Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (29 Photos)

Are you a hot girl? Are you in the middle of nowhere? Send your photos to mactheintern [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • @Wrigley_Mike

    #15 MOAR!!!

    • MATT

      My pick as well.

    • R2GFan

      Delectable little wood nymph.

    • CalculatedRisk

      Holy mother of redheads… Proportions, proportions, proportions…

    • spartan 1o4fred

      Agreed, deserves to be on red posting weekly

    • guest speaker

      Yes. It was hard to scroll past this one. Holy Redhead!!!

  • http://Mcgee John

    How does 2 get no comments u ppl r freaks like the creepy weird chicks number 11 is good to but for 2 to not get more comments is absurd

    • Haters gotta hate

      Post something about #2 and quit your bitching

  • Redneck

    27 that’s my kinda lady. Oh and racist fuck off

    • Dumabass Redneck

      #27 is gorgeous and you're an idiot

  • Jester


    • its_forge

      Beg your pardon, what's wrong with the Ramones?

      • Jester

        They suck.

  • Joe mama

    Moar 15#please

    • JHL1

      #15 (works better with the # before the number)

  • Ron Burgandy

    All I want for christmas is #30

    • westcountry


  • Whiskyb

    Happy saturday

  • kapper

    #14 great fuckin body

  • DaChef

    Thank you Chive!! From DaChef in Southwest Florida..

  • nick

    24 she can sit on my wood anytime she wants

  • bkfrijoles

    #24 she got a beautiful smile 😉

    • its_forge

      And absolutely perfect-looking breasts.

  • chivebasti

    #18 very beautiful ❤

  • chivebasti

    #13 is very beautiful ❤

  • Guest

    Next time you complain about being in the middle of nowhere, your off the bus!

  • Carlos

    #17 in HQ please

    • R2GFan

      I'd love to do a little sailing with that one.

  • Anonymous

    Number 11….. Dang

  • Anonymous

    Disappointed and #8 is scary

  • etcrr

    #15 #17 #19 Lost in the middle of nowhere? Do I get to keep them If I find them?

    • TheIceman

      Your third one is Emmanuel chriqui from the show entourage.

      • etcrr

        Thank you, no wonder I thought she was hot


    #11 is amazing wouldn’t mind more of her

  • that_dude_b

    #18 i need to go buy a boat

    • Brody

      You're gonna need a bigger boat

  • OMG I love her

    #15 – Who is She, Chive… wow. I'd give up all others for her…

  • Hank442

    #11 How`d your knee get dirty? hmmmm…

    • DaddyD

      Careful … I was thinking of making this one my favorite also … then I starting thinking that she might be jail bait …

  • Ling

    #23 is the hottest one of the bunch! find her…

    • Wilson

      Unfortunately she was lost at sea

    • Seangoloid

      She's from San Diego… And much prettier in person. Probably one of the coolest girls you'll never meet.

  • troll

    ifunny app is better than the chive

    • its_forge

      Then leave

  • CalAb13

    #18 IM ON A BOAT!

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