• Jacob Schreiber


  • rdnck

    Now I find this hilarious… However I know there are going to be those peta activists that are going to freak out cuz this is “animal cruelty” but I want to clear the air, the dogs tail was clearly wagging. Chive on!

    • shadowwight

      A wagging tail doesn’t necessarily equal happy….

      • jacob

        go hug a tree cunt

  • Anonymous

    Haha awesome

  • Nromas Irsnub

    Well… Clearly, a little f*** was that day.

  • dave

    lol not one single fuck was givin by that dog

  • Anonymous

    Post some a fucking mobile compatable videos

  • Anonymous

    Why does this video only show up on the mobile web version and not on the main site?

  • Pete_Rock

    That seems like my regular monday morning.

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