The Red Sonja cosplayer revealed: Mandy (19 Photos)

At last year's Comic-Con, a redheaded beauty awed the crowed with an agressive Red Sonja costume. The girl told everybody her name is Mandy, nothing more. Since then Mandy has been Belle of the Cosplayer Chatroom Ball. But little is known about the girl who stepped into the spotlight that day only to make a quick exuent.

So I did some digging. Mandy is a 21 year old fashion student in NYC. One of Mandy's friends tipped eventually tipped me off to her tumblr, The Grind Haus because she said, 'Mandy is so talented and beautiful but isn't in your face about it. She's an amazing person and I think her and her work should be seen."

Good point. Mandy's tumblr here.

  • Jay


    • Jeff

      Nice job man!!!!

    • sophiewilliamz

      visit my channel

  • echogeo

    Great beauty…great art…great same expression that never changes…

  • Yesh

    she's a he – true story

    • Logician

      That's a man. It's not only the Asians who can pull this off…look how masculine and cut up the face is. All of you are sweatin a DUDE!!!

    • James

      A. Prove it.
      B. Who cares? Really? We're not going to meet her and she's attractive.

    • DINO

      no way!

  • TLSBB1


  • whyme1973

    #2 #4 Smoking hot, even if that red hair is fake.

    • dagleja3

      As long as it is a "thorough" dye job, it's fine with me!

    • stun

      more than the red hair is fake. that's a guy…. hahaha

  • nicky b

    red headed sluts are the best

  • Onetime

    Liking the dark hair on her

  • pingpong

    #16 Don't mind if I do. Not the "be nicer" part, the other one….

  • Fun_with_Numbrs

    Does that guy have a semi-boner going on?

    Visions of Jessica Rabbit takes me back!

    • reaperMEDIC

      #6 what guy?

    • MC Hammer

      I think #11 (right) is her version of Ariel (a/k/a Little Mermaid) on land. Color scheme isn't right for Jessica Rabbit. To the left of Ariel may be Ursula…??

  • WAC


  • Giggity Giggity


  • jgos929

    No thanks

    • -oko

      same here. i get sick of the "OMG i'm not only a pretty face, i'm such a nerd because i go to comic-con and know who R2D2 and Chewbacca are!" bullshit.

  • Cody

    mixed feelings about red heads

    • Dirty Dingus

      Hot as hell, but when they go crazy (and they always do), they go bat-shit crazy.
      True Story.

    • newscot

      I don't think she's a natural redhead…

  • Seldi84

    #3 Damn she is sexy & Rose Mcgowan would have made an awesome Red Sonja.

    • JDB

      Amber Heard looks to be better tho.

  • doogie

    gimme your babies #7

  • Pink Torpedo

    how funny. I have a sword too and it's also red on top…….

    • AAA

      gross, dude…

  • bless1

    #5- thats some yummy cunnie! wish we could have a pic of that ass though.

  • FrankBlack

    That girl looks dangerous. I like it.

  • Tim Vergeer

    #19 at first, I thought that was a cat…

  • AngryOldMan

    Nerds wettest dream

  • Edward

    #16 Any chick who loves the Nekromantix gets a 10 in my book!

    • jaydub

      'kin a

  • clay

    Good artist, loved the designs.

  • findherplease

    Gorgeous! What's her last name?

    • Its a man


    • dee


  • Matt


  • Bob

    #5 I am in love with this woman, she is just perfect. This year she should go as Vampirella but be hotter than this girl:

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