Giving (32 HQ Photos)

  • n0i2

    Shut up or we'll bring democracy in your country!

    • Swedeking

      Maybe you should start by bringing democracy to your own country.

  • Cory D.

    This is just awesome. Makes you appreciate our troops and also realize how simple things can mean a lot.

  • from far away

    …and thus the spirit of the season lived on throughout the year.

  • etcrr

    #3 #5 #14 #22 kids reacting to troops Priceless

    • mihaisuzuki

      I am wondering why are they not scared when they see them with those big guns.

  • Tim Nichols

    I love these pics, they show the military man and woman in their best light. Having worked with the US military in the past I know they are fearsome warriors but also kind. These guys will go that extra mile and give you the shirt off their backs if you needed it. Tonight I will raise a glass to all the Allied troops who fight under Afghan skies. Love and best wishes from the UK. 'PER MARE, PER TERRAM – Truely I am my brother's keeper'……

  • swedeking

    Simple american minds falling for these propaganda pictures while most of the occupiers are busy killing, raping and stealing from the locals.

    • Tim Nichols

      Swedeking, WTF are you talking about mate? Your bleeding mental pal…..

      • swedeking

        I can't put links here but google "The Mahmudiyah killing" or "US soldier rape" and you will learn a lot. I hope I could help more!

        • Tim Nichols

          Mate, I have served alongside these guys, I know their worth. These things happen in war, no-one is blame less. Just this week a British soldier was sentenced to gaol for bayonetting an Afghan child. This will always happen under the stress of combat. I was there first hand. Question is: Where were you?

          • swedeking

            No-one is blameless? How about the Iraqi and Afghanistani children that the Americans have killed? When you were busy killing innocent people and destroying their country, I can proudly say that I didn't participate in any of it. You are a piece of human scum and you don't even know why these wars are being fought and you don't even care.

            • smartguy47

              Propaganda works both ways, man. I'm sure the Taliban would have spared all of the people of Afghanistan any strife whatsoever. You know, because they're kind =/

          • A guy

            Probly living a life were old men don't tell him who to kill. You know we're I was, I was selling tv's and paying mine and my wife's way through school cause I think for myself. Swede king may be retarded in the way he brings forth his point of view but these are propaganda pics and you know how we keep our troops from bayonetting children…. We don't fuckin send them there to fight for oil and American business interests. I swear every douche that's fought in a war or has a friend that serves thinks they have done the world a service, but you haven't. War makes the world worse not better fucktards. You claim to fight for our freedoms but the second someone uses that freedom to speak out against violence and war some retard starts in with the I wish I could meet you so I could kick your teeth in for mmmmerica… Our country has to many violent morons in it

            • what he said

              yeah, don't make war or i'll make war on you. You retard douche fucktard violent person.

            • Toro

              no one is stopping you from talking, we are just disagreeing with your thought process. this is the way the world works whether you like it or not: their are opposing ideologies. some people say "lets agree to disagree" and life goes on. others say "it must be my way or no way at all" and then seek to make it so at whatever cost. America was founded on the idea of creating an environment where "to each his own" and "agree to disagree" could peacefully exist. some people don't like that idea and have come against those who would allow for such a concept and place to exist. the only reason you HAVE the right to call those "douches who served" "douches" at all is because they protected your right to do so. whether you like it or not, you owe them a handshake and a "thank you" because without "those douches who served" throughout history and now you wouldn't even have the freedom of speech to voice your disdain for them. the very people who protected your right to disagree are the ones you're ragging on. if they've protected an environment of liberty that seeks to bring all men their natural liberty and rights as an inhabitant of this planet, then they HAVE done the world a service. your bayonet comment also makes it sound like every US soldier in theatre is beating up indigenous kids. i wonder what fraction of a percent of the ISAF the people involved in those incidents make up? yeah our country has too many violent morons in it, but they're not who you're talking about. you have the right to bash the armed forces but you have no right not to thank them. hope you can see things a little differently. Merry Christmas.

