• iambigd42

    I wish I was half as good as her:)

  • roffelcopter

    haha, "half a cup of tea and then i'm back at it again"

  • uhhh

    GO PATS!!!

  • aaronh0115

    my great grandmother lived to be 100. she had coffee for breakfast and lunch and then tea for dinner…

  • Handy

    sitting on your ass is about the furthest thing from lively.

    still, that's bad ass.

    • beermeat

      Handy your an idiot… if you actually pay attention she herself is referencing that she keeps her brain active, it guages her mental strength not her weight pushing ability. She is 100 years old for christ sake… watch her hands. She doesn't seem to shake at all, seems to have fantastic composure and what's more, she also seems to be able to formulate sentences better than 1/2 the people on this website.

      I say nothing but amazing, kudos and it's fantastic to see that she is doing so damn well!!!!

      • Grammar police

        "You're" would be the word you were searching for. As in "Handy, You're an idiot." You see, if you want to call someone an idiot, you better make sure that you don't do anything that might inflict the same treatment upon yourself.

        Also of note, "guage" is spelled G-A-U-G-E. Christ is typically capitalized, as it is a specific name for a deity. Watch those run-on sentences too.

        I know I'm coming across as a curmudgeon and a bit heavy handed, but if you call somebody else something, perhaps you ought to make sure that you're not guilty as well.


        • beermeat

          Here's the funny thing… I read this on my iPhone and already had planned to call him the "grammar police" but looks like he already did that for me. First off, have you seen 99% of the comments made on this website, you clearly are lacking in your quota for the month… year, whatever have you. Secondly, what are you, 12 years old and stuck in a computer game who sits around correcting people? Who cares about the grammar on the internet, the fact of the matter is that "Handy" (whom for all we know is actually you just trying to not take the brunt of it all) came out as a dick bag and needed to be let known. There is nothing more to be said than this woman is awesome… I hope to be half as mentally strong as her when I am 30 years younger. She is an inspiration, nothing more, nothing less. So you can come down off your high horse of grade 12 English class and simply let the internet run it's course.

  • Otto

    you see! … i mean…i always……… MOM!!!

  • Jonny Cunnilingus

    give her a 3ds and watch her brain explode.

  • Jonny Cunnilingus

    oh yeah, i bet she used the cheat for infinite lives. #LOSERGAMERJOKE

  • Ned Plimpton

    My grandma introduced me to Gameboy back in the late late 80's. She still plays video games every day while watching reruns of 'Dallas' and 'The Price is Right'. Funny old woman she is!

    • Katie

      She doesn't watch the Drew Carey Price is Right?

      • Ned Plimpton

        She prefers 'the Bark'

  • Mike Litoris

    She only pauses for sips of tea and to dip her stylus in quill ink.

  • vegas shooby doo

    fucking great

  • torri t

    My grandmother at 88yrs old tried to use the cordless phone as a remote control. She probably thinks she's back in the 6th grade, using an abacus.

  • amandajean

    old people are so damn cute.

    • Shant1k

      not as cute as you

      • amandajean

        🙂 well shucks..

  • http://www.thegeeklet.com Colt Rain

    Can I have her??

  • Yoddle

    This is one cool old women! “this is my nintendo….and it’s great” hahaha super!

  • Rad-Balls

    I hope I'm still pwning n00bs at 100!

  • that girl

    wow awesome for 100 years old! She looks good for her age too, still has the joi de vive

  • Katie

    She is in better shape than my 85 year old grandmother

  • OpMongoose

    My heart melted with cuteness! "not a day over 80" and "cup of tea" killed me. She's a old school chivette!

  • IICoLt45II

    she needs xbox with kinect… that will keep her lively

  • Ilove709

    My great grandma lived to be 104 years old. She was mean as hell though. Now I'm thinking maybe I should have bought her a DS.

  • http://twitter.com/tvvitterguy @tvvitterguy

    A sweet lady, but shouldn't she be in the kitchen?

  • wanglong
  • freshpine

    Fair play to her, I know what I'm getting my nan for Christmas!

  • mimi

    Awesome 🙂
    and her nails are very nice

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