There are Sexy Chivers Among Us (113 Photos)

  • SlimtwigMJ

    Stay awesome Chivettes. And Happy New Year!

    • nate

      #9….fully dressed and still damn near the hottest

    • SlimtwigMJ

      I'm partial to #56. Keep Calm & Chive on from the office!

    • nicky b

      What a chivette boom to kick off 2012. #54, #63 and #69 all gave me wood.

  • theblenny

    love them chivettes

    • c.ash

      it makes me happy to know that these women are real…and better yet, that they visit an awesome site like thechive

    • Underbaker

      Daaaaaang!!!! Chive you don't need to copy anything from other sites when it comes to beautiful women, you got them all right here in the Chivettes and there aint one bad pic in the whole batch. You girls are rock'n!

    • Lotus

      I'll agree there were lots of good ones this week, but over 100? Really? This should really be broken into two or three parts so it can be properly digested. I'll always maintain that 30 is the right number of pics for a Chive post.

  • Dick Salad

    #100 me likey

    • Dick Salad

      #76 first time lip submission as well great job

    • Maximiliaanvdv

      We NEED to find this girl..I think she deserves her own post!

    • Phish


  • rikooprate

    #2 #5 #53 #87 MEOW!!! Thx ladies…

    • Chucky

      can't wait for it to be summer either, especially if that means more #87

  • chena

    ….. #14…right here, sweetheart…!!!!….CHIVE ON!!!!!!!

    • Duke McWood

      Here as well.

  • Dick Salad

    Dude you really have something against chicks. Are you the "nice guy" that submitted that bullshit thing to the chive the other day or are you some bulldog ugly looking bitch?

    • 123

      I'll take bulldog ugly bitches for 400, Alex

  • D10

    #46 you're doing it right

    • alex

      looks like a man

      • its_forge

        You must know some really lumpy men

    • brent

      hot bod.

      • tim

        She looks like a superhero in that outfit. Fantastic.

    • coolhand

      Lovin' it! sexy shirt!

  • eLurker

    MOAR please

    • Hookerbrew

      I second that request. MOAR.

  • dunbiot


  • rikooprate

    Gotta throw #100 in there too

  • The_Stif

    I must live in the ugliest god forsaken town in the U.S.

    • Really?

      West Lafayette, Indiana?

      • The_Stif

        close, Sedalia, MO.

        • The_Dood

          I dare say that Dayton, Ohio has you beat.

          • SheriffPablo

            Naw, try Saginaw MI. The ol' Sag-nasty has you all beat

            • @RndmThtz

              I live in Bay City… I think we're both outta luck.

        • Pat

          hey, at least you have the state fair. and knob nasty is right down the road.

    • Nachooooo

      Thank God I live in the ATX

  • Dalton144


  • Whatisthechive

    I don't think any of these women are virgins

    • Dirty Dingus

      Thanks Flanders.

    • Dick Salad

      I'm not one either oh well!

    • USMC0331

      that a problem?

    • desertsteel

      I sure as hell hope not….that kind of beauty and hot bods needs to be shared!

  • http://.z the brandon

    103. I am your new boyfriend. Take note.

    • Horseface

      the brandon is still a virgin. Take note.

  • whyme1973

    #3 #13 #19 #26 Thank you Lord Baby Jesus.

    • 123

      I think you were trying to say "sweet baby jesus". If this is more random-Jesus-comment than Ricky Bobby, please excuse me.

    • Southern Belle

      thanks :)))) chivers, yall make my day!

  • facepalm

    #93 Really classy and decent.

    • Charlie

      I agree. I really do like how she decorated as well.

    • asdf

      anyone else notice its not the same girl? unless the second is post weight gain and tattoo
      top one is hot though

      • ORChiverAZ

        Thank you! top pic is me, but the bottom is not. IDK what happened!

  • like boobs

    Love Chivettes!

  • Rudy

    #90 GO Bruins! I will be at the game tomorrow!

    • echogeo

      Beautiful Boston Under-bewbs! Well done!

    • Ferret

      A very nice representation of Boston and the Bruins. Go B's .. Bruins and Boobs

    • anony


    • Elcastino

      I love me some Boston Boobies!!!

    • wells11490

      Go Bssss.. theyre almost as hot as you are right now

    • beantownboogie

      this made me so happy to be from boston.

      go bruins!

    • Klepsta

      Go Bruins

      Luongo Sucks

      • Barry McKokkinner

        Canucks pulled it off on Saturday but it wasn't for the Cup. Boston earned that. I'd like to see a rematch.

  • dungydouche

    Damnit I just came in my scibbies.

  • tim

    I think i speak for everyone here when I say… Boobs…

  • Just_some_guy

    #90 I'm in Boston. Bruins laid a beat down last night–it was fun to see.

    Great under boob.

  • Spyder_V

    Chivettes make the world go 'round!

  • judasp1

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    Comment posted.
    <P class=idc-nomargin><A style="TEXT-DECORATION: none" class=idc-share-facebook href="; target=_new><SPAN class=idc-share-inner><SPAN>Share on Facebook</SPAN></SPAN> or <A href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(257023522)">Close Message#103, In 5-15 years the dumbass will be sitting his fat ass in front of a tv in a bar cuz his dreams failed and he will be missing you every waking moment…..
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    • MOAR

      Nailed it.

    • MAX_POW

      next time, when you edit a post, just erase everything, start back again and then submit the "edited Text"

    • whos.mike

      Is that the left nipple that I see?

  • whyme1973

    #39 #81 #91 Out damn standing!
    #64 VERY lucky Hubby!

    • Laser

      Hand Bra, Best bra

    • Navyadam

      For some reason #81 looks like she's one heartbreak away from "plastic surgery failure"…

  • chicago

    #15 YES you are. Cheers.
    #33 #38 #46 Quite Nice and Thank you.

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