Karlie Kloss is the new Victoria’s Secret angel (28 Photos)

  • Nero

    No @ss? No thanks.

    • sean

      But she has a great smile!

    • DoomsDayDub

      Yeah, whole lot of "Meh" going on in this post.

      • Elbie

        I wanna stuff my sandwich into her so bad… with ham and bacon, cheese and grease.

      • ericvdm

        agreed. she needs a cheeseburger

      • 16inchzipper

        The point has been made.

        Now enjoy something more substantial!

        • Lotus

          I wish they would do another post like that, the selection in that one was questionable.

    • SDC

      no ass
      no tits
      no thanx

    • MGS

      She needs to eat a steak!

    • jmalibuss

      Agreed, I like my woman to be able to carry in a bag of groceries without breaking a arm.

    • Nick

      seriously…you could cut steak with those hip bones #12

  • socalchivette

    I remember this girl from the fashion show, and being shocked at how skinny she was. Can’t believe someone who looks like this is worth Chive’s time. Gross. More proof of your site’s obsession with toothpicks with no curves.

    • thepoopsmith

      give her a sammich

    • greg

      What's next, an Ali Lohan post?!

    • Boozer

      Please enjoy a dose of FLBP. Keep calm.

    • Tommy

      I don't think the Chive was endorsing her. And the Chive has an established history of supporting, um, "well rounded" women. And have a beer, dude. Chill out.

      • Guesty

        as in so called "real women" with fat asses

    • socalchiver

      Says fat chick.

      • Sample2K7

        Haha i was gonna make that comment but i see someone already has. Seconded

    • Jasper

      She is skinny but your next obsurd comment about no curves is wrong. If you follow long enough you will see some hungry butts (ex: yoga pants being ate by ass) on here.

    • Sample2K7

      Haha your a fatty

    • Shillio

      socialchivettes right, chive is obsessed with quasi celeb skinny bitch models. chive should cut this kind of bullshit and stick to hump day flbp etc. ; real girls,not these fakers. everyone who thinks otherwise can fuck off

  • Asdfghjkl

    Dear Chive, please do not post this woman on your site again. Instead, put more chivettes, red-heads, or lower back problem ladies. Maybe find some yoga pants we can stare at but not her. It’s just kinda sad.

    • Duder

      you sir should go back to fucking the jenny craig crowd

      • Shillio

        models aren't real women.

        • chiver

          yeah.. that's the chive standard. If you're not from walmart, you're not "real". Such bullshit

  • ARchad

    #12 camel toe FTW!

    • Jessica

      That's a bony cooter if I've ever seen one.

      • mihaisuzuki

        It actually sucks..IMHO

  • Mike

    She would look great with an ass on…

    • hMMMM

      Dear Victoria's Secret,

      We like girls with shape and curviture.


      A normal dude

      • its_forge

        Dear Victoria's Secret,

        You sell women's underwear; why the hell do you hire models that make women go "Ecch! Why the fuck would I buy stuff that only fits women built like knitting needles! Screw that, I'm going to Macy's."

        • Chiver

          Dear Forge:

          Why so gay bro???

          • its_forge

            Having been around women enough to know what most of them think of something = / = gay.

            • Chiver

              sounds like you hang around the wrong women then. VS has grown into a global empire doing the same thing year after year because consumers shun their products. you sir, have poor taste and you're ignorant. not a good combo.

              • its_forge

                Dude, you can sell anything if you spend enough money marketing it. The underwear VS sells isn't even unique or of particularly high quality, it's just got all these bonyass bitches modeling it in "fashion shows" that the company throws these huge exclusive parties for all the decrepit freaky hags and rail-thin gay men who hate themselves and everything else. Smart women – the women that smart mature guys like – stay the fuck away from that shit hole and buy their underwear someplace where the price you pay isn't 90% higher because the manufacturer didn't have to hire a $50,000 a day model to wear it for a $200,000 a day photographer.

  • Thomas

    That girl has an ass only Jerry Sandusky could love when did being as skinny as a ten year old boy become attractive

    • niudgc

      Hahahaha, holy shit, well done sir. I just busted out laughing at work.

  • bathoris

    Give her a sammich

    • Darkside

      The fuck is this shit??? I dont know if Im more disappointed in the chive or vickydonttellnobody…..

    • Buford_Justice

      give you a knuckle sammich

  • Aaron

    Victoria secret is getting some ugly girls these days.

  • Lester Diamond

    Wtf? Someone please feed her, she looks like she hasn’t ate in a……YEAR!!!!!……..YUCK!!!!!. Bad Chive BAD!!!!

  • http://antitango.wordpress.com antitango

    Is 92 pounds. Is not hot. I can see ribs. There are DENTS in her ass where there’s nothing there. She’s got hollowed, sunken eyes… it’s the damned crypt keeper. Keep this one. I’ll wait til next Thursday’s red heads for the eye candy.

