Men vs. Women (20 Photos)

Via pleated-jeans

  • THE_Yanni

    When did this UFC website get all these links filled with pictures?

    • overmyhead

      huh? I must have missed something… please help me understand.

    • Don

      On SPIKE!

  • Jay

    #8 Ya, that shit cray

    • MMM

      Placing mouse just over this causes seizures!

      • Simon

        I actually have two pairs of shoes; running shoes and a pair of Dr. Martens that double as casual and formal shoes.

        • voltron

          cool story bro……

    • Kanye

      Aint it jay?

  • MGD

    Louis CK nailed it #9

    • jimbo

      The man is a genius

    • Adrian

      Here's the difference: Boys will do damage, that you can measure in dollars, like a hurricane. Women will shit inside your heart.(or something like that)

  • LG_

    #13 definitely depends on the relationship, but pretty damn accurate in general.

    • Katie

      I agree from the girls POV

      • ebaum

        from both Kate- I don't know how many guys (including myself) who were so thrilled to be out of a relationship are found crying about it months later when the ex-girl has long since moved on…

        • truth

          Most guys don't celebrate breaking up and then cries about it a month later. Maybe that is what the girl wants to think the guy is doing. In reality, if a guy is the type that will cry after breaking up, he more than likely never made it out of the friend zone to begin with.

          • eB ReAL

            dude u are high on crack…you're right, I was with some1 for 4 years and after breaking up with her I felt remorse and emotional about it months later, but I never made it out of the friend zone? Sounds like you're so deep in the FZ that you have no clue how to get your balls back-

            • eB ReAL sucks dick

              eB ReAl sucks dick

              • eB ReAL

                yea, your daddy's…

    • Burns

      I'd say this whole post is pretty damn accurate, also totally hilarious

  • ST33

    Solid post. #19 FTW

    • indeed

      true story bro!

      • ST33

        Wasn't a story…..

    • Bia

      Meh. More like, "I have titts, give me free stuff." – "I have a penis, let me stick it in every hole."

  • P-Willy

    Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina

    • LG_

      A post based solely on this fact would be most interesting…

    • head

      penis in anus

    • GernBlansten

      Not in Bangkok

      • voltron


    • Underbaker

      You need to show me pictures, I don't believe it. But feel free to leave the ones out with penis's in them.

  • Ron Burgundy?

    Couldn't be truer… #1

    • Blake

      I noticed her ass is shaped just like that heart. What a lucky guy!

    • Russell

      Except I'm a tit-man, not an ass-man, so making that heart look like a pair of boobs would be better!

    • Tomas

      I've had that same cartoon saved on my computer for quite a few years now. Still true. Still makes me chuckle. ❤ 😀

  • SlimtwigMJ

    #19 True story

    • lockdown

      so true

    • cash4golda


    • uihg

      Not a story.

  • Maynard B.

    #3, #9, #17- So very true.

    • reddeadyguy

      #17 is complete bullshit. Guys judge each other just as much.

  • DHW

    If you don't know I'm not telling you.

  • olga valencia

    lmao! this great and so true!

  • QuantuM

    LOL #9 is too true

  • CP7

    I couldnt just pick one… all too funny and true…
    #3, #9, #12, #13, #14

  • luckyB

    this is hilarious. but #9 holy shit if you havent heard Louis CK and his rant about the difference between boys and girls you need to. its damn true and its shit your pants funny

    • dax

      hey, go suck a bag of dicks! haha jk 🙂

      • beds

        Eat you idiot, you'll die

        • Doobsy

          "Id gladly shoot a baby deer in the face"

          The legend that is Louis CK

      • Lisa

        stop being a faggot and suck that guy's dick

    • Groggy

      "What are you, insane?? You think I'm going to rape you just on the off chance you're into that kind of shit??"

      "I'm gettin' kind of a rapey vibe from this chick.."

      • Del

        You motherfucker, now i have to know you exist, you piece of shit… Go skate into an AIDS tree…

        • Del

          Fuck you, motherfucker, this asshole is gonna make me wait while he buys stamps at the fucking post office, you gotta be shittin me….

  • zztop

    haha one of the best posts on chive yet

  • whyme1973

    All. True.

  • Chico

    #14 Its like your reading my mind…

  • about


    But it's the guy's fault if the music doesn't play . . .

    • Dylan

      Hey – at least that one has some indicator markings so you can at least get a clue if you're turning it correctly.

      • about

        True. The dials also have to be tuned in exactly the correct order, which changes from day to day, and even hour to hour, depending on:

        1. What sort of day she's had.
        2. Solar flares.
        3. Comments expressed on "The View" in 2003.
        4. Whether or not Dr. Oz has replied to her letters.

        • Underbaker

          And that is only the ignition panel, wait till you see the one for driving them.

    • JOHN

      I'm pretty sure this is a metaphor for sexual arousal

      • tagbadger

        sexual intercourse more like it

      • JHL1

        Watch out, we've got a genius here.

  • AllanA

    #15 So true, I have my 3 in 1 Old Spice

    • The_Dood

      I was almost in tears laughing by the time I got to the bottom of that bottle.

  • beds

    this gallery was great!

  • uhhh

    GO PATS!!!

    • F.S.M.

      Fuck the patriots. GO SOONERS!!

      • DaddyD

        The Jints will collapse SOONER. Yay Pats!

        • Paul

          Fuck the Patriots, all they are are steroid users and cheaters.

          • Paul sucks cock

            Paul sucks cock

  • Jdazz

    This might be the most honest thing I have ever seen.

  • Faraday

    #19 Yup

  • Master_Rahl

    #19 #20 Indeed

  • jaime

    I sent this page to my gf…im not getting any for a month now..FML

    chive on!

    • beds

      haha I did too except mine's a chivette and loved it 🙂

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