Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (26 HQ Photos)

Are you a hot girl in the middle of nowhere? Send your photos to mactheintern [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • tank

    love this post

    • greg


  • tbone

    Nice way to start the morning.

    • Dirty Dingus

      Edmonton! Woo Hoo. It's actually above freezing (during the day) this week. Time to par-tay!

  • greg


    • Jay

      So skinny

      • mihaisuzuki

        Indeed..and blonde too

    • its_forge

      "Hello, which are your erogenous bones?"

    • Johnny Bloom

      Lara Bingle, Aussie skank

      • Ruttiger

        Lara Bingle may be a skank, but that's not her

  • B-Tommy

    #25 clearly wins… no over exposed flesh. Excellent photography.

    • JAFitC

      Would a smile be too much to ask? She'd be beautiful if she smiled.

    • guest

      "I'm Chris Matthews, have a seat"

  • Clown

    #14 I want to be in the middle of nowhere….

    • zoomba

      Excuse me, miss, is your name "Nowhere?" Because if it is, I'd like to be . . .

      There's a Barney Stinson pickup line just waiting to happen.

  • DaveK


    • tommy2X4


      • vmx12


  • BloodScrubber

    No matter where you go…….there you are.

    • JAFitC

      Thank you, Captain Obvious. We return you now to your regular programming.

    • jim

      quote from the movie "Buckaroo Banzai" — quite possibly the worst movie ever made. There's not enough pot in the world to make it funny.

      • its_forge

        Movie was actually quite fantastic to those of us with some intellect online and a good sense of humor, tyvm. And the line was stolen from Professor Irwin Corey, the World's Greatest Authority.

  • cole

    Best way to stay warm in Edmonton…hot women..

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #7 Those legs!

    • sneakypete

      BUTTERface! she looks like a saint…a saint bernard! lol

      • LickMyTroll

        her face is nothing special but her body is smoking hot!!

      • its_forge

        She's not that bad and those brain-smashing thighs certainly make up for a lot.

  • _ThisGuy_

    Why are so few of them smiling?

    But whatever it is she's doing, she's definitely doing it right.

    • phydor

      Because they're TRAPPED in the middle of nowhere with just a photographer and a bottle of water. Many have been forced to sleep on sand, or simply collapsed from exhaustion and starvation. Few have protection from the elements. All will eventually have to engineer unique ways drink their own piss.

      • Lotus

        I wish I could see the world through your eyes, phydor

    • KJAWS

      Yep, she's pretty good at not eating.

  • http://what Craven Morehead

    Amazing how a bad photographer can make a woman who is a 9, a 3. Bad lighting, bad costume, silly location selection, ridiculous pose, etc. I. Bring this up because many of these pics are NOT that. There are some very good pics here…. but also some very attractive women who would be much better portrayed by a skilled photographer. Keep trying.

    • blac


    • Peter G.

      Shut up, Meg.

  • TheAndy

    #16 – are those supposed to be the twin towers?!!1 Terrorist!


    • Dude

      The fuck?

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #8 & #20 Pretty cool

    • Bill

      The longer I look at #8 the more I like it.

      • its_forge

        The longer I look at #8 the more my mouth waters

  • Indiana Chive Fan

    #10 looks like the girl next door.

    I live next door to a strip club.

    • august west

      Ann Angel

    • elgin

      find her!!!!

      • Millisecond420

        Google Ann Angel (nsfw)

  • Joe brown

    #22 I’m loving the girl from my hometown Edmonton! Keep sending the pics in, you’re beautiful

    • Will

      E-Town! Lol, Been a pretty good winter!

  • dontbelieveeverlast


    • sit ubu sit


  • dontbelieveeverlast

    and only one girl is good enough

    • sit ubu sit


  • dontbelieveeverlast

    im the best

    • redbeard


    • sit ubu sit


  • dontbelieveeverlast

    im the beeeasst

    • sit ubu sit


  • Purple

    Wooo a deadmonton entry!

  • Jotle

    I’ve been waitin all morning at work for some thing new to look. This didn’t disappoint, thank you! #9 gorgeous.

  • dewd

    Why be picky? I love them all.

  • ItPrintsMoney

    #3 freckles are sexy!

    • sneakypete

      but dog face is not

    • SBD

      Wasn't her head used to kill the kracken?

    • LickMyTroll

      I can't work out why she unattractive. All the features on their own are OK but put together the face is …. meh

    • greenguy

      she has the most awsome eyes!

  • Malv

    Meh, I am getting tired of the "super skinny white chick" as the defining form of hotness in America.
    Tell them to eat a few sandwiches and then we can talk.

    • Bob

      If you are not happy find some hot curvy women to upload for us all….

    • Waty

      Just cause your fat doesn't mean its the new norm.

      • Curtis

        You realize that being fat in America is the norm. Rather being obese.

    • Lotus

      Well it is a Mac post, he has a pretty generic, cookie-cutter definition of "hot girl" that should fit almost anyones taste. It would be great to see him not play it safe for once.

    • webster

      There are enough fatties to go around everywhere, so just shut up and look out the window. I for one like fit and thin women.

    • LickMyTroll

      I wouldn't call #5 #7 #10 and some of the others skinny. Just slim. I think #7 has a near perfect bod.
      I agree with you about the starved look that you see with catwalk models but I think flabby is unattractive too. Just healthy fit girls please

  • bomba

    I wanna get lost in the middle of nowhere and be rescued by any one of them

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