Leave it to Japan to create the weirdest trend EVER (35 Photos)

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  • Miss Q

    This is a really good way to get sick….

  • Uncle Russ

    Feels kinda dirty…looks kinda dirty. Not a f^^^ will be given. I shall take this and like it a lot.

  • The


  • Brian

    I would bang every one of those sidways vaginas

  • Evan

    slob on the knob like wasabi on the cob

  • Anonymous

    you wonder why they’re always walking around with masks on … lol

  • Derrick

    Knob job

  • kelly o

    Pic number 21… Why lick the knob when u have all those balls that need attention too… Lol this is a dumb way to get sick

    • kelly o

      I meant pic number 19

  • Eric

    This has the story behind it. http://www.odditycentral.com/pics/girls-licking-d

  • rob


  • lesfemmesfatales

    ah this is nothing, i have seen some weirder, funnier, and grosser fetishes.

  • http://www.feminish.com/2012/08/17/18871110976/ -

    […] A trend that’s sure to ruin door knobs for you. […]

  • patrick

    just need a japan girls i am black with hehe
    nice body

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