Real Female soldiers (34 HQ Photos)

Again thank you to all the female soldiers, send me some photos and I’ll show off your team.
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  • charles

    sadly 99% of them are being sexually harrassed by young immature fools that never got the chance for their brains to develop into actual men. sad.

    • Jay

      "Not ONE of them can shoot as well, run as fast, lift as much or keep up with ANY of their male counterparts. "

      And you know this how?

      I've been in the USMC and was out shot at times by females. Yes, on average men are faster and stronger then females..and yet these women are still out there fighting for the countries they love…against the usual stereotypes that people like you place on them. Good for them!

    • WhiteGuyAtWork

      I guess that Guest = Fat ass troll, or maybe sorry ass that has only seen combat while trolling through posts while sitting in his moms basement.

      • sofaking

        Sadly it's true that women are, for the most part, less athletic than men. And while some of the best shots in the world were women, it's more of an extreme of the scale, as males score higher in marksmanship on *average* than females.

        These things are facts, however, I for one see no reason why a woman can not pick up a gun and fight for the same country their fathers, husbands, and brothers are fighting for.

        • Jack Zelger

          Also, there are many men in the military who are not as good at these things as other men in the military. If they can make the cut alongside other men, they should do what they want. They'd probably all kick my ass.

    • Shawn

      Those same boys can harass in civilian life too. Please don't imply that all military males are sexual harassers. I know for a fact, (6 years as an mp) 99% is entirely over exaggerated number since we had one case relating to a man harassing a woman in those 6 years. You making up stats about the men is just as bad as saying the women can't pull their own weight. They are all more capable than most civilian and are certainly brave for volunteering in the armed forces.

    • reality check

      More like 99% of them egg on any and all flirting/advances to get promoted, get ahead in office politics, score points in the game amongst fellow female soldiers/marines; or just for kicks. It's not equal until they have to sign up for selective service, can't wear make up, can't get pregnant to get out of overseas duty, and have the same (0-3) hair regs men do. If there is a really valid (there isn't) reason for men to have strict grooming guildelines, women should have the same. For that matter, most of them don't even meet the very loose grooming guidelines for women that already exist.

      • 1371

        REALITY CHECK! is absolutely right, I'm tired of seeing females that are incompetent be promoted over those who can get the job done right. I don't, and never will, trust a female Marine/soldier/air(woman)/sailor(ette?) in combat. they scare the shit out of me. so until you actually serve and deploy STFU. thanks.

    • Faf

      As an active duty female serving, thank you. I have been harassed in both of my tours already, we put up with a lot because we have to prove ourselves constantly. I knew when I signed up I would have to put up with bs and it is constant. Thank you for your support!

    • Nick

      Sexually harassing women when you're down range… I'm infantry, we built the COP (Combat Outpost) with our hands and buckets of dirt. We didn't see women. We went on patrol and did our job. When we'd get to go to the FOB, we'd see women. The longer you're in country, the prettier they get.

  • theone

    #18 nice

    • mcctan24

      i agree

    • fuzzybeard2016

      Reminds me of Hilary Swank; very hot indeed!

  • Guest

    "Not ONE of them can shoot as well, run as fast, lift as much or keep up with ANY of their male counterparts."

    You are a real asshole…do you still live in the basement at mommies house?

    • trollin

      you are a fucktard……. It is fact that they lowered the standards, and if you were beat by them, then you would not have made it in the real corps……

      • Matt

        Your a sad sexist little boy. I hope you get your ass kicked by a woman some day.

        • MariaSky100

          May I volunteer for the job?

  • top dog

    Yep, my kind of woman. They can be sweet as a kitten one minute, bust you in the ass with a well placed shot the next. ARMY ALL THE WAY, HOOAH!!!

  • Jay


    Hillary Swank?

    • fuzzybeard2016

      Nah, too nice of a rack.

    • wantin' to re-up

      you got that right!

  • guest 1


    • Hank

      +1…well just for starters anyway!

  • Mykl

    #18 #25 NOM NOM NOM

  • Tean_Zu

    #13 All of them are beautiful. To the haters, stop the macho bullshit. Don't be such a puss because you're intimidated by these women. They have to do everything their male counterparts have to and also put up with harassment. Personally I like strong women, someone who can keep up.

    • trollin

      Blow me….

      • Tean_Zu

        That's exactly what I said to your mother, wife and daughter. Unfortunately for me your father kept wanting to lick my ass.

      • Guest

        Trollin….you are such a douchebag! Get a fucking life

    • sofaking

      Except that women have lower standards than men in the military. If you were in it, you would know that this is true.

  • richard

    these women are hero's just as much as the men…i dont care if you can out run a woman or out lift her..(and please women are bad shooters??? fucker you ever hear of annie oakley??) dont need a dick to be smart and resourceful which btw will keep you alive a lot longer in a war than the everyday ablilites to run and lift shit…your an idiot and i say every single one of these women could kick your ass without breaking a sweat..

    • BobDole

      Annie Oakley??? Dude, look at the NCO of the year 2011. She is a member of the US Army marksman team, and world champion marksman. Blows the "Can't shoot " out of the water. Real, relevent example that is current. Annie Oakley indeed…

  • Jay

    i have nudes of her, and many more 😀

    • Jimmy

      i thumbed you down because you have them, and I don't =/

    • 1iJack

      OK, so how do we get them??

    • jay

      i dunno how to get them to you guys, email i guess, not sure how i feel about putting my email address on the web though >.>

      • cpt

        make a junk email, we want those pics 😉

        • Jay

          ok fellas, made a junk email acct,, email me for the photos, i'll get em to ya as soon as i can.

          • Dizzlenator05

            51 WEEKS AGO?? Whats up with that rick??

  • Keyser Soze

    so hot, so patriotic, so brave. I love it, God bless 'em, and bring them home safely, to a heroes welcome.

