Friday means it’s time once again to take that trip down memory lane (35 Photos)

  • Dat Dude


    • Dat Dude

      That was in reference to the Grinch. That bastard haunted my nightmares as a youngster. I what kind of evil person/thing tries to take away Christmas? The most evil villain of all time. I'm so glad the Whos finally talked some sense into him…

      • Dat Dude

        Gosh, it is late at night and I have no idea what I am talking about. Anyways, have a great day everyone and Chive On!

    • Underbaker

      Thanks for the trip Chive, wish there was a way to give a thumbs up to a gallery, I always enjoy these ones.

  • jay

    WIN all of them!!!!

    #15 EPIC

    • SpacemanSpiff

      hope he packed bread…forever

    • keithp420

      would make a great clock…

      • rod

        nice idea…

  • cherokee

    #34 & #29… still got em

    • mcsgwigga

      #12 still got em

    • KyleGamgee

      Intercept was always the one I played the most. Freaking loved that one.

  • DanielB

    #3 Getting down was always the tough part.

    • jetrome

      Down wasn't so bad. It was bad when you did it in the hallway and got your foot stuck through the drywall. Then you were stuck and you knew you were in trouble too.

      • Happydad

        My daughter did this about 6 months ago, slipped and broke her arm. She was totally cool with it, no crying or yelling, just came up to me said "daddy, I fell down and heard a pop in my arm and now it hurts". Now she says it was really fun climbing up the door lol.

        • Turduckenn

          that's when you know your kid is bad ass

        • its_forge

          Get that girl in ninjitsu training at ONCE.

    • thedude325

      Every goddam day!

    • JWTx

      I'm 27 and still do this.

  • earthshiner

    for years I used to ask people if they remembered this show about muppets that lived in a cave. No one ever did. i started to think I made it up. Then magically around 5 years ago, everyone seemed to remember it. It is glorious

    • Anonymous

      I had this EXACT issue

    • Fraggles ftw

      Uncle Travelling Mack.

      • Travis

        Uncle Travelling Matt

        • JDB

          That's not Fraggle Rock?

          • Byrne0ut

            yea I thought that was fraggle rock

            • CanadianGirl

              Yea it's Fraggle Rock. Part of Sunday night tv where I lived.

              • Travis

                Uncle Travelling Matt was a character in the show

                • Todd

                  didn't they eat glass sticks or something?

                  • Joel

                    Yep, Dozers built them. Tasted like mustard

                    • its_forge

                      "Oh no, you're walled in!" "Good thing Doozer construction is edible" ::munch munch:: "Good thing they don't seem to mind!" Doozer: "Warms the heart to see people enjoying the architecture."

    • captain 5

      Does anyone remember a Sat. morning show about a team that drove around in a futuristic camper in a post apocalyptic world? It was on Sat. mornings on CBS with Shazaam and Isis. The camper had a force field and a rover that drove out of the back and the leader would fly around with a jetpack? I have been trying to find someone who remembers the show.

      • Dan E

        I think it was called ARK 1 or something like that. My brother and I used to watch it. It wasn't on long. My god I can recall some stupid shit,… wonder my wife gets so mad when I can't remember something from the day before.

        • 2pumpdump

          I love weed 2

      • Dan E.
      • Big Daddy

        It's available on DVD as a Filmation Collection along with Jason of Star Command and Space Academy. 70's Saturday Morning FTW

      • its_forge

        Must have been Ark 2 but I didn't see enough episodes to remember it well enough. It used the multi-terrain vehicle they also used in the Jan Michael Vincent cheapo "Damnation Alley."

        • its_forge

          Correction, the Ark II was not the same as the Landmaster. Meh.

    • -K-

      The entire Fraggle Rock series on DVD was on sale for $45 at earlier this week. The wife picked it up. She loves the Doozers.

      • 2pumpdump

        torrents. Whats a DVD

        • its_forge

          A DVD is what you buy when you want the people who created the thing you're buying to get some money. This also gives you a nifty archival backup you can use in case your hard drive crashes and you failed to make a backup to your NFS.

    • Dirty Dingus

      Love Fraggle Rock. Although, seeing it recently, there is a lot more singing than I remembered.

      On a related note…I blame the downfall of our society on the untimely loss of Jim Henson. That man was pure genius and the world was a better place with him in it.

      • Dan E

        Agreed. If you look back, the rise of that annoying motherfucker Elmo really took off after Jim died and ruined Sesame Street/ The Muppets.

        DAMN YOU ELMO !
        (Wrath of Kahn style)

        • its_forge

          Actually I kinda dig Elmo, especially now that he's slightly passe'. He does still make the funny aside comments that only parents will get, just like Grover used to.

