Would you eat at this waterfall restaurant? (18 Photos & video)

  • TheCoach


  • Jakester

    Yeah why not

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    I dunno. Has a sort of "swampy" feel to it.

    • bobntombloweachother

      its running water your moron… can't be a swamp if its not stagnant… good call tho…

    • suomynona

      Watch out for the snakes and the bugs unless they're on the menu.

  • Schwartz

    Absolutely. Food looks friggin' delicious.

    • gron

      Filipino foods are some of the greasiest mix of Spanish, Malaysian and Chinese cuisine out there. There are things like deep fried pork belly, grilled pork belly, roasted pork belly, pork belly stew, braised pork belly, pork belly stuffed with pork belly served on a hot steaming bed of pork belly. That being said, of course I'd eat there. I fucking love bacon(pork belly).

      • StaticFX

        spam spam spam spam spam eggs sausage and spam.

  • Bob


  • randybraden

    Do they offer surf n turf?

  • Streetnic

    What happens when the kitchen drops a toaster?!?

    • Wanagoboom

      It will be wet, unless it is plugged in then its a different story!

    • UncleSam91101
    • Logician

      First, kitchens don't have hands so they can't drop anything.

      Second, BBbbZZzzzzzzZzzZZzZz

    • dirtmcgirt

      why the fuck would anyone be carrying a plugged in toaster around

  • ancientlegacy

    why have a cover? afraid of getting wet?

    yeah i'd eat there

    • Dirty Dingus

      To keep the bug and birds away?

    • NcouthYouth

      That Sun thingy gets shiny out there

    • Logician

      to keep the spray from hitting the food?

    • Underbaker

      I vote heck yeah, but I do appreciate the cover to keep the sun off, it gets hot in the Philippines.

    • din

      its for the falling leaves…to prevent it from diving to your food

  • Johnny V

    That's kinda cool….

  • Augustus

    Been there back in 1997, rode some water buffalos there too

  • Matty



  • negativesm00th

    I would like too, but I don't think I can find my way out of the bathroom with an urge to pee.

    • Logician

      worst reason ever not to eat here

  • Ty Webb

    As long as you don't pee in the pool

  • Biskit

    Damn YEAH!!!

  • Shar11

    this is place is cool… the food looks amazing

  • the dude abides

    Does a monkey crap in the forest?

    • Sophie

      Does a bear shit in the woods?

  • Fun_with_Numbrs

    I would stick to the rivers and the lakes that I'm used too.

    • Lawrence

      … I see what you did there sir…

    • HotashNerd


    • JustMe


  • badbaj

    yes definitely…Been there a few times myself

  • Seldi84

    #3 #10 I really want to eat here now.

  • X to tha Z

    "yo, we heard you like waterfalls and eating food…"

  • Albus Q

    I don't see any reason not to. Sure I would.

  • jrey81

    As a proud pinoy who's been there, I'd gladly go back. The food's great and the water's refreshing. You won't be disappointed!

    • Dick Salad

      Does all the food and trash that get dropped on the floor pool up in some dank corner?

      • Logician

        there is only one use of the word "dank"

  • Jester

    I'd just make sure to sit upstream

  • Pres Obama

    I'd probably just use it as a urinal.

    • NY Rules!!!


      • Pres Obama

        What else would you expect? I'm Pres Obama!

  • spicticus

    Would totally eat there, just not right next to the waterfall, maybe one or two tables in.

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