Starting like our parents did: hard work (2 Photos and a thought)

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  • antitango

    Don't be proud of what job you're doing. Be proud of the jobs you've done. Every job needs doing. Some suck, but they're still necessary.

  • etcrr

    Without the support of the guys who clean, wash, sweep, mop and cook no aircraft could fly, no ship would last very long. The health of the crew depends on guys like this. Ships sail and wars get won because it is a TEAM effort even down to thew guy who mops and sweeps
    Thank you Grant Godfrey and all the other people who do that very same job we need you and appreciate your service God Bless you

  • f18_elec

    Lets go AE's!

  • wisemx

    ROTC! Ooh Rah!

  • @DicksTrash

    My son's a new OS3 Ops specialist in the Navy in his first deployment and in the midst of his 90 days on KP and Cranking. Everybody has to do it. My kid included.

    • etcrr

      thank your son and you for your service and sacrifice

  • silverbeats


  • HM3


  • inspector32

    i remember my days mess cranking. i was lucky and was on the 02 level working in the officers mess.

  • Gancling

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  • Saunders

    I once had a time in the airforce during my aviation lawyer studies and I can say that these men and women are amazing. The daily rigid was too hard for me.

  • Sammy Uhl

    It would be an honor to be an electrician in the Army or the Aviation team. In fact, I think it would be an interesting career path for me being an electrician in Wembley. It could be difficult but fulfilling at the same time.

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