Kim Dotcom and his newly seized cars (15 Photos)

  • The Bandit

    #3 …I'll take this one….always wanted a '59 Caddy!
    #2 wouldn't be bad either….

    • saucypants

      I'm pretty sure that's a '58……. nah i dunno im just sayin stuff.

      • Andy

        Nopp it's a 59

    • Groggy

      I love the idea of a "good character" test for buying nice cars.

      "I'm sorry, sir, but you can't purchase this model."

      "What? Why?"

      "You're a dick."

      • mihaisuzuki


  • real talk

    crime pays

    • Trooner

      but he didnt give enough money to senators or he wooul dbe as free as the wall street criminals

      • ThatGuy


    • Deads

      Sadly it does.
      It isnt the first guy this guy gets arrested.

      He has been arrested several times for fraude and embezzlement and everytime he gets away with a slap on the wrist or some realy short jail time.

      In Germany this guy is rather wel known and has a very bad reputation for being a scum bag with no morals.
      He has been rich in the past and always lived the high life even when he didnt have any cash.

  • John Doe

    Thank you for putting this criminal behind bars where he belongs!! Hooray USA!!

    • el OH el

      Besides that he (imo) hardly did anything wrong, actors etc make way too much money as it is. Let piracy rule!

      • Chazz_B

        I agree. Piracy would not exist if many forms of media were sold at its reasonable price (meaning actors and singers had a reasonable income). Same goes for sports. Not saying they should not earn a lot, they deserve it because of their success, but a lot of these things are way overpriced.

    • Max Renn

      …While the Wall Street thieves get a free pass and continue destroying the world economies.

      • Trooner

        which goes to prove that if you want to get away with crime you have to use some of the money to buy yourself some senators

    • guest

      Hypocrite – 95% of the Net works like him

    • UncleDave

      So what crime was he convicted of in which court?

    • gnocco

      1/10 troll

  • JoeyWJ
    • Auz_E

      Funny. But I have to ask, why do you insist on posting larger versions of pictures ALL the time?

      • Kellen

        Meh, I prefer it, the whole hover expand thing is really buggy, and despite having just seen the photos, I like to see them again when someone mentions them. Except for this photo, I could have done without seeing this photo again.

    • Sidney Deane

      It pays for a lot of cheeseburgers.

    • austin

      that's fat bastard!

    • @Gingergreek


  • etcrr

    #11 I'll take the Rolls

    • fuyck you

      shut up stan

    • Kiwi

      Used to see this guy around town a hell of a lot. Didn't realise he was who he was lol

    • sean

      the phantom drophead is one hella sexy car, thats for sure…

  • Guest

    Good. Hopefully SOPA/PIPA or bills like them bring more of this.

    • Havaard

      SOPA/PIPA have been postponed indefinitely. These would have implied the same DNS blocker that is used in several dictatorships all around the world. There was NOTHING positive about SOPA/PIPA.

    • iio

      Ur an idiot for cheering internet censorship!

      The warez scene will never die!

    • Guest No.2

      Cannot tell if Guest is troll, a genuine supporter of the bill, really misinformed, or works for the government.

      • Ken

        They are all the same thing aren't they?

    • chrean

      Says the guy posting on a site that could be one of the first to be shut down by SOPA/PIPA. What, you think all this content is created by The Chive? (not that I'm complaining about the content, just pointing it out)

      • johnny

        99% of chive isnt copy written material plus i believe sopa was trying to stop the people who buy / highjack domain names similar to sites such as white house .gov etc using .coms instead and also using names close to the original ie misspelled and errant keystrokes which lead to hacker sites but more importantly leads children yes children not just minors to hardcore porn with no warning page straight up naked sex when the page loads so if you think thats cool great for you of course you dont believe it its called google look it up they have been caught and still use domains close to disney nick etc i dont think our founding fathers meant for these scumbags were to use the first amendment for this. if you think its protected well great news for our country and kids and no i didnt punctuate so dont bother with looky at the redneck typos address the issues instead of yelling first amendment first amendment ! and really theyre gonna shut the internet down? please

        • Eat ME

          Hey johnny, why don't you pull down your pants and play with your asshole!

