Found: Pâmela Gonçalves Monteiro (10 Photos)

You've all seen the photo above there. Her name is Pâmela Gonçalves Monteiro, a Brazillian model. Not much is known about Pamela and she turned out to be a little, um… stronger than I thought. Not that that's a bad thing… or is it? I'm up in the air on this one. I'll leave it to you, Chivers.

  • Arglebargle


    • Steve Buffington

      I know wat… Dat be like riding in a Cadillac CTS Sport Edition. Strong and luxurious!

    • Sundevil8181

      Yikes, that is a chunk, 5'1" and 145….too scary for me

  • cajun carrot

    Dat's what I'm talking bout.

    • nemesis

      This isn't what I'm talking about at all. I'm talking about something completely different to this. In fact, I'm still talking about this:

    • Birdhaus32

      I'm thinking the new photos are from before the first one bc she looks like she lost weight in the arm/leg region in the first pic (or vice versa? who knows). Don't get me wrong, completely doable either way but I'm torn between #1 and #10

    • Thorton Melon

      You're perfect.

      #4 Now that's what i call marine biology

    • redskin potato

      Dat's exactly what i'm talking about. EXACTLY.

  • Matt


  • DutchChiveFan

    ayayay. What a hump!

  • Michael

    Looks great to me !

  • joshua

    I really don't fucking care because i got my bill fucking murray 3d shirt today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • scooterbump

      me too. but she's not my type

    • Bob

      What!!?? I never saw the announcement on Twitter been waiting all day. S.O.B.

    • Balargon

      Your order has been placed

      2x Bill Fucking Murray – Men's – Black BFM 3D / Large for $24.00 each

    • Albus Q


      • otto

        GOT MINE!!

    • Koin

      Yay I walk pass three of you idiots a day.

    • joshua

      I prefer bearded old men over thick juicy women. I rule !!

      • underdosed

        They're definitely married to their hand!!! $24 Bill Murry T Shirt $5 Bottle of lotion No Date $0 = Forever alone…..enjoy the shirt

  • mark


    she's build like a brick shit house

    i like it

    • kasshead

      mother of god

    • Not a fan

      and i bet she shits bricks

  • curves14

    #10 Definitely do-able.

    • homey the clown

      she's more then that…4 real assmen like me she's an 11+

    • whyme1973

      Damn that's a hot pose. Sexy woman.

    • Backslash

      Need in HQ

  • KyleGoldstein

    #10 challenge accepted

    • thethrill

      I'm with you, Kyle. I might not survive the encounter, but, I'd do it for all you guys.

  • skineepuppy

    yes plz

  • Jammy

    Sweet Baby Jesus, now that's a woman!

    • Tim

      Finally….!!!! Tired of looking at these girls shaped like beanpoles. Post women with thighs and ass…not just a loooooong back.

      • ...

        yes! go fatass!

    • Kris

      … yeah, I'm doubtful she's always been a woman.

  • Billy O'Neill


  • luckyB

    mother of god…

  • Hamburglar

    Not the same girl.

    • minny


      • Terd

        Definitely not the same girl.

  • Brad

    Now that is a booty

  • Jlee

    Sooo…#1 is shopped?

    • The Sword

      Thinner and longer jaw. Plus som color.

    • DoomsDayDub

      Yeah this was definitely a "Find Her' let down. Case in point #3

    • DZ Scan DZ

      i dont know but, this is my favorite picture of her, she looks fuckin gorgeous

  • frosh


    a newbie to the chive but Bill Murray 3 Sold Out in minutes. i really wanted one. what's the trick??

    • joshua

      the trick is to get on a minute or so before they go on sale refresh a shitload and be quick as fuck about entering in your info….

      • thomas james

        ^^ joshua is right
        sometimes they upload the numbers a minute before. then just be quick about it

    • Seldi84

      Welcome to the world of the chive shirts. It is blink and you miss them. But it makes getting them oh so much sweeter.

    • Balargon

      "refresh a shitload and be quick as fuck about entering in your info…." Awesome XD

    • DZ Scan DZ

      dude i got one like 3 minutes after the time how did you miss it?

    • truth

      Make your own. Like it or not, all Chive shirts sell out at an incredible rate and ultimately it is just a matter of luck/timing to get one. Make one of your own and donate money the next time Chive has a special cause/fundraiser for a fellow Chiver.

    • Bill K.

      I actually was able to take my sweet time with my BFM shirt last October(?), but yeah, you gotta be on it and a little lucky.

    • joshua

      thanks for the love kids…


      Good luck buddy, I've been trying for months. They need someone with some purchasing knowledge to start buying for them. They usually run out in less than 5 minutes. Look at you local "swap meets" or "flea markets" for knock offs.

      • jhf60

        I'm guessing that the fellows @ Chive have a pretty fair idea of what the demand is for their shirts. So, to maintain a constant high level of demand, the supply offered is disproportionately small. Having a shirt must remain special. Can't have 'everybody' with a shirt now, can we? Then they wouldn't be so coveted.

        • WileyMinnesotan

          stick around– you'll get one.

          Got my Lincoln shirt last time around.

  • Hebert

    Shopped, i've seen shopped picture before … joking
    That ass !!! Wow

  • man-a-mal

    Now that’s what I call a healthy,beautiful & very sexy woman….the rest of you bag of bones women should eat a Damn sammich an take notes……..moooooar!

    • Truth


  • GernBlansten

    Ah Brazilian girls.

    • Rafael-RS

      yep, mate, and it's summer over here in the south
      I fall in love at least a dozen times a day

      I love my country!

  • bigD


  • Sarcasm guy


    I just got carpel tunnel just thinking about what to comment. Damn!

  • oilfieldbill

    Mmmmm very beautiful n sexy body cute smile i love to wake up every morning to that!!!!! Xoxoxoxo to her 😉

  • trooperjoe73

    If she asked me to, I would stab my wife in the face!

    • Frank

      That's a pretty shitty thing to say. Why get married if you would murder your wife just to fuck some random woman?

      • whodoube

        Hmm. He didn't say he would have sex with Pamela nor did he say he would murder his wife. He merely indicated that he would stab his wife in the face if Pamela asked. How do you go from 'stabbing in the face' to 'murder and adultery'? But then, would it be adultery if indeed your wife is dead? Good question.

        • matt

          Of course it would be adultery–he would have to stab his wife in the face, she would have to die, then he'd have to marry that hot piece of Brazilian ass–and only then it wouldn't be adultery.

          • whodoube

            Are you confusing adultery with premarital intercourse?

  • Anonymous

    Scared the semen right out of me!

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