Kate Upton rings in the new year with a new bikini shoot (7 photos)

  • McDouche

    Id pee in her butt

  • bones


  • Found it

    nice typo chive 🙂

  • Stadium Guy

    No Way I am first!!!1

    • Found it

      eat shit XD. its not like its the DAR or anything.

      • Stadium Guy

        Did not know that it was that important to get a response like that… You must really be bored…

        • Dobby

          I for one like the "First" post. I like seeing all the downvotes.

  • blah

    gotta love photoshop…she weighs about 30lbs more than this in reality

    • dalexmu

      either way this hot and gorgeous girl is way out of your league

      • Bored

        I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers.

      • Lotus

        That christmas ham comment sure was a telling one for a site claiming to promote "real" women of all types.

        Chive Staff on her being sligthly chubby: "STOP EATING EVERYTHING IN SIGHT, FATTY!!1"

  • Chunk Pants

    I need an “Alert1” after that.

  • carl

    she's pretty #5

    • Jlso

      Pretty ugly yes.

    • mihaisuzuki

      My god..what photoshop can do.


    average at best. nothing special. sad but true.

    • Ned Plimpton

      You'd drag your balls through broken glass just to touch her shoulder. Sad but true.

    • Terry

      I'm sure the girls you get are way hotter.

      • etcrr

        the females Akbar gets are female camels that Omar the tent maker owns

    • Heres_Johnny30

      You blind in one and can't see out the other?

    • mike

      *facepalm* who do you think is hot?

  • Zedhere

    #7 I'd let her captain my vessel, know what I mean comrade? Eh?

    • trollface.jpg

      as in you'll jump ship right? #Schettino

    • ROK247


  • Heres_Johnny30

    I'd kick her out of my bed…..because sometimes I like to f*ck on the floor.

    • Seldi84

      Thank you. That is my new favourite saying.

  • newscot

    She looks great! #5

  • 80's Baby

    Not a whole lot…. But what she has… I like it

  • http://www.thechive.com GreyGhost9

    #3 she has everything, so hot

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Nice warm up before tomorrow's Hump Day. Can a new jiggly-bouncy gif be far behind?

  • Snoop a loop

    Awkward work boner.

  • SweetDannyJ

    #4 This is a true smokebomb. Can't see a single bone. Girls need to follow her lead and eat more than a cracker for dinner. However, mr.pukey is still valid if you eat the whole christmas ham

  • Tom

    Looks like Im going to have a conference call with my hand in a few minutes

  • Third and Long

    Got to love Kate upton beautiful face and great curves. One of the best looking girls I've seen.

    • Russell

      I seem to recall digging her more when she wore her hair long!

  • 6 crack rock minimum

    #5 What a girl should look like. Skinny chicks take note of what a real women looks like. Then come visit my bed.

  • Anonymous

    Your site used to be good for humerous photos and now it is basically nothing but photos of women… Very creative. Stupid, and you are going to lose your women chivers.

  • Average John

    Even when she looked a little heavier (not that I thought she ever looked heavy), she was hot and sexy. Love her personality and charm as well as looks. Seems like she would be fun to hang out with……

  • Planner

    Mother of God.

    • UnThought

      Wife of Joseph.

  • dorkfish

    Happy New Year Kate, thank you

  • shwan

    she is all photoshop and camera angles. lets see a pic of her just standing there like a normal person.

    • Third and Long

      Here is a video so your argument is invalid _ _http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcJScBLIEX4

    • etcrr

      Troll that is all. or severely gay

    • urapirate

      whats the point of seeing her "stand there like a normal person" youre supposed to want her to look good

  • Ned Plimpton

    #3 Good god!! She could be a 50's pinup girl!

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