  • trollin

    I'd knock the bottom out of #18

  • Lyrex

    #28 – Not my branch of service, so excuse my ignorance. What is the bulldozer symbol for?

    • Rick

      U.S. Air Force Capt. Kerri Fulgham, a pilot with 4th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron, inspects the exterior of a F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft prior to takeoff from Balad Air Base, Iraq

      • trollin

        Exterior mhm, like the cockpit.

    • BobDole

      How many times they pulled her non-driving ass out of the ditch while taxing. SHe's an ace in the air, but can't taki for shit.

  • Hrimfaxi

    Cheers to the female soldiers around the world.
    Some ppl's macho-meters are going thru the roof tho.

  • Rick

    no, thank you for coming to the site
    I'm well aware that I post a lot of girls with guns but hopefully it's understood that there's a demographics aspect to the site. I have nothing but respect for the women that put their lives on the line for their country. Like I said in the earlier post, hopefully the site will grow to a point where I can feature more real female soldiers.

    • billy

      what do you mean by real female soldiers ? Are fake female soldiers the models in bikinis with a machine gun ?

  • yelito

    #18 for the win…#26 is cute also

    • jabir ali khan

      You are so sweet to you, the gun does not look good

  • Wakka Wakka

    These women are beautiful and have just as much loyalty and bravery as men. And to those guys who hate on these lovely warriors, get laid. Learn how to respect women

    • yup

      Nah, let them be single for the rest of their miserable life, they are probably (still) jerkin' off to these pictures as I'm writing these lines. Wankers have no idea what joy a powerful woman can bring to a man.

  • lalliland

    silly women, those weapons are for cleaning…

    • Franklin1138

      Well I've been in units of all men, and not a damn one of 'em could clean their weapons for shit. If a woman is going to clean her weapon…she's the one who's going to survive the battle. As one of my drill sergeants said, "If you shit on your weapon, your weapon's gonna shit on you, and at the worst possible time, too."

  • Jimmie

    I was 4 yr active USMC Infantry with 2 tours in Iraq. It is true they have lowered standards of women to the point that if a male marine got a perfect score on the womens standards he would have a failing score and more than likely kicked out eventually, at least in my unit. They have no place on the battlefield. They might be just as brave as the men but you need more than bravery in a door to door firefight. How about a 100lb female carrying out a 200lb man in full gear? not gonna happen, that means he dies. Not only that, but over 50% of females don't make it to the end of their first contract, what a waste of taxpayer dollars.

    • jarheads suck

      oh fuck off jarhead.

    • Awesome..

      I am a 5'3 125lb female Soldier… and I have carried a 200lb male Soldier. It is possible, I promise. You obviously didn't learn much about team work.. maybe YOU were the waste of taxpayer money.

    • CM7

      You are obvious talking out of your ass. I know enlisted males do not have much experience with female Marines….my husband was a enlisted grunt before we met. He has never met a female Marine, let alone a female officer before he met me.

      If you get a 300 PFT on the female standards, you ran a 21:00 min 3 mile, completed 100 crunches, and performed 70 second flex arm hang. If you compare the run and the crunches on the Male standard, you would receive 181 points for both events (100 for the crunches, 81 for the run). A male 17-26 year old male needs 50 crunches, 28:00 min run, and 3 pull ups to pass each event. In order to get a 225, he would need 9 pullups (based on the first two scores).

      On the CFT, you CAN compare male scores to female scores. I have frequently maxed out the male categories…getting above the maximum amount on the ammo can list for MALES. Your theory is crap and you are poorly educating people who have no idea about the Marines Corps. I have consistently received 300 CFT/PFTs and I am a black belt MCMAP instructor. There are a lot of strong females in the Marine Corps. There are a lot of out of shape females too, but I have witness just as many out of shape males as females.

      Things are changing for the better….in the next 5 years, I predict we will see a lot more stronger female officers. Why officers? More females are getting into crossfit in college. It is getting more and more common to see college females do crossfit workouts. I know many nurses, school teachers, business majors doing crossfit on a daily basis…..performing large amounts of pull ups and lifting more than their body weight.

      • 0311

        Congratulations! You must be great at real combat! I love how women that have never done an infantry deployment like to tell infantry how good women would be at infantry. (got you're back Jimmie)

  • Zee

    #5 Canada 🙂

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Dam proud of all them women…you go girls…

  • hossein parsian

    Please,Please… these female soldiers are endangering their lives for their countries and others in extremely hostile environments. Do not consider them anything but ordinary people who deserve to live and choose any kind of job they wish and do not despise them with meaningless sexual nonsense . To me they are very brave women,braver than many men,who are not venturing into dangerous jobs merely to show off. # 18 is very charming and beautiful , indeed .

  • Guest

    Man, #27 was an awesome picture by itself without someone trying to photoshop gun smoke in there.

    • BobDole

      wondered about that. Lame.

    • reality check

      Chance she doesn't have the upper body strength to clear a jam on that by herself? 100%.

      • jdfish2279

        Not much to clear since the grenade round just sits underneath the cover assembly on the feed tray.

    • jdfish2279

      I think you mean #28

    • Nick

      the MK19. Probably in support platoon headed to some FOB. Curious if she was trained properly on the MK19 and knows how to use the damn thing.

  • Rolo Tomasi

    Hot yes, but first, thank you for protecting our rights!

  • Mr. Awesomeness

    Time to make #25 famous. She needs her own post, gallery… whatever on this site or the Chive. Lady, you are hot!

    • Jimbob

      It's Nell McAndrew

    • Kdog

      What am I missing on #25…the girl in the middle is 12 years old and the military girl looks rough

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