Cool designs to make you feel less creative (29 photos)

  • demorias


    • Commando00

      Yes you're first……to be gay…

      That's why there is a line forming behind you……

      • Mark Rea

        Does that make you second?

  • slosh

    seconds! I like that word map

  • Zaedrus

    Anyone know who makes the stove in #27?

    • Commando00

      Just Google contemporary indoor fireplaces,,,,,,,should get you there with a little searching

  • Commando00

    SOme cool designs here…..

    #17 for the WIN!! GO Heels!!

    • ling

      someone must really be a fan of sarah jessica parker to install a pool that looks like her face.

  • Ian.

    i want #2

    • Dorkfish

      Me too… I hope some one on here can tell me where to find

    • Jorge Cárdenas Maldonado

      Mexico annoys me, the shape is plain wrong…

    • kekss

      My country is marked as Russia. That's just mean 😦

  • jmts80

    I would love to shower/bathe in #8!

    • Phowie

      I would be that retard that opens the door with out letting the water drain

  • jaywalke


  • misschris

    #22 I don't feel that I need to explain my art to you, Warren.

    • Dorkfish

      great movie

    • Del

      Whats up with today , today?

    • MattKL

      The first thing you need is a name. Then you'll know what kind of band you've got.

      • saveferris

        It's Rex Manning Day!!!!

  • 3Pedals

    What is #12?

    • The_Dood

      I believe it's a watch.

    • Todrunk2

      It appears to be some sort of device that can tell time, that you wear on your wrist…hmm…

    • 3Pedals


      I was looking at it 90 degrees out, looked like top part said 'On'. Anyone know who makes this?

      • nateb123

        No one. It's just a 3D model and isn't really plausible to actually manufacture. Clasps for watches don't work like the creator seems to think, plus the two digital modules wouldn't sync so it's more than a little retarded. Plus you can't size it. One size fits none unfortunately.

  • asdf

    #24 I don't get it

    • Dorkfish


    • Si1entStatic

      would be even better if the bar code scanned as a $.99 or some female hygiene product.

  • Carlos

    That watch is sick and I really want the shower.

  • koyf

    who makes #12?

    • nateb123

      No one. It wouldn't work in real life without being extremely expensive. It's just a rendering

  • @mizdictator

    #25 is a beautiful rendering.

  • Thomy Gold

    #17 Is that a foot pool? Splinter must be doing good for himself.

    • gnocco

      Foot Clan was evil. Thus Shredder is doing well, but he already could afford that giant dome/base/mining-vehicle, so no surprises here.

  • I WANT IT!!!

    #17 I WANT A FOOT POOL!!!

  • CalAb13

    #5 Creative?



    I suppose


    I doubt it :/

  • etcrr

    #21 seems pretty cool

  • Anonymous

    #21 for your female partner. More kitchen in less space

  • sheoncebelieved

    #14 is pretty stupid that the sofa butts up against the Fireplace. fail!

  • bkfrijoles

    #2 i'd hang that up in my room

  • Underbaker

    So how many people squinted at #14 to make out the picture in the background?

  • Benjamin H McCue

    don't feel less artistic or creative just a cool article nice shots

    would love to use some of this stuff when I build my own place!

  • Kim

    #2 Why isn't Korea on it?

    • Paul

      I'll be damned… you are correct…

    • Shane Heisser

      Brazil also spelled wrong.

      • RJ10

        Thats how they spell in in Brasil

    • Charles Tso

      I thought the exact same thing. WTF?

    • santia

      Uruguay is missing too

  • fargo

    i would masterbate in all of these rooms

    • Paul


  • Kevin

    Not me. I'm an architect. I do this.

    • nateb123

      Lol. Looks like you pissed off some people. I'm a watch designer so I'm in the same boat. Although there are downsides to being up to your ears in Illustrator files, I'll admit.

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