Cool designs to make you feel less creative (29 photos)

  • J.W. Kim

    #2 Where the f@ck is my homeland of South Korea? Oh, and the North?…

    -Pissed off Korean

    • 외국인

      대한 민국!

    • Kyle

      Sorry, Korea is really tiny. You will notice not every nation on earth is on there. Just the ones that fit the graphical style.

  • Rememo

    #4 is flippin' genius. Too bad we have three dogs.

  • Anonymous

    Stencil for #2?

  • guest

    #7 Where? More Pix!! Please.

  • batdoc

    #10 I know what my dad is getting for Christmas!

  • AM

    Anyone know where to get #12, cool watch

    • nateb123

      They don't make one. Wouldn't work in real life without some modifications. As it is, there's no way to actually attach the two halves to make a proper watch, no way to get the digital hours to change when the separate minutes display goes past 59 and no way to size it. Probably is a student 3D modelling/design project or something.

  • MattKL

    #22 Awesome movie! Where might I find that poster? I need it.

  • WisconChiver

    #2 …. Isn't Brasil…. Spelled Brazil?

    Fail Creative Genious.

  • Gordana-Doda Stetin

    No4 and No8,great!!!

  • Vector_Victor

    #4 Brilliant!

  • wychwooddeli

    some of these items are similar to those found on not on the high street . com – you can find our selection there too..

  • Andy

    cool photos..

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