Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • juan

    first… 🙂

    really like #43 moar

    • frank

      wow those cheeks look so damn good.

    • transvestight iyt

      #17 yess #30 yess #43 yess, fuck all the bishes:D

  • Adventurer Chiver

    I used to comment on the Chive, then I took an arrow in the knee.

    • abcdefg

      I used to comment first all the time, then I took an arrow to the knee

    • fibonacci5150

      i used to be an adventurer like you. now I'm the 1%

      • frank

        you guys might be from az, kupd

    • huh?

      Wow stan. you fucked up the easiest meme on the internet. you probably got 3rd degree on over half your body from making a cup of coffee.

    • etcrr

      Damn, I use to love looking at the hot posts of the chivette's now I can't see, I took an arrow to the knee

  • Jag

    #18 Suck it Trabeck!

    • MonkeyMadness

      Trebeck. Alex Trebeck.

    • gbody

      I'll play your game, you rogue. I'll take the rapists for $400!

  • dbsnydes


    • tats

      hot damn

    • diesal55

      does anyone know who this is!!??

      or find her?

  • Faraday

    #10 …Corgi creates god?

    • oijwef

      No, corgi is god.

  • DrLeppiwinks

    #5 I'm not even mad… thats amazing… and so is that #30

    • LG Again
      • JROC

        my fuck she has a tight body

        • TheDude

          spectacular. wonder when/why she took the nudes?

      • Indeed

        She was underage there morons, guess what that makes you?

        • curious

          how do you know that?

        • chiver

          If in fact that is true, then the link should be killed. for real. I don't know how you would know that, but if you do, you do.

          • BUONFIGLIO

            I take her. The age of consent in Italy is 14 years. Suck it yankees : b

        • Truth

          Take the link down if she is underage

          • what?


            • etctrrr

              get a life.

        • Yup


        • 4789

          her fault for putting them on the internet. moron.

          • what?

            The photographer posted it. Not LG. Retard.

            • dub

              who gives a shit? she still took 'em.

        • Troll Hunter

          If that's so, then Willow should be arrested for posting it. She hasn't been? Well, there you go…..

          • Indeed

            She has been notified, we'll see. Other sites took them down already.

            • Indeed

              Oh it's gone already.

          • what?

            it was taken down you idiot because she IS underaged in it and because she was raped that day and she is presently pressing charges against the fucking photographer.

          • chiver

            I'm sure she had no clue about her age. all these girls seem to love the attention, why would anyone think these pics were any different?

        • Troll Hunter

          Still preaching this? Link still up, no arrests made, you're a tool.

      • berkshires

        LG… absolutely stunning…. i really mean it!! my jaw dropped

      • Willow too

        Take a longer look at milkyfr3sh while you're there. It's Willow, some good pics on there too…if you know what I mean.

        • Truth

          hells yes. williow is smokin' hot, although most of the chivers seem to be chubby chasers so they may disagree

      • SheisaSlut

        To all her worshipers and the ladies who defend such chivettes ,IN YO FACE.

        • Truth

          why? is she still not beautiful? you need to stop throwing stones

          • 4789

            one of her primary defenses was "she never shows too much skin/she's not naked". soooo….yeah……

        • Troll Hunter

          So every girl that poses nude is a slut? Do your Mormon parents know you're on this site? Hypocrite asshole…..

  • severiana

    um….so #12….come sit on my face….
    love #2
    for real.

    • JamesBoned

      #12 is photoshopped, look at her left wrist.
      Sorry to destroy your dreams buddy

  • severiana

    ^^ i meant from number 2…my names severiana…hit me up.

  • Don't like spiders

    I would seriously shit my pants if I saw #36

    • Benny

      I seriously shit my pants when I saw #36

  • James


    Poor child, he shall be absorbed.

    • David Terry


  • Chogme6

    #30 made me shoot on my screen

    • chiver
    • karmaisabitch

      Once a whore always a whore. Hope she sees this ,now we all know what a skank she is.

      • chiver

        lighten up. are you perfect?

        • real chiver

          two wrongs don't make a right. she still lied.

    • marco

      eh, #35 and #38 make your statement invalid.

  • ian

    #12 Marry me….. Or at least lets meets up, have a nice cup of coffee, maybe discus political beliefs, music, and our disgust for the human rights violations in the Congo. Then on our second date see a lighthearted, romantic comedy. Which is followed by "1 drink." and a heavy make out session on your doorstep. Finally, on the third date we have a nice dinner and conversation. Finally, followed by a beautiful tour of Poundtown. *Insert Giggdty Giggdty and/or any other wolf calls*

    • JROC

      RUN.. RUN NOW

    • dbar

      too long, didn't read

    • transvestight iyt

      i must be doing it wrong

    • ian

      I'll have the usual…and a roofie-colada for my date.

  • TWON925

    #18 Everyone that just read this tried to do so in his voice

    • Oh Willow

      Willow's naked ass and tits. BUT SHE'S NOT AN ATTENTION WHORE!! You're welcome.

      • Ima Dick

        WTF dude, stop complaining about girls showing their bodies for attention. Who cares why they do it as long as we reap the benefits. If attention is the only price we must pay to see some fine T&A, I'd say we're getting a bargain.

