• ur_kryptonite

    That's just awesome

    • trooperjoe73

      My age is starting to catch up to me…I got teary eyed!

      • Manny

        Misty eyed for me….

      • Tim

        The guy sitting on the ice at the end definitely got to me. I really hope this is genuine, advertisement or not.

    • mtpuckhead

      Totally awesome. And to think I almost didn't click on the link because it said "Flash Mob". I was expecting some lame dancing. Thankfully my love of hockey trumped my hate for flash mobs and I was very happily surprised. Damn it now there is something in my eye.

  • tim

    better than most of the stuff on the radio… Somebody sign this man!!!!!

    • BuffaloJustSayin

      I'm actually hoping to one day get a pro broadcaster gig in hockey. It's a dream of mine.

      • r356

        cool story

  • Brian

    This was under the funny catagory. Not funny at all

  • Best

    This is how all commercials should work.

    • cels0_o

      Save money on paying famous people.

    • Birdhaus32

      And you'll get to see it again on Sunday as a Budweiser commercial! This wasn't flash mob but that awesome Bud marketing at work again (but I do hate InBev, dbags…)

  • Abel

    Flawless. A real chive moment there!

    • sadman

      If by "real" you actually mean a staged commercial to target feel-good beer drinkers, then yes I agree.

  • Pokepoke

    That was awesome.

  • etcrr

    very cool, a real thrill for them

  • callsahan

    1:33 find her chive.

    • Endo

      and :13 – Find her as well

    • yehout


  • sham!

    Hello out there! we're on the air! its HOCKEY night T'night!

    love this

    • Chamber

      Stompin' Tom… Nice

    • Walker

      Tension grows, the whistle blows,
      And the puck goes down the ice.

      • Johnny K.

        The goalie jumps, and and the players bump,
        and the fans all go insane.
        Someone roars: "Bobby Scores!"
        At the good old hockey game!

        • Jdutch101

          Oh the good ol hockey game, is the best game you can name, and the best game you can name is the good ol HOCKEY GAME!

  • http://twitter.com/myblueharry Loretta Castorini (@myblueharry)

    Those guys really had a great night. Way to go, Bud:)

  • frank

    that was amazing

  • Pants

    It's not really a flash mob when you have a whole fuckin film crew.

    • MattB


    • bug_

      who invited the debbie downer!? ^

      • DrROBOTO

        meh. Its a commercial and its just like that chevy one where the kid finds his "dads" old chevy. These guys are all actors. its most likely not real.You gotta take so-called "reality" on tv w/ a grain of salt.honestly i think its kind of a sneaky and shady way to advertise.

      • OhSomeEvil

        <– has a crush on you, damn you and those adorable glasses.

    • Kirk

      your a dumbass, they were told that it was a documentary…..and you think flash mobs are just completely random?!?! It takes a ton of planning to set it up, and if they teams only think it's going to be them there playing for a movie and all of a sudden hundreds of people show up out of no where……THATS A FLASH MOB. So, once again, your a dumbass

      • your you're yur ur


    • http://twitter.com/Brentos_v @Brentos_v

      did they expect a mob? no! We're they shocked? YES! it still counts

    • junior

      agreed it's just a frigging commercial, i got more chocked up over the horses bowing for 9/11…

  • pete

    only if they did that for every rec sport

  • RandomDanny

    ImprovEverywhere did it better…

    • Jak

      • RandomDanny

        That just got stupid at the end. Completely ruined the game.

        • Xander

          Well, you are talking about a group that calls themselves "Improv" and then plans it all.

          "Flash mobs" that are planned from start to finish… are not flash mobs.

          • AnyoneForCoffee

            So, how do you see a 'true' flash mob event happening without any prior planning?

            I'm suspecting you haven't thought this through…

          • RandomDanny

            Don't care how they do it or what goes into it, I simply said that they did it better than above and it wasn't an ad.

  • theonlyguy

    Made me smile.

  • pete

    That's incredible! Heart warming stuff, great advertising move by Bud as well!

  • The Bandit

    That was great! Much better than I expected it to be…and actually quite touching!

  • Kcruz09

    Little things in life that make life awesome.

    • The J

      No, that was a big thing. A very big thing.

  • luckyB

    great video to see first thing in the morning. very heartwarmingly awesome. hats off budwiser. good job.

  • whyme1973

    That must have been an amazing feeling for the men on the ice. Very well put together!

  • Warrick Dunn

    Best commercial ever-er-er

  • Big Charles

    Just brought a tear to my eye, not joking. Loved this.

    • amandajean

      me too, Im such a cry baby. Now will you come back to the kitchen with me?

  • JamesJangles

    Holy smokes! That is amazing!

  • MonkeyMadness

    Pretty awesome, I'm sure every one of those players played their heart out as if they were playing for the Stanley Cup! Probably the best game of their lives.

  • DocP

    Minnesota High School hockey has this every Saturday night in 100's of towns and cities… just sayin' 🙂

    • Rob

      Yeah, but this is a bunch of 30-40 year olds playing beer league hockey, retard. No buddy comes to watch games like that.

      • tommytwotime


      • Devin

        Did you really call him a "retard"? Grow up!

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