            • Dizzlenator05

              So those of us who have served, or are actively serving are "douches"?? Wow! I guess we haven't done anything good…oh, wait, you got to type that whole little thing out (half of it makes no sense, by the way) because you have FREEDOM OF SPEECH…

    • A Paddy

      Swedeking, you have to be one of the most narrowminded ignorant people I've come across in a while. For starters the pictures also include Swedes, Italians and Spanish soldiers. While I hate american foreign policy and was opposed to both the Iraq and Afghan wars there is a huge difference between the reasons the US went to war and the reasons the troops do what they do. Sure atrocities have been committed and of course there are idiots that really believe it's all about "freedom" but most are just doing their job and trying to help when they can. I've served several times overseas on UN peacekeeping missions including KFOR where I served alsongside many NATO troops. Some were dicks, most were kind, generous and caring people. By your twisted logic everyone who works for a bank are greedy thieves, everyone that works in a fast food restaurant wants money at the expense of people's health. The simple fact is that PEOPLE commit crimes, not just soldiers. I've seen a lot of fucked up shit serving overseas but these pictures remind me of my fondest memories from overseas. They might be used for propaganda but in themselves they're just nice pictures of people doing nice things.
      P.S. I'm the 99% : )

    • Rick

      hi swedeking
      "simple American mind" here, actually I run/put everything you see on the theBrigade. You're free to make your comments here. It's a simple freedom. Don't worry about those deployed over the holidays (many of the photos are of soldiers from other countries too) that try to keep this simple freedom of speech in the world. You've put in your hard day of work, now go to the Christmas tree and open your parent's presents…hopefully they just give you money this year…you earned it.

      • Franklin1138

        High five, bro.

        • Dizzlenator05

          SLAP HANDS!! haha!! And well said Rick!! Much more politically correct than I would have said it…

          • Rick

            thanks guys, I don't like to make insults…but you don't get to say these things on Christmas (and I enjoy when someone pisses me off just enough)

    • j22

      You are such an asshole. I don't really think that these 3rd world countries endanger our freedoms either (our politicians endanger them). But goddamn. You put it in such an inflammatory way. You can't judge the entire military on the actions of a few bad people. "most of the occupiers" sorry dude, but you are simply on the opposite side of the propaganda spectrum.

  • Tim Nichols

    Well friend, that is where you are wrong. I know what the British forces and our Allies are fight for in one word; FREEDOM! Now, I'm sorry if that is a dirty word to you but in my country we have seen far to many British dead coming home and if you think for one minute that I will let you disrespect the memory of the fallen then think again. Just walk a mile in their boots Swedeking and see if you feel the same…..

    • swedeking

      Fuck your dead soldiers and fuck you. They deserved it. They didn't fight for the freedom of the locals, they fought for their own interests. But you should know that, since your country has a lot of history in occupying countries (like india and several african countries) and raping the locals.

      • Aidan

        I literally want to kick the shit out of you. You're are one of the dumbest human beings

        i have ever met.

      • Tim Nichols


        I can't be doing with you – It's Christmas, you are obviously a bit simple or maybe you just need a size 10 boot applied carefully to your face. I'm proud of my country, proud of our Allies, and proud of the combat operations the UK has conducted. It is new year's wish that one day I can meet you so I can leave you paralyzed from the neck down behind our garrison. PER MARE, PER TERRAM!

        • Swedeking

          Yeah you probably would do that since you are a violent person who has already killed innocent civilians. I'm glad your friends died.

