Classic black and white photos get the color treatment (18 Photos)

These photos via imgur. WARNING: a few photos have graphic content.


  • ThornyDevil

    It is amazing what technology can do these days. Adding colour almost makes the photos come alive!

    • Mike

      how do they do it? is it just someone adding what colors they thought where there? or is there an actual way to figure it out in some program? love these pictures

      • gaz

        i thought it was more of a computer process where it could work out how to make a colour photo black and white it can work out how to make a black and white one colour..probably wrong though

      • ebits21

        They use photoshop to add back in colors they thought were there. It's not that hard.

        • ebits21

          Oh, and if multiple black and white photo's exist, there are programs that can make a statistical best guess at the colors that were originally there.

    • mouse209

      Most b/w images are just simple digitized images. Computers can do some colorization to recover color information. But without access to the original to do any special processing/scanning of the chemicals used in a film negative, it's likely just a neat artist's rendition of it.

  • etcrr

    #17 #18 so that's what they really looked like, the color seems to make the detail come out more

    • Sincerely

      stfu stan. PLEEEEEAASE????? the comment section is my favorite part of this site, and you're fucking ruining the shit.

    • mihaisuzuki

      What did you expected? Einstein to be blue and Chaplin burgundy?

  • Shadowwight

    Nah…you can keep the color. Some pics are better off without. More dramatic…more impact. Ansel Adams work would still be beautiful, but it would loose its “oomph”.

    • Nunya

      *lose, not loose. Stay in school.

    • Franklin1138


  • sam smith

    chaplin had bright blue eyes not brown

  • Anonymous

    The colors Duke, the COLORS!

  • Mad Hittman

    #17 Charlie looks like Tom Riddle

    • stumeister

      Looks like Lucky Luciano in Boadwalk Empire as well

    • Citizen_Pa1n

      Pretty sure Charlie came first. Might need to confer with an expert first, but I'd say my fact-checking is accurate.

      • ranD

        pretty sure you're a jackass… now im not an expert, but im pretty sure my facts are accurate.

        • Citizen_Pa1n

          Pretty sure you either don't have a sense of humor, or the lighting from your monitor has damaged your brain function.

  • Sean

    "Monk who set himself on fire"
    No shit.

    • Lisa

      if it weren't for the caption i would have had a tough time figuring out what was going on there

    • Dirty Dingus

      Well if you're so smart…was was his name then?

      • ST3

        You just asked, "Well if you're so smart…was was his name then?" BAHAHAHA

      • Holmespump

        Thich Quang Duc

        • Kotlet

          And he sat there burning, motionless and silent while his skin was cooking off…

  • ilovethisshit

    I was expecting boobs 😦

    • Mavi

      so was i 😦

    • Waylon

      Hoping…not expecting

  • I_Hate_Paula

    i hate paula

  • Pudge

    #16 that'd make a great Rage Against The Machine cover

    • flibble

      I see what you did there. Bravo.

    • None

      As long as they stick with the black and white version…

      • Swing


    • DoomsDayDub

      Hold on! People still listen to Rage Against the Machine???

      • Parallendicular

        People who aren't slaves to trends and pop-music still do.

    • Bryan

      True 😀

    • Benny
      • Bobolob

        Gee, what an incredible co-incidence!

  • 13ms13

    WTF? I thought the world was in black and white back then

    • Dirty Dingus

      You must have been raised by Calvin's dad.

  • Sean

    The monk's name was "Thich Quang Duc" by the way.

    • Dirty Dingus

      Well…..OK then. 😉

    • Asshole Aplenty

      One thing is for sure, he was a man of his word

  • Tony Z

    Saw this on Reddit

    • otto

      then why don't you go back there

  • http://.z the brandon

    Monk. Intense.

  • Anonymous

    He’s crispy duck now

  • MattKL

    That monk is a bad mofo. Well, was.

  • Harmonica

    as sad as it is i love this photo #16 i have so much respect for this monk

    • The_Dood

      Yeah, it's even more powerful in color. It's amazing that they can just sit completely still as their body burns away.

    • Dan

      Why? The dumb fuck killed himself.

  • passwordistaco

    Monks are burning themselves today in protest for religious freedom from China and independence for Tibet. Hell of a way to make a statement.

    • Tate

      Wow. You think one could find a more effective way to protest.

  • luckyB

    awesome post

  • Marcus

    Photo editing done right.
    Awesome post.

  • B Line

    #16 o.O that’s crazy….

  • Steve Thomas

    Interesting, though I have always thought that B&W is better for human portraits. It takes away the distractions of clothes etc and just lets you concentrate on the person. Just saying.

  • B-Tommy

    Can the Einstein be redone as a HD wall paper? Please

  • Carded

    #11. Not true now ,obviously, but was it ever true?

    • Marcus

      When everyone was drunk in the Prohibition Era?

    • USMC0331

      shut up boy

      • MST0888

        shut up? You so insecure about your country that you can't even discuss it. Grow a pair Marine. Or go away and piss on a prisoner's corpse.

        • Asshole Aplenty

          He is NOT insecure about his country or the Marines. People are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law judged by their peers. Unless you have been in the war, I suggest shutting your piehole

    • Parallendicular

      It's still true, but we just have more self-entitled pricks that complain despite how well they live.

  • jedi

    Hippster! #2

    • MacNCheesePro

      Show some respect! That's Abraham Fuckin Lincoln!

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