There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (80 Photos)

Chivettes, thanks for snapping the internet in half once again.

To all our Chivettes and first-time Chivettes, submit your photos right here. BIG HINT: Creativity will always be rewarded!

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  • RP 2012

    #31, WI represent!

  • tad

    MOAR #9!!

  • Bustanut

    Geezuz I love women, especially the ones that take pictures of themselves.

  • moar boar

    #21 boots + bare skin=win #31 #37#59 62

  • steve

    58…those are the deepest , hottest blue eyes I’ve ever seen! Stunning!

  • phin

    #70!!! Still waiting for our chance… Keepin calm.

  • mrwjkyst

    #54 – If you are who I think you are — Awesome!!! Hot hot hot — SEG

    • #54

      I don't think I know a "SEG" but thank you!

  • Steve

    #55 is my girlfriend!!! What a lucky chiver I am!!

    • Johnny

      Dang….. You are a lucky guy.

  • @Paulhocket

    #31 I was loosing hope that the only Wisconsin Chivers were guys… Hope is restored! Me and my brother made Hot Men of the Berry today as well. Its a good day =)

  • irons

    We need a sexy chivette legs and feet post

  • Adam

    #59, find her please! 🙂

  • cncledout

    # 63 Represent the CG ftw!

  • jake

    #38 should not be in hot chivers

    • Josh

      It's bad lighting, She's definetly hot.

  • aryk

    All these women r bootyfull. I’m in love wit dem all.

  • JGaribaldi

    Please find #27

  • http://what Richard Gazinya

    This is a serious question. Can anyone provide a serious answer: what did women do with their time, energy and creativity before technology allowed them to take almost naked, intimate photos of their most intimate body parts …. and POST THEM FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE? To what end?

  • mahoho


    I don't know if anyone else saw the unicorn or not but I had to point it out. Gorgeous. I've never seen a girl with red hair AND green eyes. Now I'd love to see that in real life…

  • Waty

    Thats how all pics should be taken! Thanks!

  • willy508

    #58 Beautiful baby blues!!

  • Hammyscrammy

    #52 what took you so long?

  • Tim

    #31 is my sexy chivette girl friend. Yay me!

  • felipe

    #59 is the love of my life

  • FiddleMeThisBatman



  • Joe

    #59 please find her!!!

  • Jake

    #56 for some reason she is my favorite. There is something about her that is so gorgeous

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