Early Randomness: so this is Christmas (41 HQ Photos)

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  • etcrr

    Ladies and gentleman of the armed services in Afghanistan, at home and overseas in other parts of the world. Thank you for your service and sacrifices especially this time of the year. I salute you, I am humbled by your courage ,bravery, determination and patriotism. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate it. God Bless you each and everyone of you

  • etcrr

    #1 it is better to give than to recieve, this guy is doing it well and #11 Chiving the enemy #22 This young lady is awesome #31 I have never had a hero, but if I had to pick one. It would be Sgt James Flanagan. I don't know him. But I know a man of honor and integrity when I see him Thank you Sir for your service and sacrifice

  • Toro

    Santa is special ops?! the whole "quick and quiet, never knew he was there, quiet professional" thing all makes freaking sense now! #12

    • Toro

      and he also leaves "presents" and works with a "team"…THE PLOT THICKENS!

    • Franklin1138

      Actually the guy on the right is Psy Ops or Civil Affairs. Psy Ops was my first unit, and I got to attend basic training with a SOCOM patch on my shoulder, which was pretty flippin' cool.

      • Toro

        yeah i know nobody in that pic is SF, i was just going for laughs 🙂

        • Rick

          yeah, I just thought "well, this guy looks like Santa" type thing

      • Kha

        First, bravo on putting up a blog. It can be a rally vlaauble way for members to be involved. Secondly, happy holidays, and thanks: I have been out in public and on radio preaching the Coop gospel. Lastly: I think I didn’t know about the bag refund I always bring my own, now I’ll make sure to ask at the register. Thank you!Sarah Spitz

  • Franklin1138

    I thought it was worth pointing out that #34 is, coincidentally (or maybe not), a member of the 34th Infantry Division, or the Red Bulls, which are mostly out of Minnesota. Those are my boys! I was in the 34th for 6 years. A lot of those guys have been deployed three times in the last seven years, which is a lot for National Guard.

  • wisemx

    Wow, awesome.
    Honorable Salute to each. Those kids are Super Stars.
    Semper Fi

  • Spencer_on_Fire

    One well armed Frosty


    One well prepared Santa


    Seems to be one amazing Solider…..a fine salute to him and every other soldier that has given everything to serve our fine country

  • Tim Nichols

    Great pics as usual Brigade. Love pic #5. Good work Royal Marines……PER MARE, PER TERRAM!

    • Rick

      had to get some allies in too, thanks for coming to the site, have a good Christmas

      • Tim Nichols

        Thank you Rick, you do some sterling work on here old boy. Merry Christmas from this side of 'the pond!'

        • Rick

          you too man, thanks

        • Mitch

          many times, many people would love to work at the Co-Op. I don’t see ANY reoasn to employ anyone who doesn’t take PRIDE in their work. Also, cashiers are the FACE of the Co-Op. If they don’t care about us, why should we care about the Co-Op?Of course you know how much I love the Co-Op. But can we really afford to give anyone a reoasn not to come back?Thank you.

      • fadi

        I have never blogged berfoe, but for a chance at $100 bucks at the best store on Planet Earth, I will gladly give it a whirl I must start with my favorite item at the Coop, which is the El Rancho Black Bean Chips. I am fearful that by hyping them, I will decrease my chances of finding them, but I am in a giving mood. Giving advice is what I do for a living, so you can rest assured that this will be $2.50 well spent. I cannot find anything that is even half as wonderful.My other advise for this Holiday Season is that we all learn to simplify things a bit. Take a moment to assess your place in this time, and your time in this place. In all of the chaos around you, find and cherish the ones that love you most. Feed on it and use it to feed others. We need each other now more than ever. This World can be a scary place, so be sure to embrace! Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping and Happy Co-opping to all!Kevination

  • Kelly

    To EVERYONE who has served or is currently serving, THANK YOU.
    Merry Christmas to all of you. You guys and girls rock!

  • Austin Waggoner

    I can tell you #16 is aircrew, most likely loadmaster, for the C-17 because i'm a mechanic on that very aircraft at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Wish i had time to read magazines! Merry Christmas from one USAF E&E troop.

  • AlOfCanada

    Good job, troops! Respect, from a former Canadian Forces soldier who spent a crap Christmas away from his family, once upon a time: you are the best, and your families rock!

    • Michelle

      Hi Lisa, I truly wish you the best in all your future enavreods. Whenever I was at a crossroad and trying to make a decision, my very wise grandmother would say: You can stay back in ease and comfort or move forward to growth. Although we (the QVC viewers) will miss seeing you, I am so happy you have chosen to move forward. A year and a half ago, I left my job of nine years to accept a more challenging position. At first I worried that I had made the wrong decision afterall this new position was much more difficult and required me to learn new things. However, this challenge was just the thing I needed to inject new passion into my career.I commend you for taking that leap of faith. It is not easy to leave a comfortable position, especially in a difficult job market and sluggish economy. Best of luck with all of your future projects. I hope to meet you at your book signing.

  • mongoose5271

    Be safe, everyone….

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