• MOFocker

    Why isnt there best post like on YouTube WTF_HERE IS THE BEST POST EVER _http://www.laddertheory.com/ _Explains your life bitches🙂 (cheers this is my first post, my girlfriend hates it, whats wrong with her, answers anyone. I am about to start cheating on her cause she hasnt given me a blowy in 2 years, I have grown to dislike her neglection of sluttyness, fuck her selfishness)._

  • Magnolia

    Okay, I have a question. What if the man is not attracted to the woman? Because I have several guy friends who I don't believe have any interest in me in that way. I mean, I suppose if I offered a BJ, they probably wouldn't turn me down, but that's a BJ. I mean, c'mon! But in general, they aren't thinking of wanting to bang me. So, in that instance, can men & women be friends? Not all women are smoking hot.

  • http://twitter.com/ryanlindsley @ryanlindsley

    GO AGGIES! That's my school!

  • YesWaitNoWaitYesNo

    Friends? No. Friendzoned? Suuuuuure!

  • Trauncher

    Every Girl I've ever been friends with were just girl's I hadn't figured out how to bang yet.

  • http://twitter.com/perryinjax @perryinjax

    What you mean to say is that men and hot women cannot be "Just Friends".

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