This relationship didn’t end well (5 HQ Photos)

  • fatcatt

    If thats what shes capable of…your better off now knowing than when its to late

  • asdfgh

    find the cat…

  • Barney

    Where can she be placed on the crazy hot scale ?

  • smb

    does he realize there's a cat in his room

  • crazy hot

    for every hot chick there is a guy who's sick of her bullshit

  • mith

    Chive I think you need to find this lovely woman and let her explain her side of things in a clothing optional photo shoot…!!!!

  • orgazoid

    The Chive should be ashamed of themselves. The guy is clearly a dick for sending in these pics. no wonder they broke up. And the chive facilitates this douchebaggery? everybody at the chive have shown their true colours. Macho, misogynistic assholes.

    • Chogme

      False! How is he a dick?? Some Girls beg to be put on the chive. She gets posted and doesn’t even know it. And she’s a crazy bitch for trashing his room. Grow the fuck up. Relationships end all the time. She was privileged for bring put up, so get a reality check.stay sick chive

  • Branimir Farkas

    so…. let' s find her 😀

  • Anonymous

    Wow, just think if he had married that crazy ass braud, or worse had a kid with her! Oh the horror of having to see her for 18 years!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Grow a set and stop being a fanny.

  • The dude

    I think it’s interesting the person who posted this says it’s his “ex-girlfriend” and in picture 4 she is clearly wearing a wedding ring. This is either an ex-fiancé or this dude was nailing a married chick… which is it bro?!?!? Btw is this from Florida??

  • Bobby

    For every hot girl there's a guy who has to put up with her shit.

  • etcrr

    very hot young woman, think she was a little pissed

    • hMMMM

      thanks, Stan.

    • Sleep_Salone

      Stan, remember when your girlfr…oh, wait….that wasn't you.

    • ReallyStan?

      What an astute observation Stand_Dalone

  • Patrick

    Yeah, honestly….if you were to take all of the girls that's been on this site. Chivettes to famous models, this girl is about a 3. Sorry bro.

  • Always Last


  • Bestzubalzabar

    All females are f'ing crazy. It's only a matter of what level of crazy are guys willing to put up with and for how long.

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