The fastest things in the world (23 Photos)

  • richoman


    • amplidudes

      ok, ONLY this time the "first" post makes some sense for me …

      • Yo Yo Ma

        Congrats richoman on being the fastest douchebag! Zoom!

    • Seriously

      Donnie? From Dazed and Confused?!

      • Really!

        Oh, #15

    • chris

      Should have said fastest

  • richoman

    penis penis penis lol…

  • chrisdg74

    #16 – LOL
    From the movie "Cool Runnings"

    • Mike

      Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, its bobsled time!

    • Tuff Guy

      No shit, Sherlock.

    • dominantone

      hey! you know you cant believe. Jamaica we have a bobsled team.

    • Kenny

      Kiss my lucky egg

      • mihaisuzuki

        You have only one? Sad for you!

  • BLah

    Fastest time Ive scrolled a Chive thread… Lame

    • Johnyboy

      What's the matter? Afraid of learning something?

    • Lev

      I found it fascinating. Perhaps you haven't yet realized how to go to Google and type "boobs". Handle that, then come back for something a bit more intellectual.

    • nitroxer

      So's your face.

  • LalaaFace

    How can you be the fastest, there all dim witted no talented fucks!
    Sorry, but they annoy me because they show whats wrong with society, that showing your tits just gets you anywhere!
    One does a sex tape and is a national icon, another falls accidentally pregnant twice and the third is famous for just being a wee bit to big!
    What happened to doctors, scientists and astrophysicist?
    Sorry my rants over but it just makes me mad to think of young girls looking up to them!

    • BLah

      Can we see your tits?

    • Guest

      Haters gonna hate

    • slimshady

      this was actually a typo, they meant to write "fattest kardashian"

      • Katie

        haha I reread it three times because I thought that it was put in there as a joke and DID say fattest

    • Plurp

      I think by fastest it means that she will be on her knees in the mens room servicing you less than a minute after you say "Hi, can I buy you a drink?" This only works if you are black, however.

    • batman

      she could die right this second and i wouldn't feel a thing.

      Like @slimshady said it was a typo its suppose to be fattest

      • ranD

        this isnt facebook, the '@' thing doesnt work…

    • etcrr

      I thought it was gunna say fastest marriage/divorce

    • Underbaker

      Your avatar bears a striking resemblance to her.

      • LalaaFace

        I have drawn on avatar eyes, so yeah i can see that!

    • Faraday

      I'm an astrophysicist. I can't speak for all the other astrophysicist, but i'm right here at theChive

    • elbruces

      You people are all being unfairly misogynist. Perhaps the Kardashians had a race, and Chloe won.

    • Alyssa

      I think they meant fattest.

    • jamie

      and people like who follow and know way too much about this subject make it all possible for these dim witted fucks……

    • durrrr


    • poison724

      Couldn't have said it better LalaaFace. I hate this family with all I have.

  • sg

    Sanka coffee…..richoman….FUCK YOU!

  • Andrew

    9.58 seconds, set by Jamaica's Usain Bolt Not 9.72 ….. Chive On

  • @Pud_Divine

    I feel like this could have ended with a sweet forever alone meme to really wrap this up

  • cajun carrot


    Balls of steel.

    • Jimmy

      Isn't speed of sound at 18000 ft closer to 700 MPH than 600 MPH?

      • adam

        Who says he broke it at 18k ft? That's when he deployed his parachute, not necessarily when he broke the sound barrier.

    • Phil McKraken

      Probably helped him gain speed…

    • Ben

      Did not broke the sound barrier.
      Felix Baumgartner was planning it with Redbull to break the record. The project is now on hold.

      • your wrong

        He did. ive met him before at the the 100 year anniversary of flight in kitty hawk. He was in charge of the program and before this jump he had only jumped from an air plane around 30 times.

        • Budmtsch

          Not my wrong…you're wrong

    • Sturve

      Can someone explain how his speed is like 3 times faster than the terminal velocity of free falling humans?

      • AAWWYeah

        Little to no atmosphere that high, thus, no wind resistance, hence faster freefall.

    • NebraskaGuy

      How did he find a parachute strong enough to sustain the weight of his GIANT BRASS BALLS??

      • myself

        Hence the reason he had three separate chutes.

    • Gruntface

      At that height, balls of ice!!

  • Anal-Leakeage

    #16 Sanka, you dead?

    • Missoula

      “Ya, man”

    • Jilop

      Yeah, man !

    • Sanka

      Ya, mon..

    • Rafiki

      I'm gunna go take a warm bath, me gettin' cold just thinkin' 'bout all thees ice

  • RandomDanny

    Did they mean Fattest Kardashian? It's close enough spelling.

    • RayBoogs

      no they mis-spelled, talent-less fat ugly useless waste of space and oxygen.

  • Scott Swenson

    #21 A Peregrine falcon was recently clocked at 243mph by a researcher. That's almost as fast as a Veyron. .

    • nitroxer

      Yeh but a peregrine falcon is probable cheaper, and easier to maintain than a veyron

      • @hellhunterx

        and you don't have a to a rich bastard to own a falcon.

        • SnoopyIsMyHero

          Plus the falcon is cooler than the Veyron too.

  • Mallory


    • Mr. H

      Sanka would make a great meme….

  • chicago

    #9 was probably seen from one of Chive's mail-order bride posts… way to go Chive

    • asdfl

      this site has an odd fascination with mail order brides

      • chicago

        indeed they do. i don't mind.
        maybe it's the post author that's actually looking and taking votes from Chivers on which bride to pick. may never know.

        • the other OTHER Jen

          its because mail order brides are odd and fascinating!

        • itstrueson

          Its the only way the Chivers will ever get a women.

