• Anthony

    They only interviewed hot girls. I have friends that are just girls that I don’t ever want to Fuck, but they are all ugly.

    • chalktalk

      these women are ugly bro. You my friend must have REAL ugly friends.

  • notfirst


    • @BrandonScottB

      must be proud

      • notfirst

        The pinnacle of my life

        • GetALife

          sadly that is probably true

          • CzarCzarBinks

            Gonna take a page out of every other YouTube video comment

            "Last to get laid."

  • Sean

    Yes, but only if there exists no sexual energy between the two.

    • DrunkRussian

      (implying that it's possible)

      • Mak-Da-ripper

        if the girl is dating, or is the ex of one of my bros then yes. otherwise, no.

      • DoomsDayDub

        What he meant was, "Yes, if the chick is ugly"

    • Mur

      You obviously did not understand the premise of the video. They are saying that it is not feasible for two people of the opposite sex to be friends without sexual energy being present (at least from the male). Take one step back from your conclusion

      • bixby

        I'm a girl, my best friend is a guy… we're both gay. Myth busted.

        • Ellen

          Want to go shopping for Birkenstocks?

        • bcit

          wait until you both get super wasted… it all comes out

      • Anon


    • fed

      or when she's really ugly

      • Wait, What?!

        I fuck bitches in the ass….

        • nate

          no u dont

    • Procrastibator

      The fact that this survey was conducted at a college campus (a.k.a. Hormonetown) should absolutely be taken into account.

      • Active_hunter

        Your point being?

        • Procrastibator

          That male/female friendships are easier to maintain (let alone just have) in a less sexually-charged environment.

          • Active_hunter

            You say sexually-charged like that's a bad thing.

    • Greg Lee

      this video should just be called women are fucking dumb as hell.

      • turbosmurf

        women are not dumb , they are just self absorbed and mean.

    • Cam

      I bet your gay!

  • etcrr

    i have lots and lots of female friends some of them aren't even imaginary

    • Craigery

      That's how we know you're gay!

      • transvestite

        is it now

        • Wait, What?!

          gonna stick the furry mic up his butthole….

          • etcrr

            are you offering? yes please.

      • etcrr

        so i like the cock you should be more open minded you big dumb stupid head

    • Patrick

      Made my day

    • Cam

      I bet your gay, or a tool bag!

  • Who dat

    True story bro

    • Huddo

      I'm not friends *because* I want to bone them, but it doesn't mean I wouldn't. Like, if they were a lesbian, then we'd still be friends. Mind, I'd probably still want to bone them.

  • crazydog

    VERY rarely. I was laughing the whole time that all the women thought it was possible……their "guy friends" just haven't made a move.

    • The Dude

      They're in the freind zone and there's no turning back. A.K.A. the dick in the glass case. " Break in case of Emergency"

  • walkingtheriver

    "All my best friends are guys" …who are SO wanting to fuck you

    • SimonPhoenix

      It is IMPOSSIBLE to be "just friends" if AT ANY POINT AND time the woman wants to make it more than that. Even if the guy wanted more .. it wouldn't happen if she didn't want it to. IF SHE WANTS IT TOO, then yes it will happen. DUH ..

      When WOULD a guy pass up a piece of hot ass .. .ESPECIALLY if he is single. WOULDN'T HAPPEN. EVER ..
      Unless you're as gay …. as twlight. (If that's EVEN possible)

      • Troll_the_world

        fucking retard .. go learn gammar.

        • Kellen

          You misspelled Gammer, and you want to put a comma after learn, although I don't know why you would assume Simon was an old women.

          • Gammer

            Who Dat?

          • Trulyn

            You also misspelled 'grammar'.
            Congratulations, you're a douche!

    • Reaver

      Yeah, really? How many of those guy friends are gay?

      Otherwise, MYTH BUSTED!

  • Lame

    You're talking to a bunch of college kids, what do you expect

    • Acobb

      Yeah, wouldn't make for much of a video askin a bunch of older married or lame people, now would it.

  • h0llygh0st

    Knew it.

    • Just Sayin'

      obviously not the women

  • Terri


  • Jack_LeMac

    If neither party has genitals then yeah, friendship's a breeze

    • Brand_n

      Nice avatar, sir!

    • Sleeping Giant


  • TWON925

    all the women said yes and all the men said no…do the ladys really not know that we just wanna sex them?

  • Craigery


  • C Fan

    "I don’t have female friends, I just know women I haven’t fucked yet”

    – Chris Rock

    • The Dude

      They're the dick in a galss case.

    • @perryinjax


  • When Harry Met Sally

    Didn't we cover this?

  • Spencer_on_Fire

    The psychological difference between men and women. For some it can be cut and dry and for others……ehhhh…not so much. As a guy….I say no. I agree with the guy with the sandwich

    • Huddo

      If you have female friends who are attractive and have a personality that you like, then why wouldn't you?

  • Brian

    Nope. Someone always wants to hit it.

    • guest

      Someone = the guy

  • gelepa

    if both are ugly then yes…

    • Tj Lojik

      But wouldn't two Ugly people just want to "Bump Uglies"?

    • Black6dog

      Mermaid Effect, it's a thing

  • tom

    they all say yes, because they WANT us thinking about getting in their pants…but they want the control of not LETTING us in their pants because they enjoy our frustration-based-idiocy

    and throughout history we question why there is war…

    • Rudy Ruettiger

      best response in this entire thread, nice 1 tommy-

    • Drew

      Great fucking answer

    • JTHannigan

      Your logic is unquestionably…logical. THE TRUTH HAS BEEN REVEALED.

  • tamu

    I hope a girl made him that sandwich.

  • pooper

    depends how ugly she is

    • dallas1354

      But then she'd want you. If the chick is ugly then you want a FWB. When not dating you have her for "dry spells" Fat/ugly girls are like mopeds everyone has ridden one, but no one admits it.

    • ale

      and the other way around…

  • Ben Hill

    "So you're just friends but he likes you?"

  • Tyler C. Hurst

    The man with the sandwich literally oozes swag.

    • cajun carrot

      The power of a sandwich. Without it we are nothing.

    • Lev

      It implies that he has a female doing his bidding.

  • kampizi

    I've made girls cry over this… They can't handle the fact that…. 99.9% of their straight Guy Friends, totally want to bone them, otherwise they wouldn't waste their time…..

    It is sad, to an extent… but it's also nieve for a girl to ever think that it would work.

  • LANE 302

    They can be friends. Only if the dude doesn’t want to pork the chicken. -unintentional food reference

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