Nellis air show is a must do in 2012 (40 HQ Photos)

  • anderwpeg

    Where is Nillis? I've heard to Nellis AFB

    • etcrr

      Nevada, just outside Las Vegas

      • nose

        nellis is just outside of vegas. nillis is a spellcheck fail

        • Rick

          my bad, that's what happens when you're making a post at 3a.m. in O'Hare airport, has anyone ever made it though O'Hare without a canceled flight?

  • etcrr

    Rick Well done with some very beautiful pics of classic aircraft. #1 has to be my favorite With the P-51d, F86 , EF- 4 Phantomvs.. the new F – 22A Raptor

    • Rick

      thanks man, hope ya had a good Christmas

  • Dumbpollok

    Pic #19 The F-15 78-0518 was stationed at Kadena AB Japan. I turned wrenches on that beast when it was the 18FW jet.

    • Quentin

      Haha, I also worked 518 when it was at Kadena, and after that when it was assigned to the 142nd FW out of Portland OR. I do like the new paint scheme on it for sure.

      • Brad

        … and I crew it now at Nellis in the 757th haha

  • wisemx

    Awesome collection. Well done Sir.

    • Rick

      thanks, most are user submits but I didn't get a name in the e-mail

  • Werner

    It’s Nellis AFB, not Nillis!

  • Per Mare Per Terram

    Great pictures Brigade, #27 is brilliant. Used to love watching them as a kid when the RAF flew them in the 70's and 80's. Well done…..

    • Rick

      thank you

  • Kodos

    The Mighty BUFF
    Thank you Sarah Jean
    Thank you, sir.

  • Ryan

    #38. Is that Chuck Yeager?

  • TonyB

    those are some of my best friend from the United States Air Force Academy so weird to see them on here…

  • guest

    wheres the pics of the CV-22??

  • Justin

    I can say with confidence that every single one of these pictures gave me a boner. And I mean pure confidence.

  • Cewex

    Why do you do this to my eyes chive?! It’s not fair! Now I want her too! Damn you! And I believe the csusenons is, why the hell would you allow #18 to be blurry? .

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