Mind your Ps, Qs and Gaps. (17 photos)

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  • Bisco

    #11 Find Her – Please

  • Buzzard76

    #9 wow…

  • Elizabeth

    Desperate for attention! Keep these photos for your boyfriend or husband, grow some self respect! PS I'm not a hater, I have an incredible body, my fiance knows this, but I don't have the need to broadcast scantily clad photos of myself over the internet to strangers for free as I have dignity. I just don't think that woman should be portraying themselves as objects to the general public for attention and lustful comments from men that are complete strangers. I am a strong believer in self love, attention from your significant other so you don't have the need to crave all of the sexual attention and of course, self respect.

    • paul


  • JoeTheOne

    #23 love it muah ; x

  • paul

    Yea Elizabeth’s not a hater… and SURE she has an “incredible” body lol eat another donut fatass. It’s called bein sexy, sumthin I’m sure you’ve never been called in ur life or u wouldn’t be sooooooo JEALOUS

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  • http://fuckyou.com Zeeshan Parvez

    What a bunch of ugly bitches

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