Late as h*ll Afternoon Randomness (27 Photos)

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  • etcrr

    #27 beautiful sunset on a beautiful woman Lady Liberty

  • etcrr

    #4 sneaky pete

  • sceagle

    #5 what kind of bird is that?

  • Kodos

    #17 Hello Kari!
    #23 I like
    #25 Whole lotta Rosie Jones.
    #2 Over 1/3rd of the whole SR-71 production run!

  • Spencer_on_Fire

    #9 #23

    These two pictures never get old

    • DuckDitch

      it's all fun and games till you shoot yourself in the face 23

  • hammer

    what is #11 ???

    • SheriffPablo

      I'm gonna guess Cluster Bombs? either that or the inside of the most epic coke machine ever.

    • rikooprate

      Looks like a shit load of Tommy guns installed in the bottom of a plane? Maybe not Thompson's, but some kind of automatic rifles…

    • chupathingy

      It is a Russian creation called the Fire Hedgehog. Around 88 PPSH machine guns housed in the bomb bay of a Tu-2 bomber.

  • SheriffPablo

    #23 Needs to learn trigger discipline. I have a safety model she could use to practice……..

  • stefan

    #8 *lol* Modded NERF Guns. Toys. But not sooo well done… To bad. Seen better ones before.
    Still nice *laughing*

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #9 If you must have an apocalypse, have girls like this on it!

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