Cat Saturday (30 Photos)

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

    #23 now link it to a generator… infinite energy!!


      its the arc reactor with but with some cat pun in there

      • c-rizzle

        would it then be the arc RECator????

    • bse35

      Whoever built this could start a business and do well with it

      • Lola

        It is a business.
        They're called bengal wheels in the USA, and cat wheels in Australia. They've been produced for the public market for more than a decade, and breeders have been doing it for longer than that.

        • gnocco

          ^crazy cat person detected.

    • John

      OMG this needs a GIF!

  • Oddie Monsta

    #30 I’ve been in that position numerous times in life

  • Furiusfister

    Nice catwheel… Feline obesity is a serious problem…..

  • frankus

    #8 honestly….who doesnt get peeled shrimp?

    • Rafael-RS


    • The cook

      You know if you cook it with the skin on it doesn't shrink that much. U get more shrimp:)

    • foma

      it's a chinese way of cooking the prawns… and it's freaking delicious.

  • Hans

    wow, cuteness overload

  • BloodScrubber

    #11 I laughed way to much on this one.

    • Cindy

      Ha! Me too!

    • Asshole Aplenty

      Damn I use to be able to do this

    • Bon_nie

      As did I. This cat is drunk!

    • coolhand

      Proof that cats DON'T always land on their feet…

  • touch my d

    I heard something funny……eps

  • McFly


    2011 Apple MacBook
    1987 Keyboard & Mouse

    Love it

  • hdhf

    avid chiver but whats the deal with the paula person who thinks there really cool posting shit? just a mis-guided fan?

  • @Pud_Divine

    #6 RIP to the ECW arena. Last show is tonight 😦

  • CelticDuck

    Serves you right. Next time, don't forget the salmon.

  • William Teach

    #1 "How about putting the camera down and HELPING me!"

  • mooooar!!

    Mac the intern is hottttt!!

    • MariaSky100

      We want Mac's HMOTB post!

    • Bee

      Yes we do want him on the berry! Now!

  • staticnoise

    #23 looks like someone has allot of time on thier hands and loves thier kitty!!! That thing is awesome.

    • Bon_nie

      I read your comment as 'looks like someone has a lot of time on their hands and loves PLAYING WITH their kitty!!!' Which of course lead to inapropriate thoughts 😀

    • Blue

      tries it once, never uses it again…

    • ZachBob


  • etcrr

    #5 that's not going to end well for someone

    • BloodScrubber

      Television evangelist Benny Hinn impressionist cat. "Ye be Healed!"

      • etcrr

        I couldn't help but notice the cats claws were out. otherwise you would be spot on

    • Mickael Duncan

      Yeah, wont end well for the cat who's about to be thrown through the wall

    • YoutubeMemes

      Rosie O'donnel finally getting an ass whoopin.

  • Hank442

    #15 Please let that be Rosie O` Donnell

    • hank442

      oops I meant #5

    • ImpressMe

      LOL…it kinda works either way…

  • chuck

    that was me after a friday night of drinking

  • etcrr

    #23 takes some serious wood working skills and is very cool, great job

  • MylesofStyles

    #2 Whoever said it is not possible to tell if someone is gay just by looking at them, is wrong.

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      Yeah my gaydar went off on this one too.

    • Not a fan

      I dont know. Looks to me he loves his pussy.

    • lonin

      You're right, that cat is definitely not straight.

  • KMD

    #27 Still the biggest pile of adorable I have ever seen

  • MikeBedlam

    #3 Bitches love tans.

  • Bon_nie

    #15 This dog has balls….for the time being!

  • Paula_

    Thanks for the update; it started attacking your face already huh? I've trained it well then…
    One way or another I'll get that frozen face of yours to show some expression.

    <img src=""&gt;
    – the one you love to hate

  • From_The_Hip

    #15 still makes me happy

  • CeigeJay

    #25 If I fit. I sit.

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