Kate Upton rings in the new year with a new bikini shoot (7 photos)

  • joemamma

    Fucking perfect

  • Winter.87

    HQ? Wallpaper? #7

  • keepitreal

    If some of those aren’t photoshoped I’ll be suprized. Mostly everything media form is doctored one way or another. Not saying she ain’t a good time but let’s keep it real people.

  • just another poster

    Relatively good!? Are you serious? What moron wrote that piece of garbage? She is smokin hot!

  • DC22

    gorgeous….i like some meat on my bones.

  • gdm426

    you're a got dammed moran if you think Kate Upton was ever fat

  • Anonymous

    I don’t even know who Kate upton is. But who cares she’s smokin!

  • wilk

    She is an unbelievable babe. Anyone who says otherwise is clearly not attracted to women

  • scary69

    o man i would chow down on her ass and pussy for hours mmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Shady like a tree

    there r times when u dont need to have a biased opionon and this good sir is one of those times

  • Anonymous

    Hey, i went to high scool with her!

  • Motomu

    I am a big fan of Kate now. She is 10.

  • phipp

    kate is the best!!!! where is the video?

  • himminy

    i'd drink her bath water

  • http://www.hotgirlsoftheday.com/2012/11/kate-upton-hot-girl-gallery.html HOT Pics

    Kate in a bikini is just not fair.

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