• Orator

    That man has far more patience then me, am I the only one who thinks he just have throat punched?

  • Mr_iD

    Now that’s a BFF

  • Snuffy

    True friend, but way to much patience. Should grab the keys and just throw them.

    • LeonardoB

      Brilliant stuff I dunno about havin too much patience he said he'd wait till 6 am if he had to then slap-man down

  • thebrewha

    I needed someone like that when I got my DUI, but then again I got drunk alone. So don't drink or drive alone.

  • Anonymous

    Friends don’t let friends punch the shit out of your other friend.

  • Hard time

    The apology at the end is the best

  • Adam

    Mad props, that’s a true bro.

  • Irlnick

    Yep that's what you do for a best friends

  • Zrffrr

    now that is a good friend

  • fffff

    Where ma phone? Get ma phone.

  • mises

    Uh yeah…..unbelievably stupid all around.

  • Saturday Night Chive

    Nite nite sleep tight…..

  • Rob

    You the man.

  • dave

    POW right in the kisser

  • antitango

    THAT is an amazing video. I've seen someone put out when they were drunk with a sleeper like that. Never would have thought it would work so well until I saw it. Works 5 times faster than if the person is sober!

  • ballen

    Marta card…chive on from atlanta

  • Noegod

    A true friend would’ve chocked him first before trying to knock him out, he punched him just cuz he was pissed. But still, a good friend non the less. I ask anyone I party with to try the sleeper hold first before the one punch killer blow, I’ll appreciate you even more in the morning.

  • kingtut85

    Anyone else notice he was talking aboht driving home drunk with his daughter in the car!?! Meaning most likely she was in the car already. Why was she even there with his drunk ass to begin with!

  • http://twitter.com/perryinjax @perryinjax

    I think i true friend could have controlled his temper or need to be a badass, punching someone who has the reflexes of snail, it would have been so easy to just take his keys or sleeper hold him and take the keys, or all kinds of things other than a sock in the mouth because your are frustrated he is not listening and let one go on someone who cant focus. Taking his keys would have been like taking a candy from a baby, almost as easy as punching him in the face.

  • Jakester


  • big will

    More black on black crime…….smh

  • thisguylaughin


  • Mike

    Why wouldn't the friend just drive the them both home then call a cab back to his own car? If the drunk guy didn't want to pay him back , the friend could just punch him in the face and choke him out.

  • Sam

    Love the random white guy haha

  • John

    Nothing says buddy like choking you to death when I couldn’t knock your drunk ass out with a point blank sucker punch. As soon as that guy wakes up and sobers up he should drive right the fuck over that clown.

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