Burn your bra: Sweater Kittens addition (15 photos)

We received a ton of great Burn Your Bra submissions recently -thank you! I’ve been chomping at the bit to post this sweater kittens gallery, so make sure to check back next Thursday to see you or your girlfriend in all her bra-less glory. If you have hate bras and have a camera, please use our handy submit page here to upload your photos. Or meail them to thechivesubmit[at]gmail.com Thanks!

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  • Solli

    WTF? #4 more than looks like someone i know.. Please tell me shes American or something so i can put my mind at ease.

  • ceasar

    J deff kno #4 i think from N.H.,went blonde tho great choice!! (Add more pics)

  • BloodnChocolate

    #16 looks EXACTLY like my 10th grade English teacher… At least that's how I saw her as, hah. That was a good year

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  • Anonymous

    #8 and #14 – FIND THEM!!!!!!!’

    • Anonymous

      8 & 14 are the same girl…dumb boys

  • Thanx4AllDaFish

    #8 is enough. . .

  • Peter


  • James699

    ha! ha! I just rubbed one out prior to looking at this post…. your power is USELESS! mwaaahahahaha!

    #6 is that Jaime Pressly?

  • POSTdiluvian

    #40 Restored my belief in love at first sight

  • http://www.hotexclusivephotos.blogspot.com LEAP FROG

    Rare Pictures Of Brigitte Bardot


    thats awesome

  • Anonymous

    Find #8, find her now!

  • JerbyX

    Find 12 and 18!

  • bassisst

    #20 is a DUDE!

  • Ricky


  • Chris

    #16 and #17 FTW!!!!!!!

  • Jg

    8 & 14 are the same girl…dumb boys

  • Keith_D

    Chive (and Chivers), please find #10 and #33 please

    • patrick

      #33 is Tera Star!!

      • patrick2

        you mean lela star

  • raj

    all are nice picks

  • http://gunsandbikinis.blogspot.com Ron Russell

    Nothing like a cute pussy! Great image!

  • Abaza

    Dikimiz galkdı 😀

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  • http://twitter.com/TheAdverb @TheAdverb

    Boner Alert

  • Nomad

    #12 okey dokey pokey!!!

  • Anon

    40 is gorgeous!

  • Pocono Jackson

    #34 who is she, fkn cute ,cute ,cute!!!!

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