          • YeahBBoooyyy

            I have a feeling you couldn't be further from the truth.

    • Hunter X

      In related news, she gave the "Fasted BJ" upon arrival, as a token of her appreciation for getting her the f*ck out of Uzbekistan.

  • ilovefarts

    Where is the RoadRunner??? Meep! Meep!

  • ottomanismydog

    #20 you realize this is fastest not fattest.

    • nitroxer

      they could mean the fastest at eating

  • ThatGuy

    Good article, shame about the grammar…

    • Asshole Aplenty

      So says another asshole grammer nazi

      • ThatGuy

        That's grammar Nazi…

    • Hunter X

      So says the guy who posts a grammatically incorrect 'sentence' himself….they'll never learn.

  • etcrr

    #17 is astounding

    • truth

      I've got to google this thing. Who woke up one day and says, "1 trillion frames a second, that should do it."?

      • etcrr

        maybe the guy who invented it??

    • CaptainInsano

      I agree! Can we get pictures of these waves Chive?

    • monoxxide

      watched a video of it and its pretty neat but looks just like a slow mo vid but with a very fast target "light"

    • derf

      i thought 1 trillion FAPS! Hihihihi

  • justabill

    Can someone explain how this is possible? How can someone going downhill with skis (more friction) go faster than someone falling straight down? I really just don't get it.

    • Phil McKraken


    • Josh

      tucking and getting aerodynamic, when they say freefall, they aren't talking about someone diving head first with their arms beide their body, they are talking about basic skydiving, In this case there is also very little difference in friction due to waxing the skis, and the snow being almost ice-like.

      • alphamedak

        That basically means that the friction caused by the skis on the snow and the wind on his body is less than the friction created by the wind on a falling person that is in a belly-to-earth body position. Terminal velocity for a skydiver is approximately 120mph (that can be different person to person), however, if you change your body position while in freefall to a more aerodynamic position, like a head-to-earth position, a skydiver can reach speeds far past 120mph.

        • Kellen

          … like 614mph as stated in the last photo.

          • alphamedak

            The speed achieved in the last photo had less to do with body positioning during freefall and more to do with lack of friction. The air at 100,000 feet is a lot thinner than the air at 10,000 feet, which means less friction (resistance) and greater speed, regardless of body position.

            • monoxxide

              that is why he was able to break to sound barrier at that height the less friction you have the easier it is to move through the air or lack of kind of the same as water boiling, at sea level its 212* and at 100000 ft it would be like 100 or so less pressure so the water molecules are able to move faster at a lower temp

    • robsterling

      The aerodynamics involved in the skis, helmet and outerwear give her a negative drag coefficient making her descent faster than just falling. Either that or she farts a lot to add jet propulsion.

    • nitroxer

      Fuckin' miracles

  • passwordistaco

    #14 "Pro" stacker? Please tell me that was an oversight, if that kid gets paid I might just give up hope.

    • Sluttypanda

      I like the sweatband…if you're sweating enough for an armband when you're stacking cups…you're out of shape

  • mit romney


    This is the only person ever that is permitted to call Chuck Norris a pussy…….and be correct.

    • Red

      Hey dip shit, Chuck Norris doesn't "sky dive", the earth falls away from him.

      Man, don't you know anything about Chuck Norris?

  • Nope

    So the fastest skier is 156 mph, which you claim is "faster than the terminal velocity of a sky diver".
    Then you mention that someone has ski dived at 614 mph.

    Someone Fucked Up.

    • adam

      sky diving != jumping out of a massive balloon from the edge of space.

    • Dylan

      When Kittinger reached 614 mph he was very high in the atmosphere where there is significantly less air resistance. Obviously doesn't count as traditional sky diving.

      • hmm...

        space diving?

    • DontBeA Hater

      Terminal velocity is inversely proportional to density of the atmosphere, which at 102,000 feet is only about 9% of the density below 18,000 feet (which is where most sky diving takes place). Nobody fucked up. Read a book sometime.

      • Shockeck


        • BrianB54

          Also, we fall at around 120 mph in a stable belly to earth presentation. Head down divers can reach speeds approaching 200 mph.

    • Brian Hinrup

      I'm more impressed about the fact that he pulled his parachute at 18,00 feet, not 18,000 feet…

    • tpain

      Yes, someone fucked up. You did, when you obviously left school early. Since there's no atmosphere or wind at 102,000', there is no opposite force to slow you down. Once you leap, you'll accelerate over 20mph per second till you start hitting the atmosphere.

      • IronyDetector

        If there is no atmosphere at 102,000 feet, how did the balloon get up there in the first place? =)

        • alphamedak

          There is atmosphere, it's just not as thick (for lack of better words). The gas in the balloon is lighter than the gases in the atmoshpere. Eventually, the balloon would expand to the point that it burts, as gases expand when they rise and the balloon can only get so big before it gives in.

  • bryainiac

    I think #9 was the funniest thing mentioned. I would talk about The Kardashian but I would rather not.

    • Si1entStatic

      Agreed anything longer than 20 hours and she may have suffocated in that cardboard box. FedEx "same day" shipping really saved the day for one lonely Michiganite…..


    email me at chiveisr if you want change

    • truth

      How about you find a hobby that includes jabbing sharp objects into your eyes.


      I want change. Can you break a $20?

    • Jeremy

      STFU Please

    • Kimmy

      Pull up your pants, you look like an idiot!

    • Si1entStatic

  • Chiveisonlyfortna

    LOL..does anyone take this shit posts seriously..??

    we are here for the tits and ass, not the facts…dumbasses

    • http://thechive tiredofperves

      Sounds like a little knowledge might do you some good. Smile

    • Andy Valentine

      You sound like you need a cuddle

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