    • thelastforty

      the fraggles! brilliant show

    • MiJon

      Fraggle Rock

    • its_forge

      Aw man that'd be sad if nobody remembered the Fraggles.

    • Paul

      Fraggle Rock was the Best!

  • phydor

    #22 so many catchy classics. I'm picking out a thermos for youuuuuuuuu

    • dashete

      "He hates these cans. Stay away from the cans!"

      • Franklin1138

        I always felt like this movie's presence in the film Black Hawk Down was lost on most people. They refer to it a few times in the book, but they show this particular scene at the point when the guy has a seizure, and then that's it.

        But later on in the book, the Air Force PJs who were treating wounded aircrew inside the downed chopper were joking to each other (about all the Somalians shooting at them) "They hate the cans! Stay away from the cans!" It was never shown in the movie, but would have made the "The Jerk" scene seem less pointless.

        That said, I love, "Shit. Shinola. See a doctor and get rid of it."

    • SkyVader

      I have a special purpose!!

    • GrayDog

      The new phone book's here! The new phone book's here!

      • drew

        Things will start happening to me now.

        • mattythegooch

          Die! Milk Face!

    • Underbaker

      "I was born a poor black child"
      "These cans are defective"
      "I'm somebody now"
      "That dogs no hero, you should call him shithead. Come here shithead"
      Loved this movie, Steve Martin was just a Wild and Crazy guy.

    • ;ardog23

      "he hates these cans"

  • Rp

    #3 My childhood was awesome!:)

  • Lurktheouthefuck

    Not enough goonies shit

  • JOHN

    #13 was like a horrifying busta rhymes video. I Goddamn hated those ads

    • JOHN

      Though Busta Rhymes was badass in his day

    • JOHN

      Busta Bust!

    • Nacho Man

    • JHL1

      Eat me!

  • Will

    #8 Touches kids, sells 422,000 albums in the week after his death. Joe Paterno does not actually touch kids, hated by millions. Worldwide hypocrisy.

    • Whosthatguy

      Cool story bro.

    • Mak-da-ripper

      No one is saying anything about the espn/ syracuse coverup either

      • hMMMM

        ESPN had that tape of Fine's wife confirming she knew about the abuse and yet felt no moral obligation to turn that over to authorities, b/c they didn't have a third party who could verify. Seriously….???

    • Ever

      Actually, if you do intelligent research and listen and read police reports, testimony, news and facts and don't just regurgitate what the media shovels down your head, you'd realize MJ never violated any children. He was just an easy, rich target and people love knocking people down.

      • Will

        How much money did MJ settle out of court for? $15,000,000 seems like a sure sign of innocence to me.

        • BAM!

          It is sometimes easier to throw money at problems to try and make them go away.
          As much as i hated his music he was found not guilty on all accounts so people need to LET IT GO.
          Same thing goes for O.J………

          • bridgemaster

            MJ never wrote a book called "if i did touch that kid" the juice wrote a book called "if i did it"

            • Kyle

              i like turtles

          • hMMMM

            I don't care how bad it gets with the public, if I'm a celebrity accused of sexually harassing KIDS and I'm completely innocent, I fight that 'til I'm broke or dead. Even if I had to pay only $100 to settle, I wouldn't do it I'd take it to court. This is the typical mentality of an innocent person.

            • Shuddup

              Take a psychology class. People often CONFESS to crimes that they did not commit.

          • todrunk2

            ha! You my friend, are a moron. IF you believe in our justice system, it says a lot about your intelligence.

            • todrunk2

              That was directed at BAM

        • Ever

          Celebrities and companies throw billions of dollars at problems just to make them go away; it doesn't mean it was their fault. It's just that from a PR and financial standpoint, the lesser poison is to sign a check and leave it behind. It's that exact same mentality that people use to prey on rich people. You know how many lawsuits Disneyland gets every day? I worked there. Hundreds. And if it's not waived, 99% of the time Disney just pays it off.

          Open your mind just a little and don't just hear opinions on TV and agree. Do some research. It'll make you smarter, wiser, and a better person in the end.

    • tLoko420

      MJ never touched kids…just had too much money for chez whitey to accept so they created stories and forced ppl to believe them. Sandusky raped kids and theres a supreme court transcript that say so! He just doest have a stockpile of cash that ppl can extort out of him.

  • dashete

    #26 That's one GROOVY looking guy

    • Underbaker

      I remember the end of Evil Dead when he landed in the other world and shot the dragon, then having to wait so long for them to come out with Evil Dead 2, but it was worth the wait because it was awesome.

