma police. stop using commas in the middle, of sentences. they do not separate adjectives from nouns, they break up separate entities. educate yourself please.

          • Reality

            This coming from someone who doesn't use capitalization. Your use of a comma splice creates a run-on sentence. Education is great isn't it? Sorry,,,,my,,,,comma,,,,key,,,,is,,,,,sticking,,,,,

            • Posted this

              Grammar Nazi……just wanted a reason to type Nazi…..

            • Testa

              *You're, not your… sheesh

              • hMMMM

                This entire thread is so full of sad…U.S. education fucking blows. Pretty sure I learned more grammar in my Spanish 1 class than I did from grades 1 through 12 anyway.

                • Comma Man

                  No " Your" is correct , "You're" would be, " You are use or a comma" Sheesh , Keyboard Nazis.

                  • jpadawan

                    *Shrugs Shoulders* you see an entire entity of movie props and you guys decide to get educational? 😡

  • drewsmalley24

    I would absolutely take home one of the stacks of #3 and use it as the most bad ass foot rest ever

    • Dorkfish

      I was thinking " a couple stacks and a piece of glass" BAM coffee table

    • SpacemanSpiff

      If it's for sale, i would like to buy it #15

  • JOHN

    In the event of a Zombie outbreak, getting trapped here would be the Biggest letdown ever.

    • SimonPhoenix

      LOL … very good point. Oh yay, Ladies we are totally safe! Oh wait .. this gun is rubber. Guess I won't be using it on Zombies … haa haa

      • DrROBOTO

        yep that was the joke

      • kidn


  • drew

    Thats cool never knew they had fake food in hollywood.

    • AstroMikeDexter

      Well what else would they feed all the fake people in Hollywood?

      • DrROBOTO

        silicon and botox

  • Rollout25

    #32 We could totally do a Casket match, but…we need the Undertaker

    • Underbaker

      Did someone call me, oh never mind that is my more famous brother.

  • C-DURP

    #24 Just to F with people…

    • http://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

      What we have here is a failure to communicate

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1399292087 Olivier Blankert

    Dear Santa,

  • Rob

    I could get into soo much trouble with some of this stuff. Pity Cops, Army, National Guard, DEA, BATF have no sense of humor.

  • Benjiman

    I would love to 'accidentally' drop some fake cocaine in front of a cop

    • CuriousGeorge

      Put some flower in a plastic bag.

      See if the experience is so pleasant.

      • A BiPolar Guy

        just do not give them any reason to accuse you of selling it. Turns out selling fake drugs represented as real is a crime in the US in at least some states, believe it or not. Not the same penalties as for the real thing, but still.

    • _maxPain_

      #18 great,,angel dust for the daily ''jeffrey''

  • Kodos

    "ChiChi, get the llello!"

    • YaYo


      • The Truth Hurts

        Actually you're wrong. The proper spelling is llello

        • wantomas

          Aaaayyyooooo for yyaaaaayyyyooooo

  • bob lee swagger

    Imagine getting a girl to your place…then opening a closet filled with these and start cackling wildly hahaha

    • etcrr

      and these #16, you'd freak her out

      • Sleep_Salone

        Is that how you get your bitches Stan?

    • http://thechive.com/ GernBlansten


      • Brutal Deluxe


        • DrROBOTO


    • Si1entStatic

      better hope she's not packing portable mace or worse a pocket pistol.

    • Mr.Lonely

      Dude, I can't even imagine getting a girl to come to my place….

      • sad panda

        that's sad man, lower your standards maybe? I guess that's a little sad too damn…

  • etcrr

    #10 no payphones anymore, grand kids will be saying, what's that?

    • DjBlue

      perhaps. but we don't have #14 or #28 anymore, either, yet we know what they are. Payphones will be kept alive the same way in culture.

      • thom

        I asked my 6 year old if he knew what a phone book was, he didnt know, but he guessed: "A book made of phones?"

        • Short Bus

          I'll be by to pick up your son around 7:30 am.

    • Matt S.

      still at most major airports and train stations… especially the hospital

  • Jayavc

    This whole thing reminds me of my grandparents basement…They have always been kinda horders.

    • Dude

      Your grandparents hoard cocaine and military grade weaponry? Sweet.

    • danny

      do they let you try on the handcuffs?

  • Pat

    #19 Saved By The Bell prop.Zack Morris..FTW!

    • SpacemanSpiff

      "Dad…is this the only way i can get thru to you?" – Zack Morris

    • Steveleen

      Or 'Night at the Roxbury'

  • jay_balls

    ya…that looks like my house…

  • Spencer_on_Fire

    #1 #3 #4

    You can never have too much of a good thing……would love to know where this one is haha

  • pat

    #10 what are these things?

    • Dr_StrangePants

      That, Child, is what i had to use to call my mommy to pick me up when i was in middle-school

      • Pimpin Uneasy

        What a coincidence , I used that to call your mommy too.

        • Dr_StrangePants

          shit….I ain't even mad.
          kudos my lascivious matriphille comrade!

        • Joe

          that must be because I am your daddy, right?

    • Underbaker

      That is the device you use to exit the Matrix.

  • wkdfrog

    #18 It's not drugs unless it has brown masking tape wrapped around cling wrap1

  • Nishtai

    Holy crap! Awesome

  • Jal

    Tagging a prop in many movies would be funny.

  • Unfkngblvbl

    So these are fake huh?

    • newscot

      I was thinking that too. A fake axe is still an axe. It's just dull.
      Same with the helmets in #21.

  • Noname

    I used to date a girl with a closet like #8

    • Douche McFuckstain

      USED TO? What the hell is your problem?

    • Chiver

      What's it like to date a girl?

      • bob lee swagger

        Overrated, I bet!

        *heads back to Warcraft forums*

  • AllanA

    "Tony you got the yayo?"
    Tony M – "I GOT THE YAYO!!!"

  • Dave

    Awesome post! Movie magic is one of my favorite kinds.

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