Sorry about yesterday, now let's Choose your Weapon (27 HQ Photos)

  • etcrr

    #11 #13and #26 for morale

  • Matt Mansell


    See that patch thats a National Guard MLRS

  • monoxxide

    ill take #25 for my weapon just cause i have never seen it before and #26 for my other weapon if ya know what i mean

  • John

    #15 Perfect anti zombie kit

    • jaybo

      i agree…what type of kurki is that

  • MrKANZ

    I’ll take number 26 as my weapon……then I hope it’s used against me

  • Somi

    Hi, I am Kathrine from Orlando. I would sgesgut PonyPhoto. It works perfect on my Samsung Focus. I’m just curious why Pony is not on the list, it’s so cool, I love it.

  • Andrew Hefner

    ill take number 13 lol thats me at op coleman cop monti kunar province afgahnistan now im back in America out of the army and cant get a job thanks a lot America (if you dont belive it was me download the photo and google search it or hit me up on facebook

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