      • 340Swinger

        That's how Evil Dead 2 ended. Still awesome movies.

        • Underbaker

          My bad, make those comments about Evil Dead 2 and Evil Dead 3.

  • Michael Lohan

    #18 #30 Ironically, one of these went on to be successful and the other is a skank whore

    • DCMOFO

      How do you know the 1-800-WE ARE 18 chick is successful?

      • Frostback

        She'd have to be, no one could be as f'd up at Lindsey Lohan.

        • jasgat66

          LOL… Well played Frostback

  • Pants

    #13 Hit me so hard that I forgot how it's been since I snapped into a Slim Jim.

  • Whosthatguy

    #4 Kid on the right has a Toy Story shirt…double childhood win.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      you must be pretty young…or I'm pretty old. Most of these apply to my childhood though, but I was 16 when the 1st Toy Story came out.

  • etcrr

    #19 Patrick Ewing and Michael Jordon classic match up

    • Elcastino

      Yeah except Patrick could never beat MJ.

      • bumble

        Ewing was a fucking gorilla

        • _Moose_

          Patrick Ewing and the Knicks in the '90s. Those were the days.

    • MAX_POW

      best player of all times…i really miss him

    • Sconny

      Space Jam, right…?

  • etcrr

    #22 Steve Martin, talented comic. This is "the Jerk" I loved him and Dan Akryod in SNL's Wild and Cray Guy's skit

    • Bill57

      Hi Stan.

    • puddintane

      He hates these cans.

    • its_forge

      And that man is currently the 2011 International Bluegrass Music Association's Entertainer of the Year. One of the most awesome banjo players currently still picking.

      • Bret Van Arsdale

        That was with his Brother Yortuck on SNL

        • Bret Van Arsdale

          Looking for American Women with Large American Breasts

  • Mad Hittman

    #3 Yes I did, yes it was…

  • revski87

    When the slow song came on and finding a chick to hold hands and skate with was the shit

    • Dorkfish

      My daughter goes to a skating rink that still has that same carpet on everything

    • Yes

      They closed our and turn it into a gym….f'n major lame.

      • TWON925


    • VJ_1

      Geatest play we ever came up with…pretending you didnt' know how to skate so the girls would help you…knew how to skate the entire time.

  • B Line (@asylumstudio)

    Lost boys ftw

  • 80's Kid

    #1 Back in the 80's, my brothers and I would lay or play in the back trunk of the family station wagon without seat belts. Yeah. That was bad @$$.

    • BentWrenches

      Went cross country in one of these in the 70's. loved that feeling,when the car stops and everything seems to rush towards you.

    • Frank

      Memory lane? I drove one to work today…

      • Mike

        Me too – '64 Chevelle wagon with 3rd row folding seat.

        • Frank

          My '92 Caprice.

  • Javalanche

    Nostalgia? #15 was timeless >.>

    • Doc Brown

      Clearly not timeless. I see 3 distinct times.

  • Nathan Hart

    #11 Then that bitch wrote a couple of math books but stayed incredibly hot. I direct TV shows now. Damn it.
    #18 turned out to be bat shit crazy, or just unable to handle success. Damn shame.

  • SheriffPablo

    #2 A friend of mine had about 1000 of these things. His Parents ran a video store, and when Beta crashed and burned they all became their personal Video collection.

  • Ever

    #5 Holy sh…

    A flood of entire summer night memories from junior high just happened.

    • Lisa

      Remember having to pick which phone number to dial in case the connection didn't go through? Damn what a rough time.

    • hMMMM

      Somebody got fancy using the TCP/IP connection….

      I can still mimic the 56k modem sounds as it connected to the local server. This was when they used to charge per call for home phones, so if you accidentally chose a server that wasn't in your immediate calling area, you'd get raped on the phone bill (at least your parents would, then you'd know about it).

      Ah…the good old days of AOL and its chatrooms!

      • MAX_POW

        wow, chatrooms, those endless factories of lonely girls. The only problem was you didn't know how they looked until you met them….some times…oh my

        • hMMMM

          I wonder if my four other screen names still work on aim…

          don't forget to represent yo area code son

    • SimonPhoenix

      FUCK YAY!! I got my first blow job from some chic on AOL .. this is awesome.

  • AltEvil

    What game was this… It driving me nuts!

    • ABO

      Kid Icarus

      • Shannon Coverdale

        awesome game

        • NateyTheGreaty

          Definitely. And the one on GameBoy was pretty good too.

    • tLoko420

      Kid Icarus

    • LOU

      kid icarus one of the greatest NES games of all time… true story

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