Hot Right Now: Athletes say the darndest things (18 Photos)

Wallpapers always make me feel better about life (20 HQ Photos)

  • TheJazz


    The only way to live…..

  • RatedR401

    We need MOAR of these posts!

  • a different phil

    #12 Where's the clip?

  • jAm

    #12 I never noticed this before but the shotgun shell in his helmet is a pocket knife


    #16 for people who can't get laid

  • MattKL

    I love #15, but #16 is the clear winner of this post.

  • whistler

    Get rid of the text

  • jjbazemore

    #16 The chick is wearing sketchers…it's a no go

  • manni

    You mean mag. not clip.

  • Frank

    Is #10 Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland?? Looks like it


    #1: Cool – my ride is here………

  • ChristophersonofGray

    Thank you for the new wallpaper.

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