    • NicBree

      She is NOT 92 lbs. She's about 130 lbs. But at 6'0" that is still extremely skinny and underweight.

  • anonymous

    Who is with her in #18?

    • caroline

      constance jablonski

  • Chuck

    Not impressed. Bring on the chivettes!

  • fanonok

    I agree she’s too skinny but I wouldn’t kick her out of bed…I’d feed her afterwards yes but definately not as horrible as you guys are making her sound.

  • Mern Blanson

    She needs a steak sandwich twice a day. Put some meat on them bones!!!

  • Nate

    Pretty but she needs to eat

  • Cdub

    I should tell all of you that you’re obviously homosexual. But i feel you already know this. So I will point out something entirely different. Who the fuck are you buff greecian gods in mortal form to judge this example of this woman’s hard work. Both the photographer and the model worked their asses off, no pun intended, just so you couch sitting Cheeto munching queers could bash it on The Chive. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder yes but you all are clearly blind. Thank. KCCO punks

    • its_forge

      This woman has in FACT worked her ass off, because it is GONE.

      • Max


    • AKBAR

      settle down Clarence! I remember the good ol' days when Vic Sec models were curvy and had boobs and asses and were not the typical stick models meth addicts they have now…..tsk tsk

  • Chris

    When will Victoria secret learn that women like her are not attractive? Women shaped like a stick = meh, women with curves = : )

    • Chiverest

      You're right Chris. VS keeps this up because it is unsuccessful. Proves your point right there.

      Stupid faggot.

      • its_forge

        I'm sick of VS and their bullshit and I'm not alone, most of the women I know view the place with considerable disdain to say the least.

  • April Calendar girl

    Dude. The Chive is a community spank bank & these guys have a right to be disappointed. Victoria’s secret used to have really fucking sexy CURVY models. This is in poor taste for them. I’m a chick & I am thin AND curvy.. This chick just looks like the crypt keeper.

    • yes.

      so. you're fat.

    • Ric

      Roger that. We can voice our views…..she has a big face and is all bones

  • R2GFan

    #2 Sorry about your ass.

    • Truth

      that ass is perfect!

      • Dick Salad

        Dude you seriously only fucking like chicks with a backside like a 13 year old boy. I think there is something deeper going on…

        • Jessica

          I'm afraid 13 year old boys have better asses, my friend.

      • R2GFan

        That ass is non-existent.

      • its_forge

        Are you a member of the universe defined by Euclidean geometry?

    • D.J.

      What ass?

    • Ricardo

      sorry site indeed

  • Hey Now!

    Too skinny.

    • Truth


    • jared

      #24…I think that circle started at her feet and she pulled it up around her body and that shot is of her finishing the task…well, she'd be a cheap date.

      • its_forge

        Naw she'd probably walk out on you if you didn't buy her the most expensive thing on the menu. Not that the fork would ever get within a foot of her face.

    • JAS

      Nice abs? Check.
      Pretty face? Check.
      No butt, no boobs, no shape, and scrawny? Check.

      Yep, victoria's secret model.

  • Lawrence

    #18 this is gross

    • chiver

      then i suggest you are gay

    • bobby

      I was cruising along just fine until I saw this photo…then the reality hit me; this is a body that only a girl would find sexy.
      I've worked at a fashion show before and have seen the models completely naked aside from a thong – they looked like holocaust survivors. Very pretty faces, but skin and bones for bodies. Gut churning.

  • Josh

    Chivettes are better…

    • TheLittleBear

      You sir, and all the other disappointed males, made my day. Not because I enjoyed this poor girl being torn apart, but because it makes me happy that you guys actually do appreciate real women.

      • disgusted majority

        so sick of the "real women" bullshit that permeates the chive. Do you have to be a fat-ass to be a "real woman"? raise your standards people. just because you are fat or all you can get are fat chicks does not in and of itself create a universal definition of what is "real"

        • disgusted majority

          They should call them the "majority population" women. That would be accurate. The "real woman" thing here seems to be defined by what they can drag out of Walmart…..

          • TheLittleBear

            I'm sorry, I don't recall saying real women were "fat-asses", but women with the bodies of 13 year old boys is not something I want to necessarily emulate, worship, or be the ideal of what I'm supposed to look like. If that's what floats your boat, all the power to you, there are plenty of stick thin, no ass, no boob, girls who would love your attention. If the Chivettes here are what could be dragged out of Walmart then DAMN.

  • R2GFan

    #3 Sexy from the front. When they get that skinny, you take a risk of them having no ass.

    • R2GFan

      Speaking about the outer 2. Bitch in the middle has proven she has no ass.

    • greg

      meh. Looks like a trio of trannies.

  • uuuhhhh

    pretty….but WAYYYY too thin

  • The Moose

    Sweet "knuck" #12

    • Underbaker

      Looks like a super wedgie.

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