  • Mikey

    #13 I'll bet that tennis court gets a TON of use.

    • Si1entStatic

      At least once a week. I mean can't have smoking hot Tennis Instructors without your own Tennis Court.

      I'm more interested in why he has the Topiary Maze….

      • etcrr

        So he can have fun with the female tennis instructors of course, giggity

    • Evan Seiler

      When he's on it, it literally gets a TON of use. It's a fat joke.

  • andrew

    175 million dollars, he can sex, twinkies, sex and more twinkies.

    • Daith_Lee

      Not for long…..Hostess filed bankruptcy….but with that money, he could've brought the recipe. Judging from his size, he probably did.

  • andrew


    • TitoRigatoni


  • Havaard

    So much for going with a rational defense, bow he's boned (Pardon the double entendre).

  • James

    Seeing all that; totally worth what he did. Although the quantity of Mercs and lack of anything much else disappoints me.

    • Foxdonut


      No Bentley GT, Maserati Gran Turismo, Alfa Romeo 8C, McLaren, Ferrari Fiorano.

      Not even a Porsche.

      The guy is the Chinese takeaway of cars. All tastes the same and none of it is any good for you.

  • Mad Hittman

    #15 I don't care what they say, this will always have a special place in my (bookmarks tab) heart

    • ThatGuy

      Enjoy your mutlimillion dollar lawsuits. They servers have been seized and will be used to prosecute not just uploaders but downloaders too.

      • You

        Don't know why your message is thumbed down.
        Everyone who has used Megaupload will have information in their servers that have been seized by the FBI. At $150,000 per copyright infringement, 25% of the entire internet should be crapping their pants right now.
        I'm really glad I'm not an American right now, but doesn't mean I won't be extradited like Dotcom.

  • trev

    SOPA doesn't need to be a law when the US can arrest a German living in NZ. bankers rip off billions of tax dollars yet not one get arrested. if this guy had given some of his $$ to the political system he would be invited to the white house.

    • etcrr

      and not be prosecuted

    • kas

      Finally inside a post full of idiots, i see someone who "turned on his brain". !!!

  • asdf

    Taking cash from warez peddlers: questionable decision. Then rolling around in your benz with a "GUILTY" license plate? pay the darwin tax, do not pass go.

  • Oldfart

    Damn, dude got money! Anybody wanna rent my homepage space?

  • Ben

    #14 Doesnt look like he's ever used his tennis court #13

  • Penrath

    #1 Fat guy with a shotgun and a Mercedes with the license plate of "Guilty"?

    ….seems legit!

  • nedkelly

    Fat Fuck

  • Lisa

    Funny thing that he is just giving a place for other people to share their stuff and he removes videos with copyright infringement if someone complains … found some copyright stuff being uploaded on youtube …

    Just sayin' ….

    • captain obvious

      I would like to see some larger pics of you …

      Just sayin' ….

    • Trooner

      but youtube is owned by …….. and pays political contributions to ……..

      • SnoopyIsMyHero

        Youtube is owned by Google. Google is one of the powerhouses behind the right to a free internet. They aren't dumb, the way the proposed law was, it was very conceivable that both sites could have been affected.
        BUT. If you read the law closely, it couldn't do much of anything because it targeted FOREIGN registered websites, based on where the site registrar is located. Places like Pirate Bay, though in Sweden use a US registrar. They would have been exempt and untouchable as the law was written. SOPA and PIPA are just another case of legislators being convinced to write bills that they know nothing about. Apparently, RIAA and MPAA don't understand technology either.

  • mkl

    he looks like a complete douche.. #14 #12

  • living

    like a boss

  • Anjin-San

    #10 a FIAT Bravo? seriously?

    • Mike

      maybe it was one of the detectives cars? lol

      • DutchChiveFan

        Have you ever driven a fast Fiat, there are some pretty fast types.

        • trollface.jpg


          • DutchChiveFan

            Check Fiat Abarth

  • Nina

    Dom Deluise’ son runs afoul of the law once again…

  • Kiwi

    That's right, in New Zealand to buy a house all you have to do is pass a character test….

  • that_one_guy

    Level 99 internet: Changed last name to "Dotcom"

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