      • Meh


      • agnot clifton

        tired of this spammed shzzz every few comments.

  • Ling

    #27 napoleon dynamite certainly got a little more world wise in the past few years.

  • asdf

    #6 is supposed to be cute, but it's probably dead…

    • passwordistaco

      Elephants roll around and lay in the mud all the time, I go with cute….

      • Just sayin

        it isn't looking good that's for sure

      • asdf

        Idk, I've been to Botswana, elephants like to stomp around in muddy water and spray water from the trunks, but never saw one sprawled out face first in it.

    • yup

      See how the snout of the little one is rolled up? Doesn't happen when it's dead.

  • JR T

    #35 fills all my Christmas wishes! and Moar!

    • Wally

      Wish that's what my laundry day looked like . . .

    • James

      Greatest side boob shot yet. Let's have moar like this.

    • Chive_Geek

      Yummm… Suhweet redhead + epic side boob = Fantasyland
      I'm already planning my dreams for tonight.
      (My wife's a redhead – she understands)

  • kaidoh101

    #12 hot diggidy dog, where have you been all my life!!

    • Tronaman

      Probably in preschool.

  • dostavazg

    #43 Want that bathroom 🙂

    • etcrr

      No offense, you can have the bathroom, I'll take the girl

  • BiChivette

    #30 where did you get your bikini? Xoxox loyal chivette

    • TheDude

      it is a hot pic. how about one of you bichivette?

    • transvestight iyt

      its a transvestite

    • itsmeagain… Always knew she was a whore.

      • Truth

        why the harsh judgement? you don't know the story bro

      • Troll Hunter

        And now we know you're a douchebag. LG = always beautiful.

  • bad pants


    • fosho

      right? haha might i interest you in a cup…. would you fancy a cup …. i dunno if those sayings blend well

      • Odie

        is it like a way to call her sugar?

    • Troll of Truth

      COME ONE, COME ALL! Bear witness to Lauren Gentile baring all. And while you're at it, take a gander at Willow's naked tits. Oh, in the most "tasteful, non-attention whoring way", or course. After all, she's only sharing a site with a chick sucking a guy's dick in front of a T.V. Lulz. Enjoy.

      • Troll of Truth

        (Oh, and if you're a good little boy, Willow will allow you to buy her something off her wishlist. Such classy women)

        • its_forge

          Why again exactly do you give a fuck? See the only reason you're posting this shit is because you want people to pay attention to you. Because see, we don't care about what you're saying, beyond wanting to see a little more of our favorite Chivettes.

      • TRON


      • huh?

        "By day I go to work in my 3 piece suits with the world never knowing that underneath I’m wearing sexy panties, a garter belt and silk stockings. They don’t know that I have perfectly manicured toe nails with deep red polish or that I’m wearing 3 toe rings with one engraved “Cock Sucking Slut”!"


        • Troll Hunter

          And this post makes you what? Hypocrite On asshole……

      • LINK


      • its_forge

        Not Found

        The URL you requested could not be found.

      • what?

        She was both underaged and raped the day that photo was taken you fucking scumbag. Have some goddamned respect and decency. She didn't leak the photos, the stupid monster photographer did because she has pressed charges. Grow a fucking heart.

        • chiver

          you've repeated your rant numerous times. i don't have a clue how you would be in possession of this information. if what you say is true, I'm sure we are all truly sorry. you do know that no one here had a clue about what you say and every source for the pics stated that everyone on the site was 18 or older. there was never any intent to hurt lg or do anything wrong.

        • chiver

          no one deserves to go through what you describe, but what the hell was a 17 year old doing posing nude in the first place. rule 1 is don't get into situations that can go so horribly wrong. this is a true tragedy. i'm sorry for her

        • Simmy

          Really? Didn't know. When did she say this?

  • passwordistaco

    #48 deserves her own lay out, future chivette??

    • chivers


      • passwordistaco

        So….. Gay or Racist?

        • TheDude

          is that the extent of your imagination? perhaps its not his taste. lighten up francis

          • Jeff

            Yeah, beautiful girls with big boobs are gross

        • huh?

          you're that stupid?

          • ted stevens

            Anyone who ever doesn't like anything that a black person has ever done, thought to have done, had considered to have done but didn't do, is racist.

            • Truth

              Excellent sarcasm Ted. You get it, unlike the moron that wrote that.

            • Duder

              Probably means they don't like fried chicken, rap music or welfare either…

              • passwordistaco

                Wow, you guys are sensitive. I'm actually listening to rap music as my boyfriend feeds me fried chicken that I bought with my welfare check. (It was a Joke, you can all put your soapbox away)

    • Kev

      She is FINE!!! DAMN

    • siliconjack

      Agreed…somebody please find her

      • frank

        wow lovely girl please find her.

    • agnot clifton

      i agree with passwordtdiscotaco
      to every other replier….

  • Umbra Fractus

    #40 [Insert painfully obvious "cock and pussy" joke here]

    Also: More of #9 please

  • BRB

    #17 #30 #43
    Outstanding… really fine job… (the sound of golf claps)

  • BRB

    and #2 as well… let's not leave you out… fantastic…

  • Albus Quindecim


    I am so going to hell

    • Ling

      You officially have one of the best names ever.

    • cuervo

      save me a seat bro….

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