Rumor has it, viewing gorgeous redheads can prolong your life (35 Photos)

I can’t back any of this up, but I dare you to prove me wrong.

  • northrnbeautsplz?!

    You guys seriously need to make a "Girls of Canada" weekly post. There are so many hotties on here from up there! It'd be worth it.!

  • abba

    #26 Wouldnt mind bustin a couple of eggs #37 Gorgeous

  • mopmonkey

    #4 Winner,winner,chicken dinner!

  • RichG.inIN

    #5, #12, #26, #29 and #31 are my favorite Red Heads this week.

  • Simon

    #34 I awesome
    #30 Scares the shit out of me.

  • moxie


    I wants

  • Nishtai

    If there's any truth in the title o the post, I'm pretty sure I'm immortal

  • Alex

    #4 for chivette of the week! Do it Do it Do it!!!!!!!

  • Jawbone

    #22 It was so nice that someone included their mom in this!

  • Tony

    Theres IS a higher power!!! and its called The Chive… and The Chive loves us dearly!! chive on my redheaded sistas!!! to many beautys to choose from!

  • Instadeath

    Find #15 please chive!!

  • MattKL

    A truly superb redhead gallery, especially with #15 #25 #30. And #37, don't ever be ashamed of those beautiful freckles!

  • Anonymous

    New to this chive On re afirmed my love of red heads they are natural beauty’s .xx

  • its_forge

    #4 is why middle-age men weep.

  • rbh

    #4 MOAR, #4 MOAR, #4 MOAR

  • Anonymous

    #8 and #32 holy SHIZ

  • Anonymous

    Dear chives,
    It’s official! 19! Perfect! Moar please ! Please please!

  • butchchops

    Can I call Photoshop on #1?
    Her left jug is overlapping her right funbag and the resolution is all pffftt on both hooters. Also she has a halo around her bewbs, unless that's how they are in real life in which case I'm sorry for your condition.

  • Jason

    #36 smoking is not attractive… Remove!

  • Jacks

    #14 #23 WANT WANT WANT!!!!

  • anonymous

    #26 Samantha Harris???

  • dari


  • chitown what

    Love me some gingers

  • Always Last


  • Mischievous

    #36 lose the cig please.

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