• jack

    Nice looking gal!!! Her breasts would look better if she wore the bikini the right way!!! Or not wear one at all!!!

  • http://www.hotexclusivephotos.blogspot.com LEAP FROG

    Most Famous Fake Breasts


    LOL they sugur thr tits just to get famous yiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i wana also heheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Nope

    This dumbass does not even know how to wear a bikini top properly

  • Eric

    wow. how can some of you not know Shay Maria… one of the the first ever chivette of the week, and the cover of the Chive Calendar… you don't deserve to call yourselves Chivers…

  • John

    You dick

  • John

    You dick head paki basted

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