Ladies and Gentlemen, Country Girl in HQ (33 Photos)

A little over a month ago, the photo below ignited the internet. Since then, Country Girl has popped up on theCHIVE's grid a few times but not nearly enough for the Chivers.
My inbox has strained under the weight of request to make Country Girl the Chivette of the Week. Your voices have been heard and prayers answered… in HQ no less.

Country Girl's name is Amanda and I'll let her take it from here.

I'm Amanda, I'm 19, and I'm just a country girl from upstate New York. A tiny bit about me:

I love a night out with my girls but there's just something about waking up at four in the morning to call in a turkey that puts a smile on my face every time. I love to hunt, I just do.

Most girls call me a redneck, and honestly I do enjoy a good country song, driving on the back roads in a truck, or riding tearin' up a trail on a dirt bike but I really am a sight more than that.

I rarely wear any makeup and I'm a little nerdy, and love to read. I'm a sucker for corny jokes and I love the beach. I'd love to travel the world one day, although I know my heart will always remain in the country.

I started sending my pictures into theCHIVE because I wanted to do something a little different I suppose, and to show chivers that it's good to be true to yourself. I was inspired by all the Chivettes who came before me and encouraged by the Chivers who are always so kind (nearly impossible to find on the internet). So thanks for being awesome and I'm proud to be your Country Girl.

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  • Rock

    A real girl looking really freakin' hot! Thanks Chive and my new favorite Chivette! Thanks Amanda!

  • Albus Quindecim

    What I Am Ginger said… I'll add and a Chivette.. I think we've found the perfect woman here gentlemen.

  • the_mike

    #13 She almost has a Katie Holmes look to her…

  • Whoopi_G

    #15 Oh my my…*drool*

  • Nate Woodard

    The woman: Perfected.

  • Rockstarmg

    #28 made it move

  • chicago

    #18 Chive on Country Girl. Be who you are, you'll always be happier.
    sucker for corny jokes…. hmm.. I heard this from a movie, I was drunk, I laughed a lot, but it still makes sober people chuckle.
    What's Black and White and has a dirty name?
    Sister Mary Fuckface

    • chicago

      #27 #28
      Hey Nineteen
      No we can't dance together
      No we can't talk at all
      Please take me along
      When you slide on down

  • bless1

    #24- noice wan Chive!

  • SouthWard

    #25 #14
    Yes, she is hot – beautiful even. Beyond that, something about this woman always pulls me in. There seems to be something very authentic about her, and women should understand how attractive that is.

  • mrbungle

    it is absurd how hot she is!!! im from western new york!! hahah

  • Nate Woodard

    #4 is that a Benelli Nova?

    • Trey

      No the pump is not right, looks like a Remington.

    • thrillho

      that looks like a semi-auto, Nova's are pump action. Super Black Eagle maybe? That's like a $1100 shotgun…

  • rick ross

    the kind girl you'd take home to mom

  • Bob

    Mother of God…

  • Bob

    Pic # 28 made my boy parts tingle THANK YOU

  • John

    #33 – wow! #28 – Lord almighty! burnt it and even provided camel toe…. best pic of the year? you are extremely gorgeous girl!

  • MrMe


  • Andrew, UK

    emm … Awesome

  • Frank D. Tank

    So Amazingly Beautiful… Thanks Chive!

  • SRF

    I'm not a country boy, but I will be for you!

  • Christov1

    Thank you, ma'am!

  • KaptynStiphy

    I would definitely go hunting with country girl….i'll bring the gun and she can help load the shot!!!

  • AmandaFan

    Hard to find a good redneck girl … I am SO in love!

  • Bryan_W

    #28 one of the best pictures I've seen on this site. Period. She is freaking adorable

  • Evil Roy

    I hope more girls like her exist in the world.

  • justme

    all amazing pic but #26 is my fav.

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