          • Toro

            dude why are you on here? 1 this is a site about military service which you obviously have a problem with and 2 you're not going to change the opinion of anyone on here through a message board. if you're really that worked up 1 talk to people in a way they're going to want to listen and 2 go someplace where someones actually going to listen to you

          • Toro

            and just out of curiosity: how old are you? i ask because you seem to have the tact and maturity of a disgruntled 6 year old

      • AlOfCanada

        Swedeking, you are a fucktard of the worst order. You wouldn't have the balls to do what any soldier does, whether it is assisting their countrymen within their own country (floods, earthquake relief, etc) or helping the citizens in a far off land. If you like to think that all they do is rape, murder and kill, well nothing is going to get that stupid thought out of your head, except for, you know, actually going over to these places to see them in action (go as a civilian aid worker if you are morally opposed to wearing a uniform). Doubt you would, as you would rather criticize their noble actions from the comfort of the free society that you live in, that was guaranteed with the blood of soldiers who would protect your sorry, worthless, useless ass.

        • Per Mare Per Terram

          Amen to that friend. Have a good Christmas, you live in a beautiful country!

        • Swedeking

          Helping the citizens in a far of land? More like shooting and raping them. Maybe you should start reading about this instead of watching these propaganda pictures.

          • AlOfCanada

            Give me proof, asshead. Sure I could Google it, but I would find bullshit and propoganda from liberal retards like yourself. I lived it: I served in Bosnia twice, providing security AND humanitarian aid. The people of Bosnia would probably beat you to death for even suggesting that NATO troops made their country worse, and not better, by just being there. We went over and above our mandate of providing security, by also providing humanitarian assistance. Yes, I felt damn good about both aspects: kids could go to school; families could meet in parks to celebrate their freedom; businesses could be open and their economy flourish.

            Bottom feeders like you believe the garbage you see on TV, or get lectured to by limp wristed liberal fuckheads who never produced anything in their life, except for some BS thesis on the merits of liftting the self esteem of basement dwellers like yourself. You were probably involved in the local OWS theater-display: "look, we are changing the world, by raising signs that demand that the people who create wealth give all of that to us, the parasites, who provide nothing but ridiculous slogans".

            You are lower than the shit I scraped off my feet walking through a farmers field in Bosnia, who had the luxury of farming thanks to me and my NATO colleagues. Eat shit and die.

            • swedeking


              Mahmudiyah killings. US soldiers killed the family of a 14 year old girl, then raped the girl and then burned the girl alive. This is not an isolated incident.

              • Dizzlenator05

                You know who writes wikipedia articles you moron???? USERS!!! Anybody could have made that whole thing up, and probably did. Maybe it happened, maybe it didn't, but you're relying on a wikipedia article?? Good one douche. Smoke some more of that good shit, then do us all a favor and slit your wrists.

              • Bob

                Well, if it came from wiki, then it must be absolutely true.

      • Morgan

        How dare you! Why don't you get off Chive and do something if you're so passionate, otherwise, keep your ignorant comments to yourself, fool.

  • Butterball

    #16 Dude, looks awesome.

  • Mkso

    Downrate this if you will, but if an action is truly selfless, there's no need to post pictures of it for the world to see.

    I have nothing aganist soldiers, from the US or anywhere else, helping people out. But I have everything against turning that into propaganda, showcasing it to the world. It's bringing a selfish overtone to a supposedly good, selfless action.

    • Tim Nichols

      Oh Jesus, not you an' all! Bell end!

    • AlOfCanada

      Give your head a shake dude! If these types of pictures aren't posted, the ass-hats of the world like "Swedeking" would continue to spout their nausea, unimpeded, that soldiers do nothing but rape, murder, plunder. One of my buddies, fresh off of a UN peacekeeping mission back in the late 80's, was called a baby-killer, and had an old lady (US draft dodger follower, no doubt) spit in his face for the grievous offence of being in uniform on a trip home to see his folks. This, after standing watch for 6 months, to make sure that 2 sides in a conflict played nice and didn't kill babies (and mothers, fathers, grandfathers, etc) from the other side.

