Guess which cities have the most high-rises? (25 Photos)

  • AUcory

    OSHA constitutes any building over 75 feet as a high rise

    • bud

      that was my first question. my second was: where the titties at?

      • Ryan

        ^^^^ That's what I was wondering.

  • maboze1x

    Ql post!

    • ant

      Mr Fry would be proud

  • PdxChiver

    There are KCCO shirts for sale right now.

  • oridotan

    And not a single fuck was given

    come on Chive you can do better

    • 6655321

      Nor was an original thought.

    • Ray

      learn something for once instead of waiting for boobs, so you can masturbate the depression and shame away from your life.

      • Old Timer

        Couldn't have summed it up better myself. After all Chive did start out originally as a photo blog rather than a soft porn site.

      • oridotan

        I have no idea what you can learn from this
        this "high rise" list is rather absurd when you have no criteria for it
        might as well just list cities according to population – at least that is something you can actually rely on as oppose to a number that is more disinformation than anything else

        if you cant provide real and accurate information might as well stick to boobs

        • Dumabass Redneck

          that's like saying If someone showed you a painting like the Mona Lisa you couldn't decide what it was unless you had an accurate discription to it.

    • Dumabass Redneck

      you think you are so good that you can do better? then let's see what you can do! Instead of sitting there acting like a fuckin stupid critic post the facts instead of running your mouth

      • oridotan

        Dear Redneck

        here it is:

        BTW all this post was missing is to state that the above numbers consist of buildings over 35 meters – hope you learned something.

        • Dumabass Redneck

          That's what you should have done in the first place right? Instead of getting all high and mighty

          • oridotan

            Thats your way of swallowing your hat ?

            • Dumabass Redneck

              No just pointinig out your attitude sucks, you take yorself way too seriously for your own good.

              If you think you are so good at these things, then post your own shit and see what happens.
              If you don't comprehend what I just said put your money wheere your mouth is

              • Dumabass Redneck

                *yourself and pointing, damn typos

              • oridotan

                well I do post my own shit:
                The above is one of the most viewed and active forums in Israel and I run several sections there including the humor section

                Anything else that you want me to put my money on ?

                I may have a shitty attitude but at least I'm not full of it
                I stand behind my words and I don't expect from others anything greater than what I expect from myself
                you on the other hand just talk big.

    • Analytical mind

      Perhaps if you took a moment to reflect that all these high rises didnt exist 100 years ago, you could gain something from it. I for one am shocked. This population growth is completely unsustainable.

  • Frenzifreddie

    And to think The Dark Knight Rises is being filmed in Chicago

    Shuld've been NY #24

    • daveh873

      It's also being filmed in NYC (not to mention LA, Pittsburgh, Newark NJ…)

    • Lev

      A movie shot in New York? How original.

      • mihaisuzuki

        We're you ironic? 🙂

  • he says she says

    I hate Godzilla too he crushes buildings!

  • Jimmy

    Thank you Wikipedia.

    • Mouse

      Yeah really, if I wanted to go to wikipedia for false information I would. Sucks that Chive editors are running out of ideas.

      • Dumabass Redneck

        If you are such a master genius, maybe and I mean maybe you could do better. so figure it out for yourself and post what the "real"answers are. Instead of being an armchair editor. Put your "money" where your mouth is.

        • Benali

          That could be a good idea, once a week they could post a user submitted entry.

  • Shawn

    Awesome post!
    #20 Didn't know there we're so many hills in Seoul!

  • Astro

    I'm sort of disappointed at what constitutes a "high rise" in this list. This list is pretty fail. Most of the list is inflated with 4-5 story complexes that don't even compare to the towers in the major cities. 1,000+ high rises in all of these cities? What a joke. These numbers include every hot dog cart on the street as a high rise.

    Bob you can do better.

    • Nate

      I was thinking the same thing. I’ve been to London and that is one of the “shortest” major cities in the world. Very surprised to see it on this list..

      • ZachBob

        I was disappointed when I went to the Tower of London, and it's only a 3-story building. That's NOT a tower.

    • Dumabass Redneck

      way to exaggurate idiot, If you have a point make it on it's on merits, instead of acting like a fuckin know it all drama queen

  • Machinist

    What's the criteria for a "high-rise"? 10+ stories or what?

  • Mouse

    What's funny is that I watch cable TV… browse the net pretty hard…. and Chive shit is getting old. I pretty much can expect what's going to show up on the chive about two days after I've already seen it. Aside from attention whores that submit shit to the chive.

    Now they're resorting to wikipedia. "Keep calm and hipster on."

    • stabbyjake

      You should probably then just bore everyone else to death with your awesome stories and leave the rest of us Chivers alone. And congrats on having cable TV and being 2 days ahead of the Chive!! You go girl!!!

      ps – stop browsing the net so hard, it'll make you go blind. Try getting out more. Make friends and all that…

      • JMick

        Was thinking the same thing as I was reading it haha.

      • JMick

        Please.. please… please… show some respect… "Attention Ladies"…

    • black27696

      I know you're getting voted down but I'm with you. I'm getting to the point where I wonder if the page load is worth it. Look at the comments on any article that isn't just pictures of women. There's always a few "you can do better" posts. For good reason.

    • Concerned

      maybe that means you spend WAAAY too much time on the internet and watching TV. For us day walkers, its still interesting

    • JMick

      Cool story bro… but it cracks me up that I read all these comments, "seen this on abc site, and saw the previous post on xyz site, and this there and that there.. etc…. but the chive pulls it all together, so for those of us that aren't as rad as you and "browse the net pretty hard", and only steal a little bit of time each day at work can see it.. and that is why thechive is awesome…

  • Lin

    Totally called it, Hong Kong.

  • Romaik

    Representing Hong Kong 🙂
    We should do a meeting of all the Chivers somewhere in LKF

  • Fez


  • oi


  • This


  • Rufio07

    represent represent

  • DaddyD

    The only high-rises I'm interested in are the one in the FLBP posts!

  • bkfrijoles

    I would love to live in Istanbul #16

  • buckeye75

    What's impressive is that some of those cities have a 1000 or more year head start on American cities and N.Y. is still #2 on the list.

    • Rusu

      Not really, buildings that can be considered high-rises were not built before new york was already a well established city. America is considered the home of the skyscraper actually

  • Gee 2

    Lived in Hong Kong for a little bit and there are a lot of high rises there. It was an enjoyable experience as when there is no land available to go out the only direction to go is up. 🙂

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Alot of fucking people I do have to say….

  • Anonymous

    You can have your high rises, by definition a high rise is a building over 12 stories (yawn). Chicago is the birthplace of the SKYSCRAPER, it’s also #1 or #2 in the world on the list of most skyscrapers. Come at me bro.

  • electromaster

    #17 I want to visit Rio.

  • Anonymous

    puts things into perspective. This growth is completely unsustainable.

    • theBatman

      Highrises are more sustainable than suburbs…. if we can’t stop reproducing then going up instead of out gives us more time at least…

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