The UFC Octagon Girls make football penalties sexy (17 HQ Photos)

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  • Anonymous

    Stuf. You are a childish, bet wetting homo

  • steve

    really over rated your social standings

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  • IceColdBuddha

    HILARIOUS! Mac the intern is awesome… and creepy… but mainly awesome!

  • sllimcat

    I Still don't understand why you people call that game "Football"
    But the girls are stunning

  • Anonymous

    So you can orchestrate having the UFC ring girls come by (to essentially waste the day and hang out for the sake of advertising) but you can’t keep shirts in stock?……. My gfs dad is a screen printer and could print off enough for every Chiver to own two, if you ever want help……lol

  • mike

    #13 my God she is the gap queen !!!!!!! More of her. I see nothing but a grey ass in that pic

  • Otter

    #6 Horrible framing! Please restage and pan about 1 foot lower!

  • Hybrid

    God bless you Chive……

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  • Glover

    Im glad you neglected Chandella in these pics, she looks like Danny Glover

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  • Paul

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU CHIVE…
    I cant go a day without ya…
    My day goes like this..
    I check Chive when I wake up, Play Dead Island, work alittle, check Chive Again, work some more, Play Dead Island then Sleep and repeat…

  • Jessup

    @youranidiot – apparently she isn’t black enough for stuf. Maybe chive can come up with a colour scale like Dulux or other paint companies and compare all of the chivettes go make sure they are dark enough

  • Logs

    I second the dog gallery

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  • is awesome

    hahaha this is well funny

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  • williamwon07

    arianny in a manning jersey. awesome

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  • Sophiewilliamz


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