      Everything is propaganda: pictures of celebrities, the president of the US giving a thumbs up, the OWS dickheads with their 60's-recycled slogans (didn't make sense then, don't make sense now), the pope blessing a crowd, and orphaned child after an earthquake/tornado/flood. Call it what you will: I look at is as good PR, showing soldiers (who are just regular people) doing a job that they swore to do, helping people who are far less fortunate than any of us, sitting at our computers are, trying to make a better life.

      I doubt any one of the soldiers pictured above WANTED their picture taken: in many cases I'm sure it was an independent journalist documenting the war (and secretly hoping for a My Lai incident, so they could win a Pulitzer Prize, no doubt).

  • marc

    #1 what a douche with your 9mm on the front of your iotv…can he even access his 5.56 mags?

  • marc

    #5 its pretty my standard to not keep your firing hand on your weapon

  • marc

    #16 pretty much because he is special forces

  • Steve

    Find #41 from 12/14/11 DAR!

  • A guy

    Merry Christmas to all of the troops that have actually acted like the troops in these pics

  • swedeking

    There definitely haven't been millions of NATO troops serving in those places, retard. And no – that is not an isolated incident. Google "US soldier rape" and you will find the truth. They do it to their own people too because they are savages. A woman serving in the US military overseas is more likely to be raped than inured in action.

    • AlOfCanada

      Your are obviously an idiot troll: coming onto a blog post that celebrates the sacrifices of soldiers, and then you spew nausea. You obviously have never had an original thought enter your head: you repeat rehashed garbage that your uni professor stated as truths. Yes, there have been rapes and murders comitted by soldiers. Do the actions of a few taint the many millions of soldiers that serve honorably?? To you, I guess it does. Soldiers are human. If you are a man (and I use the term lightly in your case), you must feel some real self-loathing as there are men out there (civilians as well) committing rapes and murder as we speak. Go strap on a super-hero costume and try to stop them all. That would require action; you are a man of inaction and ineffectual words (and no logic).

  • Swedish Viking

    #29 I miss both of you, ill allways remember you, my friends of the force! Nos nihil efficere non possumus

    • fuzzybeard2016

      I did the translation through Google Translate, so I hope my intent was not mangled too badly:

      Tack till Sverige för den ultimata offret av sina söner och döttrar.

  • swedishking

    Nice going. The admins deleted some of Swedeking’s comments after saying he has the freedom to post. Typical americans.

  • iloveserjtankian

    #16 be still my beating heart! Generous & gorgeous!

  • Tillman

    Personal beliefs and politics notwithstanding, any serviceman or woman who is reading this – Thank you for everything you do for the United States of America and the freedom of peoples all over the world. You don't create these situations, you just do your jobs and sacrifice so much – many times you sacrifice it all.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays or whatever you choose. Because of your efforts, we are allowed, here in the USA where I'm typing this, the freedom to believe or not believe – to speak or not to speak – to vote or not to vote – and to live – in any manner we wish.
    In the meantime, take care of yourselves and know that haters will hate, but most of us back home want nothing more than your safe return and would enjoy shaking your hand – with a beer, even! Bless every one of you, come home soon.

    • Dizzlenator05

      Always good to read things like that. And we always appreciate the thank you's from everyone. So thank you!

  • Franklin1138

    #17 and #30, that's the home team! 🙂

    Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. I'm honored to be sitting here with my family while my brothers and sisters in green have volunteered to stand in the gap for us.

  • monicam

    Yes i am sure this pics faithfully demonstrate what the troops are doing there……not

  • BobDole

    Kinda ruined my brigade experience reading garbage from the swede. That shit can't be tolerated.

  • @jennytroy1

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  • James699

    I've always liked pictures like these. It is hard to imagine growing up in a place like these kids. every person who believes in whatever religion they were taught growing up, as well as their personal opinion is shaped by their environment and the beliefs of the people they are around. I always hope that those little moments of kindness to a child who is living with a situation that other people have created for them at no fault of their own, helps to change the narrow minded extremist ideas that brought so much hard times for them.

  • saxon

    #28 Aussie!

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