Guys like football. Girls like taking pics of themselves in the mirror. (43 photos)

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  • Adam_The_Chiver

    #41 looks like something "intimate" is going on behind her…

  • Shevyridenhigh

    #34 your turret has been destroyed

    enemy nexus will be spawning soon

  • cjuncosa

    Correction on the Title: Guys love football AND girls who love taking pictures of themselves in mirrors.

    And #16 's bottom half is worthy of an award.

  • Iam Kronik Comatose

    #1 ❤ ❤

  • slim

    #5 #20 #28 find them!

  • DMR

    #20 FTW. Find her!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jordan

    #28 tats and frecks. Winner

  • medtxpack

    Back in action now Chive!

  • jhento

    #20 ! geeeezus – love me some fridays!

  • Panopticon Photo

    #20 is 'shopped–look at her wrist/arm (of the hand holding the cameraphone)

  • Chiv3On

    #3, #8, #27

    Great Scot!

  • jcrotty

    need moar of #9 and #34

  • Anonymous

    Love them all

  • Anonymous

    I would beg borrow and steal for 39!!! What a good girl!!!

  • Anonymous

    Id beg to differ on the thread title. Id much rather see these then watch a football game

  • Tha Dude

    #9 & #21 BOOTY!! #8, #14 & #32 sexy abs! Find any and all of these chive! MOAR

  • dano

    #32…your belly button seems a little off center…please, let me lick it back into place for you! MOAR of this stunning beauty!

  • Anonymous

    Find #35 and #38 MOAR Thank u ladies

  • Reegz

    #34 perfect in every way. With that being said FIND HER!

  • BuryMeSmilin

    #20- FIND HER!!!!!!

    as smokin as all these are…something about #20 gets me goin!!


  • Taylor

    I think I fell In love with #39 definitely the perfect body! So beautiful! #39 whoever you are.. I love you

  • Tyler Durden

    Looking at these pictures – I am speechless! Nothing but beauty and hotness in all of these pics.

  • rick ross

    # 9 and #11

    i'd take out a loan for 15 mins of ur time. Seperately or together, just let me be in ur presence.

  • Anonymous

    #42. Thomas McKean Highschool represent! Yea delaware

  • wellpressedsociety

    rack city

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