• Joe mama


  • Joe mama

    Find her

  • Just sayin...


    • cld

      If she was a dude, this wud belong to the virgin column

  • sher

    Bitches be crazy !!

  • joe


    • ant

      i see what you did there

      • Guest-ee-poo

        i dont!!! explainnn

        • Katie

          spell racecar backwards

    • Riley


    • Nick

      go hang a salami, i'm a lasagna hog

    • Jon

      mr owl ate my metal worm

      • buntcubble

        satan oscillate my metallic sonatas

    • boll

      was it a bar or a bat i saw?

    • TheJesus

      A man. A plan. A canal. Panama!

    • Mr. Magoo


  • AsciiAdam


  • Hank

    The internet: Praising interesting but entirely useless talents since the 1990s

    • Matt

      might be useless, but if her brain can do this with ease just think of how much of a genius shes going to be when shes older.

  • Scott

    That's going to get her very far in this world

  • More importantly...

    ?nehctik eht ni ehs tnsi yhw

    • alita

      !ereht did uoy tahw ees I

      • chillmo

        !pleH !pots t'nac I won tub ,ekoj a sa siht ekil gnipyt detrats I !on hO

    • guest

      !!!Ris enod Llew

    • bklynsoul


    • Bee

      Can you say ehcuod backwards?

    • USMC0331


    • passwordistaco

      !doul os dehgaul I god ym deracs I

    • jared


  • GernBlansten

    Wonder what else she does backwards….

    • Myself

      Yeah, I'll stick it in here back………..wards.

      'nah I'm sayin'?

    • adventxero


    • Manny

      ill wait a few years

    • Zucca

      Im reading what you wrote in a grumpy, pissed-off Clint Eastwood voice. Makes your comment that much better.

      • GernBlansten

        I type all my posts with that voice in my head…..

    • MonkeyMadness

      She probably still can't parallel park.

    • Josh

      I was dying when I read this.

  • Leonel_LyL

    What a useless talent. 🙂 Cool, though.

  • thetech2

    find the chick in the back seat

    • nathan

      they're all like 14

      • pedobear

        too old.

  • The Gonk

    What an utterly pointless talent.

    • JtheBeast

      she can read in a mirror

    • ros

      Pointless talent!? Are you kidding? If somebody got hit on the head and suddenly could only speak backwards this girl could be the translator!

  • heso


    • JOHN

      calm down michael jackson

    • Rossco

      fact lol

  • Walter Sobchak

    I thought she was going to pronounce the word backwards. Not to be a hater, but picturing a word and reading it backwards isn't that hard. Maybe I'm just weird.

    • dds

      What is pronouncing the word backwards if it isn't this?

      • sowasred2012

        I think Walter means literally saying the word in reverse – like if you recorded her saying these words, they'd sound like gibberish until you played back a recording of it in reverse, at which point it'd sound like regular forward-speak that we could understand.

        If she'd been able to do that, I'd be impressed. As it is she's just very good at spelling words backwards and pronouncing the results.

    • Lyrex

      And can you do it that fast?

      • Walter Sobchak

        Pronouncing it backwards would be saying a word in a way that when recorded, and played backwards would sound like the intended word. Like when you play a vinyl record backwards.

        … and yes, I can do it that fast.

        • Walter Sobchak

          … and I love how an observation gets multiple thumbs down, but "I bet she takes it in the pooper" is currently a thumbs-up comment.

          • Shinrahunter

            lol, I'm with you Walter.I'll admit that her speed with some of those words is impressive though.

          • Derek

            It wasn't the observation getting the thumbs down, it was when you lied about your ability to pronounce words in reverse, so that a recording played in reverse would result in the intended word. You are full of shit, and about something stupid to boot, and thus received your due in down votes. If you're going to bust out some lie/boasts, at least make them plausible and worthwhile.

        • Rampale

          Make your own video

        • Matt

          Then get a war going with this girl if you think its so easy, because it really isn't. If your telling the truth your just as gifted as this girl.

    • Franklin1138

      "Walter, I love you, but sooner or later you're gonna have to face the fact that you're a goddamn moron."

    • Ateka

      Reading backwards is harder than pronouncing the same syllables in the reverse order. Get a clue.

      • sprung

        Ateka is not on board.

  • john

    that shouldnt be possible

  • Yo Yo Ma

    and the girls in back text, text texting away.

    • Deck

      I think they were trying to come up with words, and then spell them backward for verification. . .

  • VedHead77

    !no evihc

  • biz

    Bet she loves it in the pooper!

    • Sme

      That girl's probably like 13… but karma's a bitch, so your daughter will probably be the one taking it in the pooper at 13.

      • slempshow

        13, or according to her….31! she's legal!!

      • biz

        I'll do your daughter in the pooper at 13!

  • jobvindex

    ¿kcuf a tahW

  • Tom

    they should play it in reverse so we can hear if shes getting them right, cause i have no idea

  • Burns

    she must be really good at spelling

  • Rick

    Brick, are you just looking at things in the office and saying them?

    • anon

      "…saying that you love them?" just sayin..

    • rabidpanda147

      YES just watched it last night!!

    • mahoho

      I love lamp.

  • brett

    oh crappers

  • Emmett Frisbey

    tihs yloh

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